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4 important biotech conferences to attend this year

2020 is full of events, and here are some of the most interesting biotech conferences every professional should consider: Bio€quity Europe in Dublin, FT US Pharma & Biotech Summit in New York City, BIO International Convention in San Diego and World Biotechnology Congress in Barcelona. Find out what you can experience at each of them.



This picture show a lot of pills representing the biotech sector.

Biotechnology conferences give attendees opportunities to hear knowledge leaders deliver fascinating talks, check out the newest product-related advancements, network with peers and more. If you’re thinking about attending at least one of these events this year, here are some to seriously consider.

1. Bio€quity Europe

As may be obvious from the euro symbol in the event’s name, this conference is geared towards “financial dealmakers,” as well as pharmaceutical executives. It happens on May 11, 2020, at Ireland’s The Convention Centre Dublin. The upcoming 21st edition of this conference promises plenty of time for people to press the flesh with like-minded individuals.

Also, more than 80 companies will give presentations about their offerings. People should anticipate exposure to some of the latest biotech inventions, including some that could prove to be the “next big things.” People can register for the conference at the event’s website, and sign up by Feb. 14, 2020, to take advantage of early-bird rates.

2. FT US pharma & biotech summit

This is a biotech event offered by Financial Times that people can mark on their calendars for May 14, 2020. The summit is the second of its kind, and it happens at New York City’s Stewart Hotel. According to the provided details about last year’s inaugural summit, most individuals who attend are senior-level executives from a range of sectors and specialties. You’ll have chances to meet and hear people from areas including government health care, medical devices and health insurance.

One of the major topics covered at this year’s event is China, and whether the company will soon emerge as a leader in the biotechnology space. Gene editing is another discussion on the agenda, and people will weigh in about drawing the line between opportunity and risk.

3. BIO international convention

People may also find it worthwhile to head to San Diego, California to go to this conference, which happens from June 8-11, 2020, at the San Diego Convention Center. Registration is now open at the event’s website, and previous years attracted more than 17,000 attendees. Plus, more than 8,400 companies had representatives at the event.

Once people sign up for the conference, they can also avail of an opportunity called BIO One-on-One Partnering. Starting in early April, people get information about which individuals will make themselves available for partnering. That means interested parties can reserve available slots to talk to those associated with particular businesses and have 25-minute meetings with them.

4. World biotechnology congress

This gathering takes place on Nov. 18-19, 2020, in Barcelona, Spain. The event is for people in academia and the business or investment sides of the biotech industry. People can register now at the conference website, and early bird registration is open until May 1, 2020. The organizers have not yet confirmed the event venue, but people interested in potentially going should stay tuned to the website for further details.

The speakers on the schedule so far hail from Israel, Brazil and Spain. There’s also a list of major sessions that potential attendees can explore. The topics include biotechnology in dentistry, environmental biotechnology, using biotechnology as a tool to fight rare diseases and genetic disorders and many more.

The perfect time to plan

Even if you haven’t chosen a shortlist of 2020 biotech conferences yet, now is an ideal time to get started. Regardless of your investing experience, success often requires being ahead of the curve and seeing the promise in new ideas and products before most others do. A conference could give you excellent chances to do that and perhaps even find the next product or company that deserves your investment.

Whether you decide to go to one of the conferences listed here or another event, commit in advance to immersing yourself in the happenings and making the most of them. By taking that approach, you’ll be well-positioned to learn, grow and discover while seeing what’s new in the exciting world of biotechnology.

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