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Do you have the winning Cash 4 Midday ticket? Check your Cash 4 Midday numbers against the Sunday September 20, 2020 results

Today’s Cash 4 Midday results are in. Here are the winning numbers for Sunday September 20, 2020

You can find the latest Cash 4 Midday results below. At Born2Invest, we pride ourselves in bringing your Cash 4 Midday results first, as soon as the numbers are drawn.

So these are your Cash 4 Midday results for Sunday September 20, 2020:


Does your ticket match the winning numbers? If yes, congratulations to you, the lucky winner. If no, please remember to come back to this section on Born2Invest at the next drawing date.

Incredible lottery opportunities you can play right now:

Most lottery tickets can be purchased directly online without the need of any physical intermediary. Some operators also specialize in accepting crypto payments such as Bitcoin. Depending on your region and country, you may also be able to participate in other games of chance, such as slots, casino games or more.

For years everyone has been trying to find the trick to winning the lottery. There are thousands of websites filled to the brim with tips and tricks that will supposedly maximize your chances of well… winning the lottery. The fact that most of these tips are utter nonsense will come as no surprise to most lottery veterans. You have about as much chance of predicting the winning numbers as you do of scoring a date with Scarelette Johansen or Ryan Renolds. 

Despite this there are some diamonds in the rough and some techniques will increase your odds of coming out on top: 

  • Join a lottery pool: This gives you more entries, and therefore a larger chance of winning, without spending an extra cent. You can join an online pool or make one amongst friends and colleagues
  • Second chance drawings: Most of us give second chances and so do many lotteries! By taking advantage of second chance drawings on non-winning tickets you get another bite at the apple. All you need to do is fill out the form on the back of second-chance lottery tickets and mail it in, getting a bonus chance to win big. 
  • Pick rare numbers: Numbers that aren’t often drawn can help you win a large jackpot if you do win. If you hit the jackpot there’s a chance you might have to split with other people who picked the same numbers. So it makes sense to select less common numbers to maximize the potential payout. 
  • Play the right games: A lot of players don’t realize that different games have different chances of winning. You can maximize your chances by carefully reading the odds before playing. Also keep in mind that national lotteries, like Powerball and MegaMillions, have fixed odds of winning, which increases the risks that you will have to split a jackpot. Don’t overlook scratch-off games either. They offer smaller prizes but you have a higher chance of winning overall. 

Did you know that?

  • Lottery-funded films have scored 14 Oscars and 32 BAFTAs. Examples: The King’s Speech, Billy Elliot, and The Last King of Scotland all raised funds via the UK’s National Lottery.
  • In the US, a total of 11 states have reported earning more tax revenue from lottery sales than from income tax.
  • According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, up to 70% of all lottery winners lose it all within a few years after winning their windfall. 44% of the winners of the UK National Lottery go bankrupt within a few years according to research firm The Camelot Group.
  • Winning the lottery does not necessarily make you any happier. According to researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts, the findings are as follows: “Eventually, the thrill of winning the lottery will itself wear off. If all things are judged by the extent to which they depart from a baseline of past experience, gradually even the most positive events will cease to have impact as they themselves are absorbed into the new baseline against which further events are judged.”
  • It may be a good idea to never talk about your lottery winnings. One New York state trust attorney puts it best: “The bigger problem arises when there is an oral (usually flippant) promise to share the proceeds.” 

The lottery has always generated a healthy dose of humor and cynicism among the who’s who. A couple of salient examples for today:

I’ve done the calculation and your chances of winning the lottery are identical whether you play or not.” (Fran Lebowitz)

There may be less of a chance of losing all the money you put into a mutual fund than there is of losing all the money you put into lottery tickets, but you’re never going to win big in a mutual fund.” (Robert Kiyosaki)