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    6 law firms that shine on social media and how they do it


  • 6 law firms that shine on social media and how they do it

    Speaking of law firm social media marketing, Twitter is another great way for lawyers to network with peers and prospective clients, all from the comfort of their own office.

    From active Twitter accounts to well-written blogs, these attorneys have their law firm social media strategy down pat.

    Contrary to popular belief, good work doesn’t always speak for itself. That’s why, no matter how good your firm is, digital marketing for lawyers is an absolute must. Here’s how some attorneys are finding success through online marketing.

    The Sam Bernstein Law Firm

    As law marketing guru Gyi Tsakalakis once wrote, “everyone, including Mark Zuckerberg, is trying to figure out how to put Facebook to work for their business, and lawyers are no exception.”

    Cue the Sam Bernstein Law Firm, a Michigan-based enterprise focusing on personal injury law and litigation. A quick glance at their Facebook page reveals over 34,000-page likes and followers: not bad for a firm with less than 200 employees.

    So what is it, exactly, that this firm is doing right? For one, they generally manage to post on their Facebook page at least a few times a month. This kind of consistency is vital to keeping users engaged. And importantly, not all of the posts are specific to their area of law: take, for instance, the firm’s Hometown Heroes initiative, a program that honors local First Responders via social media. By engaging the community at large, the firm is able to simultaneously grow its brand presence and establish credibility.

    Allens International Law Firm

    Speaking of law firm social media marketing, Twitter is another great way for lawyers to network with peers and prospective clients, all from the comfort of their own office.

    Although it’s tricky to quantify exactly what makes one Twitter account better than another, there’s no doubt that @AllensLegal is absolutely killing the social media game. As mentioned above, posting consistently is key if you want your voice to be heard. By posting multiple times a day, Allens ensures that its tweets are going to be seen. Plus, by staying on top of its tagging and hashtagging game, the firm is able to reach a wide audience of industry insiders.

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    Ty Doyle, partner at Smyser Kaplan & Veselka L.L.P.

    When people have legal questions, where do they go? For a slightly more reputable source than Yahoo Answers, people will often take their burning legal queries to Quora.

    Although taking the time to answer these questions might seem tedious, lawyers like Ty Doyle are proof that flexing your legal expertise can significantly improve your online brand. A self-described “lawyer with an opinion on everything,” Doyle has managed to collect more than 2,000 followers (and more than 3 million answer views!) simply by answering a few legal questions a day.

    Nicole Abboud, owner of Abboud Media

    After she passed the bar exam and started working full-time, Nicole Abboud found that she was constantly unhappy and stressed. So what did she do? She quit her job and started the Gen Why Lawyer Podcast, which has since blossomed into an online community for Millennials unhappy with the current state of law.

    In other words, rather than consigning herself to a career she didn’t enjoy, Abboud harnessed the power of social media to create a brand that suited her needs. While not every lawyer will find satisfaction by quitting her job and starting a podcast, there’s certainly something to be said for finding a medium through which you can best express your niche expertise.

    Anyone who publishes on Attorney at Work

    Law blogs, also known as ‘blawgs,’ are a popular (and effective!) way for lawyers to demonstrate authority and attract clients.

    Although it’s recommended that you build out your own law firm’s blog presence first, guest starring on widely-recognized blogs like Attorney at Work can be a great way to expand your online following. Although the blog is a collaborative effort, the team behind the site boasts a highly impressive collective resume — and the content they produce reflects on their talents

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    Dennis Crouch, Associate Professor at University of Missouri School of Law

    Speaking of impressive bloggers, Professor Dennis Crouch, a former patent attorney at McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP in Chicago, is a perfect example of how a well-curated blog can really put you (and your practice) on the map.

    Although Patently-O undoubtedly originated as a passion project, it has since become the nation’s premier patent law blog, establishing Crouch as an accomplished attorney and thought leader in his field. Combine the blog’s success with his impressive LinkedIn Pulse presence, and it’s not difficult to see how Crouch has accrued such a substantial online following.

    DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation in writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

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