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Mining companies and other enterprises join the crypto bandwagon

Business diversification is one way of expanding the scope of any business and achieving stability in the future.



Crypto coins can actually be used to buy various items online. Many online companies, as well as brick-and-mortar businesses, are accepting Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies as payments. Crypto mining is such a lucrative business now, that even actual mining companies are looking into it.

Mining is something immediately associated with the blockchain technology or cryptocurrency because that is the process in which Bitcoin and other coins are acquired. Of course, real mining and virtual mining are two completely different concepts, but at its core, both functions are essentially done to procure companies some valuable materials.

These two distinct ideas can go hand in hand as well. The prices of digital coins can be affected by whatever the developers want to base them on. Back in February, during the Israeli Diamond Week, the Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDE) revealed a new cryptocurrency called Carats.IO. The cryptocurrency is backed by the price of diamonds, which demand has been growing.

The unveiling was crucial for the diamond industry as key players in it now have the chance to become a part of a promising market in the form of digital coins and transactions. As the demand for diamonds continues to grow steadily, so will the market price of Carats.IO, thus making it a lucrative investment.

Seeing the opportunities it poses, some other non-crypto companies that focus their businesses on raw materials and physical mining are also getting into the new trend. One such company looking to make a new mark is Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MCPI). The mining corporation recently had big news for its investors as it struck a deal with Qu Ltd.

Ethereum introduces Silverback, the newest and one of the most trending cryptos in the market. (Source)

Mansfield-Martin and Qu Ltd. revealed Silverback.IO, a new crypto backed by the price of silver on the market, as well as Ethereum. Having two strong assets to back its prices, Silverback.IO is venturing into the crypto market with amazing potential.

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Mansfield-Martin centers its functions on the mining of raw materials in designated areas. It has been making quite a mark in the industry for quite some time, and with the help of cryptos, it could get a little more boost in a new market.

One takeaway from these recent developments by non-crypto companies is that mixing the new trend with other popular assets like minerals and raw materials would make a good investment option. As such, even key players in emerging industries like CBD are also venturing into the field of blockchain and cryptos.

CBD leader digs into crypto

In a recent announcement, CBD specialist PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) announced that it is diversifying its access by making a new subsidiary called Blockchain Crypto Technology Corp. The company that has been on a tear through its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, is hoping to strengthen its return on capital by joining in on the rapidly growing market.

The company is a key player in the CBD industry, and it’s a provider and distributor of the finest items made from the compound. Through Diamond CBD, the company is able to provide a lot of people with the best CBD items, and it would be exciting to see what it could do with its new venture.

PotNetwork is yet to make any major announcements regarding Blockchain Crypto Technology Corp., but there is a chance that the company could create a new coin integrating blockchain and the CBD market. In doing so, PotNetwork would have better control over the altcoin if it does create one.

An extensive list of companies like Kodak and IBM are looking to make a mark through crypto and blockchain investments. Now’s a good opportunity for investors to look for new options and plans to make substantial returns on the right investments.

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