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Adomos Launches the First Global Platform Dedicated to Real Estate NFTs

As a first step, Adomos has chosen to create NFTs of Civil and Real Estate Companies (SCI) holding real estate and to sell these NFTs (in whole or in fractions) on the re.adomos. com platform, an approach that roughly corresponds to the immediate marketability of at least one million real estate assets. The project will also include real estate crowdfunding type investment proposals.



Adomos is launching its global platform dedicated to real estate NFTs: re.adomos com (real estate), which it announced would be developed in 2022.

While waiting for the first sellers to register on the platform and in order to demonstrate its technological relevance, the platform has listed the existing real estate NFTs to date. For more than 99% of them, they represent land or buildings for sale or purchase in metaverses or in successful video games.

The presentation on its platform re.adomos com of these millions of NFTs demonstrates the technological capacity of Adomos to analyze in real time the whole blockchain (Ethereum at first). Indeed, the platform developed by Adomos allows access to the entire Ethereum blockchain by focusing on the real estate theme, on a basis of 62.5 million NFT on Ethereum in the platform re.adomos com against 42.6 million NFT on Ethereum on Open Sea, which was until now the largest Ethereum platform in the world, all types of NFT combined.

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Real estate investment, a flagship/always buoyant investment

Despite the fluctuations of the crypto financial markets and the major difficulties of the real estate market, investing in real estate remains a major investment opportunity, a fortiori in an inflationary context.

Indeed, as the rise in interest rates remains lower than inflation and as real estate assets increase in value in the medium term in line with inflation, the real cost of a loan could de facto decrease due to the indexation of the rents received on the property and/or the increase in the price of the property.

However, the real estate investor is confronted with a double difficulty:

  1. The unit value of the property and the borrowing capacity obtruded by the rise in interest rates limits access to real estate.
  2. Real estate assets are not very liquid for their owners and their price is very dependent on general macroeconomic market conditions.

This explains the current success of SCPIs: low subscription prices, ability to exit through unit redemptions, and more flexible financing criteria than those of traditional real estate.

Real estate NFTs, new dematerialized assets are essential according to Adomos

In 2022, NFTs were unique digital assets, generally representing digital artworks or audio files.
Adomos is convinced, as demonstrated in the two white papers Real Estate Blockchain and Real Estate and NFT, generated by Chat GPT, that blockchain, and dematerialized real estate issues are essential to the evolution of the real estate market.

Real estate is the main asset class, 62% of household wealth (source Insee), next to life insurance, equity investments, etc… and yet it is not liquid.

  • The process of acquiring a property is complex and relatively slow because of the regulatory constraints related to the issuance of the promise to sell, obtaining credit, the establishment of diagnostics, etc. …

The NFT real estate approach will allow to :

  1. Split up a property to allow for acquisitions at a limited cost.
  2. Finance a property within the framework of decentralized finance (deFi) (peer-to-peer lending – decentralized Web3).
  3. Refinance an asset in whole or in part.

As a first step, Adomos has chosen to create NFTs of Civil and Real Estate Companies (SCI) holding real estate and to sell these NFTs (in whole or in fractions) on the re.adomos com platform, an approach that roughly corresponds to the immediate marketability of at least one million real estate assets. The project will also include real estate crowdfunding-type investment proposals. These NFTs will therefore be based on real and tangible assets held within SCIs.

In the medium term, Adomos plans to set up a system that will take over the legal obligations of a real estate purchase/sale deed country by country, by gathering in a smart contract all the documents corresponding to a notarized deed in France or the legal equivalent in each country, the only guarantee of full ownership of a real estate property.

This system will eventually enable simplified real estate transactions worldwide. The way in which the sale or purchase of a property is registered will be integrated into the smart contract allowing the organization of a complete sale, with the exception of its local registration, which will then become an administrative formality such as going to a notary.

It is worth remembering that while 5 million French people in 2022 have invested in cryptocurrencies, real estate NFT purchase transactions will allow staying in the crypto universe for those looking for secure assets in this still highly deregulated environment and represent a significant potential for diversification of crypto investors.


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