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There Are 7 Italian Startups Entering the FoodSeed Acceleration Program

The Italian startups chosen by FoodSeed range from the production of “non-chocolate chocolate” to prevention systems against water stress and to AI solutions for extensive farming, ozonated oil, traceability of industrial products, innovative materials for packaging. Soonapse, which fights water stress and water waste, has developed the first Decision Support System designed specifically for the IoT.




There are 7 Made in Italy startups that have joined FoodSeed, the acceleration program in the Agrifood Tech sector of the National Accelerators network of CDP Venture Capital managed by Eatable Adventures. 

Out of over 250 applications, the chosen projects received an initial investment of €170,000 each, with the possibility of obtaining up to an additional €500,000 for the best-performing startups, and participated in a 6-month acceleration program to consolidate their business proposal. 

The objective of the project is to accelerate the most promising realities in the agri-food innovation sector, both at a national and global level, highlighting sustainability, technology, and ethics and supporting startups in building relationships with a view to open innovation, facilitating the search for investors. 

FoodSeed, which sees the contribution of corporate partners Amadori, Cattolica Business Unit of Generali Italia, Axxelera, Veronafiere, and the scientific partner the University of Verona, will select – every year – for three years in a row, up to 10 startups capable to build valuable ecosystems and synergies that bring innovation throughout the sector. The call for startups that will participate in the 2nd edition of FoodSeed will open in February 2024.

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Among the startups that started the program with FoodSeed are:

Foreverland is one of the startups that entered the FoodSeed acceleration program

The company brings to the market a revolutionary, alternative, sustainable, and Made in Italy product: cocoa-free chocolate. Freecao, using carob – a typical legume of the Mediterranean area of ​​which Italy is among the largest producers in the world – can produce chocolate with low environmental and social impact to support our system, weigh less on the cultivation of cocoa and help the ecosystem of local businesses in the sector by reducing CO2 emissions by 80% and water consumption by 90% compared to traditional cocoa production.

Free from the 9 main allergens, including milk and nuts, it does not contain gluten, caffeine, or artificial ingredients, and well has 50% less sugar than traditional milk chocolate.

Regrowth also received a grant from FoodSeed

The company deals with remote monitoring of farms for extensive production companies. Regrowth proposes a system capable of reducing animal losses by approximately 60% thanks to early identification of diseases and through specific protocols it is also able to detect overgrazing caused by poor management of the flock and pastures. 

To facilitate communication on the management of your farm, Regrowth makes farm data transparent and protected by anti-tampering protocols.


A Roman startup that fights water stress and water waste, has developed the first Decision Support System (DSS) designed specifically for the IoT. An AI Dual system capable of interpreting climate change and providing forecasts with a very high degree of accuracy, allowing farmers to optimize water use and predict its state in any soil/crop for the next 5 days. 

A predictive model that considers all agricultural crops, is capable of also giving advice on the best cultivation based on seasonality. With experience in the wine sector, Soonapse is also bringing its technologies to the service of winemakers.

Agreen Biosolutions 

The company produces ozonated oil for more sustainable agriculture. By 2030, Italian and European regulations will reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50% and increase the agricultural surface cultivated with organic tools by 60% compared to today. 

From Udine, Agreen Biosolutions proposes a solution to help the transition towards more sustainable agriculture with an ozonated oil to be applied in agricultural fields, capable of guaranteeing a preventive and/or curative effect. This oil, certified as “invigorating” and with a biostimulant and phytosanitary effect, allows us to eliminate the use of chemical pesticides as well as guarantee considerable economic savings for farmers.


A company from Pescara operates in transparency on the traceability of industrial products. With a blockchain-based platform and a customizable dashboard for each industry, the system can also be used to integrate information from authorities and issue traceability certifications. 

Trusty follows the entire life cycle of food products: from Farm to Fork, providing supply chain stakeholders with reliable and accurate information on the origin, quality, and safety of products


AgreeNET, against food waste, offers an innovative bio-based and biodegradable material for food packaging. The startup has created a POD to be inserted inside the product packaging: thanks to the natural substances it emits – functional components normally produced by plants to protect themselves from pathogenic microorganisms – it is able to extend the shelf life of the products by up to 20 days, thus helping food producers to solve or limit the problem of food waste.


The company offers advanced fermentation thanks to sound waves. The startup has developed So’Sweep, a device that reproduces sound waves for advanced fermentation, capable of accelerating the growth of microorganisms, increasing their production by up to 300%, reducing time and costs.

At the moment, Hypesound is focusing on optimizing algae production, particularly Spirulina and Chlorella, but the applications of the technology involve the entire biotechnology sector.


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