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Crowdfunding 2021 Call for Proposals: €50,000 Raised to Date

The first edition of the Crowdfunding Call for Proposals promoted experimentally in 2020, has supported 10 crowdfunding campaigns that, over the course of 3 months, have raised a total of $97,891 (€82,626), thanks to 1134 donations. To these, the Crc Foundation added $59,000 (€50,000) as a “bonus” for those who were able to hit the collection target set at the beginning of the project.



The first edition of the Crowdfunding Call for Proposals promoted experimentally in 2020, has supported 10 crowdfunding campaigns that, over the course of 3 months, have raised a total of $97,891 (€82,626), thanks to 1134 donations. To these, the Crc Foundation added $59,000 (€50,000) as a “bonus” for those who were able to hit the collection target set at the beginning of the project.

For the 2021 edition, the Foundation has added a new measure dedicated to schools (state or equal preschools, state or equal elementary schools, and state or equal secondary schools) located in the province of Cuneo: the call is open and people interested can apply by October 10th.

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Four crowdfunding campaigns still active and can be supported until September 30th

To meet again is the project of Arci Bra Uni-Tre aimed at setting up the spaces of the new headquarters of the association in which to promote meetings, cultural initiatives and social moments. The initiative is part of the 15 new projects selected under Measure 1 dedicated to the Third Sector of the call “Crowdfunding 2021. Nuove risorse per il Terzo Settore e la Scuola”, promoted by Fondazione Crc in collaboration with Rete del Dono. The project has been selected at the end of a training and accompaniment process, by Rete del Dono, which has enabled the acquisition of the necessary skills to carry out successful fundraising with an impact on the reference community.

To meet again has the objective of supporting the right to culture, involving all generational groups in the area, through the promotion of spaces for sharing and comparison. An essential factor is to have a dedicated place, for this reason Arci Bra has built a new office and now needs funds to set it up in the best way, so as to make culture really accessible to all.

The second project Cittadinanza Digitale per S.T.E.A.M. (Digital Citizenship for S.T.E.A.M.), promoted by the association Great Innova and sponsored by the Municipality of Cuneo, has quickly reached its goal, collecting $8,500 (€7,200) in donations. The project aims to promote social inclusion and overcome the digital divide in the area, promoting training workshops and scholarships in STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). As the president of Great Innova, Cristian Ranallo, explains: “This project is an integral part of the association’s mission, which is to make digital innovation for sustainability in favor of the territory, offering concrete opportunities for inclusive support to digitization”.

Cittadinanza Digitale per S.T.E.A.M. will train 60 adults, through 5 courses of 12 hours each, on the main digital skills, in order to facilitate their employment. The project is structured on the main areas indicated in the DigComp 2.1 framework for citizens’ digital skills, which includes: information and data literacy; communication and collaboration; digital content creation; data security. In addition, Great Innova provides for the recognition of five scholarships amounting to $1,200 (€1,000) to be awarded to female students who have recently graduated from a high school in the province of Cuneo and have decided to continue their university career in one of the STEAM subjects.

The third project I weekend del sorriso (Smile weekends) promoted by the Associazione e Genitori pro Handicap (PROH) of Cuneo aims to increase the autonomy of people with disabilities to improve their living conditions and those of their families. The initiative aims to promote autonomy and social inclusion through recreational experiences and socialization, with the organization of weekends away from the family, lived together with educators and volunteers at the structure “Spazio Libero” in Cuneo.

“For us families, having a meeting place and being able to organize experiences to promote the autonomy of our children is fundamental. Our kids learn to be together, to share times and spaces, to help each other, respecting the rules. Learning to be more autonomous in eating, washing, and dressing, in the management of hot and cold, in expressing their emotions represents a huge step forward for the quality of life of the whole family, with advantages also for the community that can thus optimize the resources for assistance”, comments Nadia Musso, mother and member of the board of PROH.

As a fourth project, there is the initiative of Fondazione Radici to make the film La Banda degli Asini (The Band of Donkeys)

The link with the past starts with the Palio degli Asini (Donkey Race) and crosses the villages of Alba, where every year over 1,000 participants parade through the historic streets, reenacting episodes of medieval inspiration, in parallel with the donkey race, ridden by jockeys. Today’s story concerns La Banda degli Asini (The Donkey Band): it is a film directed by Max Chicco and coordinated by the Meibi production company of Turin, which will tell the story of nine young people and their lives in the nine villages of Alba before, during and after the Palio degli Asini. A film built from the bottom up, in order to create an unprecedented experience, whose characters are witnesses of a generation: the Banda he Asini with its stories of life, hope, and redemption.

“It is a novelty: a film about ordinary people. I selected, after a long casting, nine guys, from 21 to 33 years old, ordinary people but with special stories, with an x-factor that can become generative for the community. This is a film about a generation and a rebirth with an immersive approach. I will participate, in fact, in the daily lives of the protagonists and I will teach them how to film themselves, to tell their stories in the documentary moments of the film,” explained director Max Chicco.


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