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    Why is email marketing the best promotional tool

  • Why is email marketing the best promotional tool

    The valuation of email marketing in this mobile-savvy era can be segregated into 3 major factors.

    With so many different SEO approaches coming up, many people are of the opinion that email marketing is slowly getting outnumbered. However, a recent survey conveyed the fact that the demand for bulk email marketing services continues to enjoy the same popularity as it did in the past.

    In fact, the demand has increased when compared to the scenario in the past. The primary reason held responsible for such an outburst is the upcoming mobile trends that have redefined the communication technology.

    With the popularity of mobile communication concept continuing to rise, it becomes easier to stay connected to the personal inboxes anywhere, anytime, all throughout the year. According to a recent e-commerce study, the valuation of email marketing in this mobile-savvy era can be segregated into 3 major factors.

    Have a look:

    Revitalizing the email accessing concept

    The introduction of smartphones has revitalized the email viewing experience. Staying connected to the network over the Internet becomes easier than it used to be, a couple of decades back. Researches and surveys concluded the fact that the majority of people are opening their business and marketing mails through the mobile devices.

    This clearly indicates the fact that the email marketing services are becoming more popular due to the rising popularity of the mobile smart phone concept. You look for bulk email marketing services Mumbai and most of them will judge their level of success by considering the percentage of users accessing mails through their mobile devices that definitely helps in creating that extra edge in maturing the e-commerce space.

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    The rising popularity of online shopping

    Online shopping is considered to be more convenient and saves a whole lot of time. In fact, market surveys have clearly indicated the fact that nearly one-third of the major consumer base prefer carrying out the bulk of their holiday shopping through the online stores.

    The rising trend for online consumers makes it easier for marketers to utilize the concept of bulk email marketing services for spreading awareness about their latest offerings and products. Offering the exclusive limited-time discounts and deals through mails is considered an effective way to convey commercial messages and create an awareness among the targeted audience group.

    Bargaining still is an important concept

    Accept it or not, but everyone out there loves to bargain. While some may show it directly others secretly appreciate it. Through promotional email marketing, it becomes easier to drive engagement, especially during the holiday seasons when consumers plan to do shopping for their families and friends.

    The presence of the ‘Call To Action’ button on the email content helps the viewer to directly visit the site, without further ado. Special offers through bulk emails are considered highly effective in catching the attention of potential prospects and experiencing growth in sales.

    Standing in the era of digitization, promotional campaigns need to deliver an impactful and a relevant message to connect with the prospective clients. The resurgence of bulk email marketing provides an opportunity to deliver the most appropriate message through the best channel at the correct time in a more accurate manner possible.

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    DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation in writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

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