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Campanar’s Crowdfunding Promoter Assures the Profits Will be Invested in the Building

A crowdfunding campaign for Campanar fire victims stirs controversy as funds go solely to homeowners, excluding tenants. Initiated by a falla association, the campaign aims to aid in the building’s reconstruction. GoFundMe verifies donations, which may return if deemed incorrect. ARDIC association protests the exclusion of tenants and expresses doubts about the building’s reconstruction feasibility.




The main crowdfunding campaign in favor of those affected by the Campanar fire is causing a lot of controversy, because the association that appears as a beneficiary of the 114,469 euros that have been raised through solidarity donations is made up only of homeowners, and not by tenants who were renting the apartments.

This initiative was promoted by the Campanar and Benicalap falla association and its promoter, Sergio Aliaga, argues that its only objective was to help and that the money be reinvested in the reconstruction of the building and in the payment of experts or other necessary tasks so that the property becomes habitable in the neighborhood again.

Aliaga expressed that his first intention, the day after the fateful fire, was for the beneficiary to be the community of neighbors, but that was not legally possible. “There was no association established yet, they were created later. “I wasn’t able to meet with ARDIC but I did meet with APROICAM and they told me that the association was also open to tenants signing up, so we decided to put them as beneficiaries, because what we wanted was for the money to go to rehabilitate the building,” pointed out the man, who is the president of one of Campanar’s fallaes.

“The total amount may seem like a lot, it is certainly more than we expected, but if you divide it among all the neighbors, it does not even come out to 800 euros per door, therefore it is best that it be allocated to the building, that is what we intend. , to restore it, so that it goes to everyone and to the neighborhood,” Aliaga highlighted. “Everyone has received help of 6,000 euros, they have had at least three months rent free in Zafranar and the insurance companies have paid them, so this help is not going to change anything for them, but it can help do things on the farm,” continued the promoter.

Campanar crowdfunding verification

Currently, the GoFundMe digital platform is verifying the data of the Campanar crowdfunding that was carried out. They have until June 22nd to verify that each donation is correct, or else the money will return to each person who donated it. When everything is correct, those authorized in the APROICAM association will be able to withdraw the funds and use them for whatever they consider.

As they agreed in that meeting with Aliaga, the reason why they appear as beneficiaries is because they were going to allocate the money to the restoration of the building, and he trusts that this will be the case, since it involves hundreds of donations made by many people and associations to help the victims of this tragedy. “I don’t know how they are going to distribute the money, what we wanted was for it to go to the building,” added Aliaga.

Upon learning that the donations through this GoFundMe platform were going to be for this association made up of owners, this Wednesday another of the associations affected by the fire, ARDIC, issued a statement of complaint. “We have observed with concern a change in the purpose of donations collected through GoFundMe in May 2024, for reasons that we do not know but that clearly differ from the original objectives,” said the neighbors.

“We find it distressing and disconcerting that it has been decided arbitrarily to modify the destination of these donations, diverting them from their original purpose of helping all those affected equally,” they indicate about the non-inclusion of the tenants. “It is even worth mentioning that APROICAM does not represent all the owners, but only those who are part of said association,” they added in the statement.

Regarding the intention of the rehabilitation of the building as the destination of the money raised, this association argued: “Although it has been announced that these donations will be allocated to APROICAM for the purpose of rebuilding, there is still significant uncertainty about the viability of this process. At this time, the necessary approval has not been obtained to guarantee the feasibility of carrying out the reconstruction of the affected homes,” they stated.

In this manifesto, the association of those affected by the Campanar fire also puts on the table that there are investment funds that own several apartments. “It is also important to mention that many owners are investors, who have several properties in their possession and who did not live there at the time of the fire, so it would not be fair for the donation money to be directed to this type of investors instead of victims that we were those who lived and suffered this fire,” they expressed.


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