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Climate Change in Burkina Faso: The Local Governments Are Training on Climate Finance

The Green Climate Fund Executive Secretariat in Burkina Faso, with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, is conducting a climate awareness session for local governments on April 11-12, 2024. The session aims to bridge information gaps and strengthen climate action at all governance levels, focusing on adaptation strategies and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.



The Executive Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund in Burkina Faso, in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, is organizing, on April 11 and 12, 2024 in Ziniaré, an awareness session for local governments on climate information and climate finance. These are members of the regional and municipal councils of the Central Plateau, decentralized environment and agriculture services.

Repeated droughts, insufficient or poorly distributed rainfall in time and space, the lowering or total drying up of groundwater which supplies sources are effects of climate variability and change in Burkina Faso. The problem requires concerted action at all levels of governance. But to do this, the actors must be on the same footing in terms of information on adaptation strategies and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

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The importance of climate finance training in Burkina

According to the regional coordinator of the Lands of Opportunity project in the Sahel at IUCN, Félicité Vodounhessi/Chabi Gonni, the awareness session which brings together stakeholders from the Central Plateau region is part of a preparatory project (Readiness) financed by the Green Climate Fund, which aims to strengthen the technical and operational skills of the Executive Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund in Burkina Faso as well as its network.

“Faced with the urgency of climate change and its already felt effects, this action is part of a broader vision aimed at supporting efforts to adapt and mitigate climate change in our country. Through this initiative, we aim to reduce the information gaps between central and local administrations as well as between scientists and local communities on climate actions in our country,” said the regional project coordinator at IUCN.

“There are mechanisms and the actors at the local level do not have the information. The Green Fund was created in 2010 and Burkina is a member. There is money available for the country. In the documentary that was shown, it appears that no structure at the local level is accredited. The IUCN is accredited and the actors are forced to fall back on us, like the Readiness project, to seek the funds available for the country. People therefore do not have the information that they can put together project documents and submit to the AND (Designated National Authority) which will issue letters of accreditation to take the money that belongs to them,” noted Madame Félicité Vodounhessi.

According to her, the IUCN, in its four-year program 2021-2024, wants to “build or rebuild the foundations of securing the planetary survival system by 2030 through healthy lands and waters, healthy oceans , mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and equitable governance of natural resources.”

Several communications will be made during the two days of the workshop

They will focus in particular on the current manifestations and projections of climate change in Burkina, the mechanisms and procedures of the Green Climate Fund, the achievements of the Executive Secretariat in terms of mobilizing resources from the Green Climate Fund, etc.

While thanking the Executive Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund in Burkina Faso and the International Union for Conservation of Nature for their efforts in the fight against climate change, the president of the special delegation of the commune of Ziniaré, Florent Daboné, invited participants to share their knowledge and experiences, and to explore “together innovative solutions to meet the challenges of climate change in the region.”

Sessions of the same type have already been organized in the Hauts-Bassins, Cascades, South-West, Center-West and Center-East regions.


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