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    About Us

    About Us

    Who we are

    Born2Invest is a digital news organization dedicated to writing about and publishing the business and financial affairs of the world.

    Our goal is to bring you the latest headline news and features of events and issues happening around the globe. Our team of seasoned writers, business reporters, and regular contributors provide in-depth coverage and stories from various industries, such as business, investing, economy, markets, mining, technology, real estate, media, auto, and more.

    We’ve got our finger on the pulse of trending topics and popular events in culture. As digital natives we continue to explore the limits of mobile tech and innovate upon the architectural design of our content delivery network.

    Born2Invest is a business with a purpose. Our platform dramatically extends readership, especially from developed to emerging nations, where news consumption has grown significantly due to the rampant adoption of broadband and smart devices.

    You can get in touch with our newsroom here.

    Born2Invest Staff & Contributors
    Editor in Chief: Dom Einhorn

    Introducing the Born2Invest app

    With a strong curatorial voice and sophisticated layout, it is a must-have for investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and readers who are interested in the financial affairs of the world.

    Currently one of the fastest-growing business and finance news mobile app in the market, Born2Invest ranks third in the Business News category in Google Play, ahead of CNBC, Bloomberg, and the Financial Times.

    Available for Android and iOS.

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