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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [CryptoTab Browser]

Ever wondered how you can (legally) get other people to mine crypto for you? If you have, then you should probably meet CryptoTab Browser (it’s got a killer referral program you need to know about). We’ll also take a look at some changes coming up on YouTube that are probably worth keeping on top of, and we’ll finish off with a handy little marketing tip to help you stand out from the crowd.


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Quick Disclosure: We’re about to tell you how CryptoTab Browser runs a top-notch referal program. And we really mean it. Just know that if you click on a CryptoTab Browser link, we may earn a small commission. Your choice.

If you’re anything like every other citizen of the 21st century, the following meme will probably resonate with you.

And if that resonated with you, then this probably will, too.

But fear not. Just as you thought you were starting to hate the tab, something interesting popped up on our radar. Affiliate Program of the Week

Let’s get straight to this week’s affiliate program of the week — CryptoTab Browser.

The premise behind it is simple — browse the internet, mine crypto while you’re at it.

Now, clearly, this isn’t something that’s going to solve anyone’s tab habit problem. But, what it will do is make it a thousand times more productive. (It’ll also be productive if you’ve got your tab game down… the magic is in the browser, not the number of tabs you open.)

As for the part that makes it an affiliate program — that comes down to the ten-tier mining network.

Let’s take a closer look.

CryptoTab Browser affiliates

How CryptoTab Browser Works — The Bad

As we already covered the basics of CryptoTab Browser (install it, use it, and it will mine Bitcoin in the background), let’s dig into some of the details.

So let’s start with the bad stuff. (Don’t get put off by any of this stuff… it does get canceled out by the good stuff that’s coming later!)

For starters, if this whole concept sounds terribly unprofitable to you, that’s because it probably is. That is, it is if you just fire up a CryptoTab Browser and pay first-world electricity prices to mine Bitcoin on your PC (if you get free electricity, then hey, why not… and, if you’ve got ASICs… well… do you really need CryptoTab…?)

Of course, CryptoTab sorta tries to skirt around this with some of their marketing. For example, the CryptoTab Browser landing page talks about a “one-of-a-kind mining algorithm” to “mine and earn BTC.”

This, I have my doubts over.

For the crypto nerds out there wondering how Bitcoin mining works, it’s no more complicated than brute forcing SHA256 hashes — you hash the block, and if your hash is below a certain number, you win.

Basically, this one-of-a-kind algorithm is probably nothing more than “we took Bitcoin mining and packaged it up to run in the background of a browser”).

With that said, there’s nothing scammy going on here. The CryptoTab browser really does mine, and you do earn coins from that mining. It’s just, there are no magic algorithms that are going to make mining with your PC any more efficient than it would be doing it any other way…


There is one way CryptoTab Browser does make mining massively more efficient…

How CryptoTab Browser Works — The Good

So, as you can probably tell, we’re not fans of running CryptoTab Browser ourselves. But, do you remember that little bit about a 10-tier referral program???

That right there is how you make mining with CryptoTab Browser massively more efficient.

How the CryptoTab Browser referral program works is just like any other affiliate program we run here. You promote it and get commissions. The only difference is, you don’t get a commission on what your referrals spend… rather, you get it on what they earn (i.e., what they mine while using CryptoTab Browser).

Here’s how that looks at the different CryptoTab Browser referral levels.

CryptoTab Browser affiliates

And here’s how that calculates into $$$

CryptoTab Browser affiliates

Not bad, huh?

All you got to do is promote the CryptoTab browser to a handful of people to get the flywheel in motion.

Get the CryptoTab Browser Bitcoin Flywheel Working for You

That just about does it. There’s not much more to say. (Actually, it’s probably worth mentioning that, while it’s a little unconventional for an affiliate program, the CryptoTab Browser referral system is run just like any other affiliate program… so yes, you’ll get the usual support with marketing materials and whatnot).

So, to cut a long story short, head here to sign up for CryptoTab Browser.

CryptoTab Browser affiliates

Affiliate News Takeaways

Might Be Time to Start Promoting Crypto Again

By now, you must have heard about Worldcoin, which officially launched amidst a full-blown shi*storm of privacy/crypto scam brouhaha all over the interwebs just a few weeks ago.

And while we definitely haven’t heard the last of Worldcoin for a while, today, it’s not Worldcoin that’s making the news.

Instead, today we have PYUSD, less affectionately known as PayPal USD… or even less affectionately known as the PayPal stablecoin.

As for the details, let’s just say it’s backed by cash and other cash-equivalent securities (e.g., US Treasuries) and be done with it.

Of course, this probably isn’t something you want to go out and promote (There’s no PYUSD affiliate program…). However, the weight of another Big Tech giant coming into a market that’s been dominated by handlines with names like FTX and Luna can only be a good thing.

First, we have the trust effect that PayPal can bring to the entire crypto ecosystem. After all, the world has been using PayPal for over two decades now, meaning the name alone probably makes this the most “trustworthy” crypto project ever.

But, more interestingly, the timing of the whole announcement (just weeks after Worldcoin made a splash) couldn’t have been better.

Why is that?


While crypto has been on most peoples’ radars for some time now, most have yet to dabble in it. A big reason for this is probably because (according to Pew Research), 75% of people who’ve heard of it have no confidence in it.

To put that into perspective, the same survey found that 88% of people knew about crypto. And, if you take 75% of 88%, that means 66% of the American population is actively distrusting of crypto.

So here we have a situation where Worldcoin launches and introduces a bunch of people to crypto. And now we have PayPal (one of the most trustworthy names in finance) come along and announce it’s launching a stablecoin.

In other words, we have all the ingredients here to have a solid boost in crypto uptake.


Don’t expect any of this to be a big thing among the crypto diehards out there. Among this crowd, Worldcoin is nothing but a short-term buy/sell play thing to bet on alongside a thousand other sh*tcoins.

And as for PYUSD… well, maybe that might become a preferred holding currency anytime they wanna take a fiat position.

But still, that’s not what we’re interested in here.

What we are interested in is promoting to the influx of new crypto participants.

That means, promoting crypto trading platforms and other such services probably isn’t the right product. At least, not yet. (But who knows, sometime in the future, months after they’ve earned their first Worldcoin or transacted with their first PYUSD, some of them might join the dark side.)

What it does mean, however, is that there’s probably an opportunity here to promote “dabbling” type products. You know, products that take the interest in crypto, and package it up into a free package that’s so simple to use that even your dog could use it.

And yes, I am talking about CryptoTab here. That’s exactly the kind of thing that someone who’s just discovered crypto is likely to look at and say “hey, that’s cool… maybe I’ll give it a try.”

Of course, I could be wrong here. But, unless you try, you’ll never know… so just try it.

CryptoTab Browser affiliates

YouTube Shorts Links Policy

Right now, YouTube’s got some updates rolling out across the site. And, if sticking links on YouTube is part of what you do, then these updates might affect you.

Fortunately, while there is some bad news, there’s also some good news.

So let’s lead off with the good news and cover what you should look out for in the coming weeks.

Connecting Shorts to Regular YouTube Content

One feature YouTube is bringing in is a native way to direct Shorts viewers to other YouTube content.

The example screenshot Google provides seems to suggest that the video title will appear next to a play icon just below your profile name/subscribe button.

Of course, this has absolutely zero use insofar as stuffing affiliate links into the short. But, it does provide a massively useful way to get viewers over to some full-length content.

And we all know what that’s good for, right???

Yep, “link in the description” time… Just remember to add the link…

How you actually get people from the short onto your regular video content is something you’re gonna have to experiment with (it’s a new feature, after all). But, you could definitely do worse than drawing on old-school clickbait principles. (Think of your Shorts as one big, extended clickbait title… leave viewers dying to find out the secrets to that one neat hack).

One way I could see this working is to start by taking content that works well on Shorts, like satisfying life hacks, magic tricks, etc. Doesn’t matter what it is exactly.

What does matter is that you can produce a short that then links to a “how I did it” video. (Which, naturally, should be something where you had to go and buy stuff… hello affiliate links).

Ultimately, this kinda makes YouTube Shorts massively more useful. Basically, by giving you a native way to drive viewers to your regular YouTube content, it makes Shorts way more monetizable. Not to mention it’s now an even better way to attract viewers to your regular content.

More Ways to Spam Links

Another change YouTube’s about to bring in is all about creating “new ways for creators to showcase important links.” What this means, exactly, is basically nothing more exciting than giving you a way to display “important links” near to the “Subscribe” button on your channel page.

This one’s maybe not as useful as the Shorts-to-regular-content links. But, still, it’s probably worth keeping this change in the back of your mind if you run any sort of channel where people might be tempted to check out your channel page. After all, when there’s a chance to stuff a link somewhere, are you really not going to take it?

Didn’t think so.

Moving on.

Less Ways to Spam Links

Of course, what we’re really talking about here is Google. And, as is to be expected, the old “what the right hand giveth, the left hand taketh away” saying applies here.

For starters, YouTube is taking away banner links. Although, this one’s maybe not the biggest loss given that you now get to “showcase important links” elsewhere on your channel page.

What will be a loss for some is, coming August 31, links in Shorts comments and descriptions will be non-clickable.

Naturally, YouTube is doing this in the name of combatting “spam and scam attempts.”

But, whatever the motives may be, these changes could affect you. Especially if, instead of running a channel, you’re using comments to drop little nuggets of optimally-monetized clickable text (links…) on other people’s content.

That’s not to say you won’t be able to find a way around it. People have been sticking non-clickable links into all sorts of places for years. The only problem is, it kinda raises the stakes for how you sell the link — if anyone’s going to copy-paste the link, you’d better give a really good reason to make them think, “yeah, this is gonna be worth it.”


As always, every time these platform changes are rolled out anywhere, there will be winners and losers.

The biggest winners here will probably be those who can leverage the new Shorts-to-regular-content links. This feature is one of the best things to happen to Shorts since it launched, as it kills two birds with one stone (enhances monetization + makes Shorts a viable way of driving viewers to your channel).

And while we might have given the “how-to” video as one example of converting Shorts traffic into regular traffic, don’t think it’s the only way. Just about everything can have Shorts content spun off of it.

For example, let’s say you run a crypto podcast. Cut up any “hot takes,” “mic drop” moments, bloopers, or anything else from the episode that’ll work on shorts. Then explicitly tell people to click through for the full video.

Just make sure that, if you’re going to do this for crypto, you at least remember to put in your CryptoTab Browser affiliate links.

CryptoTab Browser affiliates

Closing Thought

Here’s a little something from a newsletter we like to follow around here (The Marketing Examples Newsletter).

For regular readers, you can probably spot what’s going on here. It’s the old “stick a condition on your offer to boost conversions.”

For those who missed it, let me explain it.

  • Anytime you make an offer (e.g., “Get $50 free bets”)
  • Make the conditions clear (e.g., “Bet $50”)
  • Watch conversions skyrocket.

The theory here is simple. People are less likely to revert into “sounds too good to be true” behavior if the expectation is spelled out right there with the offer. It adds plausibility.

But here’s the thing.

When everyone has caught up to you and is now doing the same, how do you differentiate yourself in the market?

That was one of the topics Marketing Examples covered this week.

Of course, there are many answers out the, but the example given was Sky Bet’s “Super 6: Predict six correct scores. Win £1 Million” promo.

Of course, the offer-condition structure here is still present. The offer (Win £1 million) is only available to those who can correctly predict 6 scores (the condition).

What makes it stand out is that the offer itself is different.

The rewards here were also massive. For reference, the CAC in the UK for a sportsbook is ~£200. Back-of-the-envelope math put Sky Bet’s CPL from this campaign at just ~£2.60.

So what’s the takeaway from this?

Well, aside from reiterating a classic marketing trick that’s infinitely useful, the big takeaway here is that there are a thousand ways to spin the same principles to differentiate yourself.

So why not take this formula and start experimenting with it yourself.

And if you have no idea where to start, how about you start with “Earn free Bitcoin [the offer]. Install CryptoTab Browser…” [the condition].

You’re welcome. Now go get em.

CryptoTab Browser affiliates


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