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Eight Startups Looking for Investors at the First Edition of BioInvestIT

The BioInvestIT Investor Arena Meeting is held today in Milan, featuring eight startups in the circular bioeconomy. Organized by the SPRING Cluster and partners, this forum connects startups with global investors. Key figures like Catia Bastioli and Antonio Frezza emphasize its strategic importance. Participating startups include Agreenet, Biochica, Coffeefrom, DND Biotech, Garum, Isuschem, Relicta, and Tomapaint.




Today, Wednesday May 14th, the BioInvestIT Investor Arena Meeting is being held in Milan at the SACE headquarters in which eight startups will meet potential investors.

BioInvestIT is the first investment forum dedicated to the circular bioeconomy, conceived by the SPRING Cluster and organized in collaboration with ECBF (European Circular Bioeconomy Fund), Bio4Dreams, SACE, Scientifica VC and Terra Next. BioInvestiIT is a path that allows startups and business projects in the bioeconomy to meet financial and corporate investors from all over the world.

“The circular bioeconomy is fundamental to decarbonise the economy by maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of renewable solutions – said Catia Bastioli, president of the SPRING Cluster. This is a strategic sector for the competitiveness and modernization of European industry, as underlined by the Vice President of the Commission.”

Antonio Frezza, Chief Marketing & Sales PMI & Property Solutions of SACE, added: “We are really proud to host the BioIvestIT investor Arena Meeting dedicated to a sector such as that of the circular, strategic bioeconomy in our Made in Italy Terrace in Milan. for the growth of our country.”

Below you can see the list of the eight startups that will meet investors at BioInvestIT. The company that presents the best presentation of its project will be granted consultancy on intellectual property with the aim of supporting the development and protection of innovations, research projects and emerging technologies.

BioInvestIT startups


The company was created with the aim of contributing to the reduction of food waste. It aims to create innovative solutions to increase the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables through the development of innovative bioactive, biodegradable and biobased materials used for conservation. PìFresc is a tag/pod that gradually releases food-grade natural essences with strong anti-mold properties.


The startup aims to valorise biomass residues into new chemical blocks (chitin and chitosan) to be used in sustainable and innovative biobased products in different sectors, from agriculture to biomaterials, from nutraceuticals to cosmetics.

Based on the results, promising sectors will be selected with the aim of developing a more detailed business model, a feasibility study and a potential scaleup.


The company part of the first edition of BioInvestIT deals with recycling coffee grounds into thermoplastic materials with a circular logic, highlighting the environmental problems linked to coffee waste and the need for sustainable solutions in the plastic supply chain.

DND Biotech

The company develops cutting-edge solutions for the bioremediation of contaminated soils and groundwater, through the use of biotechnology and zeolites to protect the environment, agricultural soils, waters and public health.

DND Biotech invests in research and development both in the field of bioremediation and in the application of zeolite-based products in the context of soil bioremediation, water treatment and biogas.


The Garum project at BioInvestIT aims to reduce by-products and curb excessive salt (and sugar) consumption, at scale and accessible to all.

After six years of development, extensive testing and applications in Laimburg laboratories, the use of fermentation at scale is creating re.garum®, a 100% natural and sustainable seasoning ingredient that replaces table salt and industrial seasonings.

BioInvestIT is the first investment forum dedicated to the circular bioeconomy. Source


It is an innovative startup created in the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II and which operates in the sector of chemical products for industrial use based on fatty acids derived from vegetable oil waste.

Produces high-value bioingredients from environmentally and ethically sustainable vegetable oils. These oils can come from restaurant waste or from marginal crops such as thistle and safflower.


The startup creates sustainable packaging solutions by converting fish processing waste into biodegradable, compostable and water-soluble bioplastics.

The company was the winner of the Sardinian startup of the year award at SIOS2023 Sardinia, then winning the Radio 105 Special Award during SIOS23 on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan.


The company present at BioInvestIT produces and markets a natural bioresin (cutin) obtained from by-products of industrial tomato processing (mainly peels) through a patented green extraction process.

The project was created from the need to replace synthetic resins in the packaging sector to reduce environmental pollution problems and increase consumer safety. The cutin resin obtained from tomato waste comes from a renewable, circular and biodegradable source.


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