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What If You Could Go Back in Time And Buy Consumer Giants Like Kraft, Hershey’s or Starbucks Right At the Beginning?

Forget High-Flying Pot Stocks: Investing in a Cannabis Product BRAND Is the BEST Way to Get Rich Off the Marijuana Boom

“Like Buying Starbucks in 1992”

Financial talking heads continue to chase names like Tilray and Cannabis Growth.
Right under everyone’s noses, a consumer-focused Cannabis Brand has quietly built a growth record that puts them to shame.
States continue to legalize cannabis use, and it’s just a matter of time before consumers come knocking on this company’s door.
This exciting company is set to take the consumer cannabis market by storm.

Worried you missed the boat on Pot Stocks?

Fortunes have already been made…


Shares of Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY)

are up over 200%

since going public in July 2018.


Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC)
is already valued at over

$10 billion.


GW Pharmaceuticals plc
(NASDAQ: GWPH) shares have risen from $56 to over $120 since it’s IPO in 2014 – a rise of over 100%.

Every day it seems like a new pot stock is making headlines.

There is no question that history is being made

While investors are chasing Canadian marijuana and cannabis stocks an American brand-name is quietly building out a massive and profitable operation.

The best part: it’s still undiscovered by practically all of Wall Street. Just a few Street analysts have woken up to the potential for CONSUMER Pot Stocks. Companies that solve a major problem few investors even consider when they chase high flying names.

It’s not too late to get in on the ground floor of a leading consumer brand — just imagine buying Hershey’s Chocolate, Starbucks, or Pepsi BEFORE they became the household names we know today.

Investors who put just $1,000 in shares of Starbucks at its IPO are sitting on a cool $227,000 today.

It’s not too late to get in on a cannabis stock already building a massive consumer following.

The best part is that it’s already trading OTC, but it won’t be long before you start to see it’s ticker symbol on the big exchanges. Then it’s off to the races.

Introducing: PotNetwork Holdings

As one of the few fast-growing, profitable consumer ‘pot stocks’ PotNetwork Holdings (OTC: POTN) has already built a name for itself through its consumer-facing subsidiary DiamondCBD. It is the manufacturer and distributor of a plethora of cannabinoid (CBD) infused consumer products including edibles, oil, vapes, drinks, and creams. It’s even developing a pet-friendly lineup.

The company has created a massive following:

YTD Sales through October 2018 have crossed the $18.1 million mark - exceeding all of 2017.
Net profit for the year is estimated by equity research firm Harbinger Research to be approximately $9.7 million.
Its products are so popular it has been able to command premium prices.
Harbinger’s note to investors went on to conclude “PotNetwork is simply in the right place at the right time.”

Investors are slowly starting to wake up to PotNetwork Holding’s past success and future potential. It won’t be long until word gets out.

Plans are already in place to take advantage of recent moves by even more states to legalize the use of marijuana and cannabis.

It’s just a matter of time before safe, legal use of cannabis plant derivatives like CBD is as common as coffee is today.

Just imagine buying Starbucks stock in the early 1990s before the massive “premium coffee” trend took off turning it into the $80 billion market capitalization behemoth it is today.

Analysts at Harbinger Research project that " change "Will do over $60 million in sales next year and potentially double that figure in 2020 with predicted sales in excess of $100 million dollars.

Due to the urgency of this recent development we have put together a painstakingly researched report that demonstrates how this one stock could potentially mint its own legalization millionaires.

It reveals the reasons why we think every forward-thinking investor should be paying close attention to this revolutionary new industry and what might be a potentially life-changing investment opportunity.

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Growth like this won’t stay under wraps for long.

PotNetwork Holding’s management is set to...

Expand its conference participation significantly, each conference the company attends brings in hundreds of thousands of sales per day.

Build upon its online sales success which is its fastest-growing sales channel.

Following the success of companies like MedMen, PotNetwork Holdings announced in November 2018 that it’s Diamond CBD was rolling out a mobile team that will display CBD infused edible treats and oils to increase retail penetration.

  • The company will take advantage of the increasing demand for CBD products like gummies in traditional retail settings.
  • Diamond CBD rolled out a new consumer retail program designed for shopping malls with a flagship sales kiosk at the Broward Mall in Plantation, Florida.

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