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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [Week 45]

What’s the solution when users and regulators (and Apple) get all interested in privacy stuff and start making ad targeting difficult? Well, one approach is to get even more personal. (Read on to see what we mean… and profit). And on the topic of getting personal, be sure to check out this week’s top partner program if you’re after an affiliate program that treats its partners like royalty.


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We independently review partner programs to bring you the best of the best. When you click a 1xBet Partners links, we may earn a small commission.

This week is about getting personal.

Well, maybe not that personal.

But we do want to talk about some changes taking place — changes that present some excellent opportunities to grow and engage an audience in much more intimate ways (read through to the news section for more).

But before we get to that, let us introduce you to a very special partner. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week: 1xBet Partners

Speaking of getting personal, do you know what happens when two become one?

That’s right; you get the #1 addition to the affiliate marketing directory for the week — 1xBet Partners.

1xBet Partners Affiliate Partner Program

Who’s 1xBet Partners?

First things first. For those who’ve yet to hear of them, 1xBet is one of the top online sportsbook and casino operators. They’ve been around since 2007 and have since grown to become one of the more highly-trusted names in the business through partnerships with leading sports teams like FC Barcelona.

1xBet Partners Affiliate Partner Program

But they didn’t get to this stage overnight. Nor did they do it alone.

Here’s How 2x Becomes 1x

When it comes to sports betting and casino affiliate programs, there aren’t many out there who do partnerships as well as 1xBet Partners. After all, this is how they grew their brand to where it is today, and they still remember what side their bread is buttered on.

This means everything from onboarding to ongoing support is as good as it gets. The 1xBet Partners affiliate managers are some of the best we’ve come across, and we’ve found them to be more like a loving partner who’s joined at the hip: always there when we need them and ready to help us out with personalized support.

What’s more, 1xBet Partners offers its partners some of the better terms in the industry.

A great example is the weekly payouts with only a $50 minimum. Or the 90-day cookie life. And this extends right through to the generous 1xBet Partners lifetime commission structure.

1xBet Partners Affiliate Partner Program

1xBet Partners Commissions and Payments

As for the juicy part we’re all interested in, 1xBet Partners affiliates can expect commission rates of up to 40% on their referred players. And they can expect to keep seeing these rates for the lifetime of their referred players.

Alternatively, 1xBet Partners affiliatespartners can opt for a CPA basis commission structure. You will need to speak to your affiliate manager about this. But this shouldn’t be much of a problem — remember, 1xBet Partners is one of the better partners out there.

1xBet Partners Tidbits You Need to Know

To keep this brief, here are the rest of the details you need to know:

  • Heaps of payment options: 1xBet Partners offers Bank Wire, WebMoney, QIWI, YooMoney, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.
  • Industry leading tech platform: From its casino games to its affiliate tracking platform, 1xBet Partners doesn’t mess around here — expect the best.
  • Global availability: 1xBet Partners runs its platforms in 49 languages and will accept clients from any country around the world. They might need to use a VPN if they’re from a less-than-friendly jurisdiction, but for that, there’s the 1xBrowser. 😉
  • Slick marketing material: 1xBet Partners provides its partners with high-converting (and slick-looking) marketing materials like banners and videos. And they have lots of it.
  • A constant rotation of fresh, high-impact promotions from 1xBet Partners.

Head here to join 1xBet Partners.

1xBet Partners Affiliate Partner Program

Or, if you’re still after a little more information, see the full 1xBet Partners affiliate program review.

News Takeaways

Alright. On to this week’s theme — getting personal in marketing.

Privacy Is Hitting Meta Where It Hurts, and This Is Great News for Us

For a while now, personalization has often gone hand in hand with data collection practices that most platforms would rather their users don’t find out about. And one of the more visible protagonists here has been Meta/Facebook.

Signal highlighted this well last year when it attempted to run a bunch of personalized ads on Instagram.

Facebook (this was before Zuck went all… Meta) said no and banned their account.

Of course, Signal wasn’t telling anyone anything they didn’t already know. And the average person is slowly becoming a lot more privacy-conscious. After all, you didn’t think Apple introduced its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature on a whim, did you?

Of course not.

ATT is like any other decision Apple makes. Whether that be product design or an advertising campaign, it was a commercial decision designed to appeal to the (increasingly) privacy-loving masses. (Hint: if you’re an Apple fanboy and want to believe Apple cares about your privacy, read this.)

This trend is also showing its head elsewhere, too.

Brave (Chrome with the creepy bits removed) has been growing its Daily Active Users (DAU) for a few years. In addition, almost half of all 16 to 24-year-olds use ad blockers. And “privacy tech” is becoming an increasingly attractive VC magnet (as of April last year, privacy-focussed startups had raised north of $3.5 billion).

And this is all before we take increasing regulatory scrutiny into account.

This trend is, of course, hitting Big Tech where it hurts. And if you need proof of this, just check out the public hissy fit Facebook threw in the New York Times last year.

Or just take a read through their latest earnings call transcript (more on this later).

And this is great news for us.

As their ad revenues decline, they’re starting to rethink how they engage and monetize their users. And this means we’ll start seeing more features beyond the stock standard “choose your demo and spray them with ads” approach.

So what’s new, and how can we use it to make money?

Meta’s New Focus == Our New Money Spinners

While Meta’s ad business might be in decline, other areas are alive and kicking. In fact, Click-to-Messenger type ads are bucking this trend and are in massive growth (especially Click-to-WhatsApp, which is growing at 80% YoY and has hit a $1.5 billion run rate).

Predictably, this means Meta is doubling down on messaging.

Most recently, this has seen the introduction of WhatsApp Communities, which, if you ask us, is one of the more exciting platform features we’ve seen in a while. And when we say exciting, we mean it.

You see, with literally one-third of the world now using the app, this is probably the most well-adopted, low-friction way to reach an audience since email.

Only, this is much, much better than email.

We’re talking about massively improved engagement rates; the warm and fuzzy feeling people get when they belong to a community (which increases the likelihood that they’ll follow their community); the ability to instantly hit them with notifications on their phone; etc., etc.

Hypothetical Scenario: Let’s Grow a Sports Betting Community

As an example of how we, as affiliate marketers, can use this, let’s imagine we built a sports betting community. Here’s how it might work.

Step 1: Community Theme and Subtopics

First things first, we’re going to have to pick a Community theme. Let’s pretend we chose “LaLiga Insider Betting Tips” as the community theme.

Oh, and by the way… if you don’t know about LaLiga, that’s the league FC Barcellona plays in. Yep, the same FC Barcelona that partnered with 1xBet Partners.

1xBet Partners Affiliate Partner Program

With that aside out of the way, now all that’s left is to split the theme into a bunch of subtopics. For brevity, let’s just keep it to two for now (you can add up to 21 groups in a community) — “Odds Alerts” and “Prediction Polls.”

Step 2: Grow Your Community

There will be many ways to grow the community. But to stick to the topic (Meta’s messaging “innovations”), let’s pretend we use one of Meta’s hot new Click-to-WhatsApp ads.

We could use some ad copy about enquiring to join an “exclusive LaLiga insider tips” community. Then, when a user clicks, a simple chatbot could give them a “limited-time” offer to join. If the chatbot asks a few “qualifying questions” first (you know, to decide if said user is eligible to join the “insider” community…), that could help.

Step 3: Feed Your Community

Like email and content marketing, this isn’t supposed to be an opportunity to spam people with ads. If you want people to stick around, you’ll have to offer value.

The great news here, though, is that once you get things started, the community should become self-sustaining (like a forum) — members can chat in the community groups.

Step 4: Monetize

Now we’ve got a community of engaged LaLiga bettors, we’d better make some money off them.

A problem affiliate marketers never have

So, to get started, communities have a “broadcast” channel to which only admins can post. You’ll probably not want to spam this too often (users can block it), so save this for when an affiliate partner has a really hot signup bonus on offer (or something else that’s too good to miss). The rest of the time, save it for actual community announcements and really big news.

What you can do, however, is fill the “Odds Alerts” group with regular updates on which sportsbooks are offering the best odds on each game. Keep it updated, and always add affiliate links 😉.

And if you need some suggestions about who’ll help you monetize, 1xBet Partners is a great affiliate program to start with. Industry-leading odds, global availability, and ongoing promotions. In other words, you’ll always have something to tell your community about.

1xBet Partners Affiliate Partner Program

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

WhatsApp communities are just the start of a series of changes. In Meta’s Q3 earnings call, Zuckerberg has already hinted that “paid messaging is another opportunity” (i.e., pay to hit users in their DMs). And as the core ad businesses of Meta and other big tech companies continue to find themselves crippled by privacy awareness, expect more “innovations” to come.

However, while much is unknown, the general takeaway here goes a little like this:

  1. There’s a bunch more stuff out there beyond SEO review sites and clickbait news articles if you’re willing to look and get a little creative.
  2. One big area of opportunity as the privacy landscape changes is to engage users in genuinely personal ways. Messaging, communities, you name it… expect Meta (and other platforms) to create more of these tools.
  3. If you can figure out how to use these tools, you will find yourself with a highly engaged (and very profitable) audience.

In other words, people love to feel special, and big tech’s probably about to give you a whole bunch of tools to make them feel precisely that. Use them.

Closing Thought

If you’re anything like us, you probably enjoy the odd meme from time to time. But do you ever stop to ask yourself the story behind the meme?

Take this guy, for example.

His name is Micke Ekvall. And, as you can imagine, he got moderately internet famous when this photo started circulating with the obligatory wise-guy texts plastered all over it.

But did you ever stop to ask yourself what’s the story behind the photo?

You see, in a post-race interview, a reporter wanted to know if he ever considered cleaning himself off. And can you guess what his response was?

“No, I’d lose time,” and “if you quit once, it’s easy to do it again and again and again. It becomes a habit.”

So let that be a lesson for us all. Shit literally happened to this guy, and he just got right on with it and finished the job.

We’d all be wise to do the same.


(Featured image by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels)

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