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Who we are

Born2Invest is a digital news organization dedicated to writing about and publishing the business and financial affairs of the world. Our goal is to bring you the latest headline news and features of events and issues happening around the globe. Our team of seasoned writers, business reporters, and regular contributors provide in-depth coverage and stories from various industries, such as business, investing, economy, markets, mining, technology, real estate, media, auto, and more.

A brief history

The Born2Invest content delivery network was launched in late 2014 as a platform for under-the-radar financial stories. It covers an extensive range of interests, from trending news on the latest IPOs to updates that you don’t normally see in the news such as alternative investments. In 2015, our team went on to produce an app that would soon rank second in the business news app section in Google Play, ahead of The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Economic Times, and CNBC. With a strong curatorial voice and sophisticated layout, the Born2Invest app was a must-have for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Our website has since been reinvented in 2016 to mirror the content model of our mobile app. In its new life, readers received even more up-to-date and original pieces on various topics of interest, from mining to telecommunications to luxury destinations. After two fruitful years, in 2017, we have decided to retire our mobile app and concentrate instead on Google’s Progressive Web Apps (PWA) model, which provides a significantly more reliable, faster and engaging user experience. We believe in keeping up with the changing technology, and PWA is indeed the future — it eliminates the need for an app store, and offers our readers full-screen real estate on mobile, as well as push notifications. It can’t get any better than that. You can get in touch with our newsroom here.

Born2Invest Staff & Contributors

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