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Four crowdfunding campaigns were simultaneously launched on Opstart

The Opstart platform has launched four crowdfunding equity campaigns. One campaign for the productivity portal for Collega professionals, one for the Psikera tele-psychology platform, another one for the Fimart tokenized certification system for art and the last one for the Digital Rock holding company which includes a chain of companies dedicated to the creation of blockchain based projects.



This picture show a couple of dollar bills.

The Bergamo-based crowdfunding equity portal Opstart overcomes the impasse suffered during the period of greatest emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and launches four campaigns almost simultaneously.

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The most successful campaign is the one launched by the company Collega

Collega is a startup that created the homonymous app dedicated to millions of Italian professionals. Just launched, the crowdfunding equity campaign has raised over $101,000 (€90,000) in less than 24 hours, on a minimum target of $112,000 (€100,000).

Collega is a MultiDevice platform designed to allow professionals from various sectors to connect with each other in order to optimize and develop their professional activity.

It offers users the first app that integrates in a single interface the answer to all their professional needs: it is at the same time a network for managing the relationship between colleagues and social space where to create new relationships and explore business opportunities and professional growth. It offers integrated compulsory vocational training and a selection of multi-purpose courses useful for optimizing and increasing professional effectiveness. In the future, it will also provide a Marketplace where you can buy products related to your business at special conditions, but also carry out research of qualified personnel assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

The TelePsychology portal Psikera

Newmana is an Innovative startup created in 2016 from a pre-incubation path successfully carried out in I3P of the Polytechnic of Turin and is aimed at the world of psychology and health: it provides ordinary people and professionals with innovative products and services of Telemedicine and eMental Health.

The company has registered its patent, produced the working prototype of the proprietary device, developed and put online in Beta phase the TelePsychology portal “Psikera”.

The equity crowdfunding campaign on Opstart has a minimum collection target of $56,000 (€50,000).

Newmana has on one side a patented proprietary device for mental strengthening, stress relief and deep work on the psyche, on the other side a portal of TelePsychology thanks to which it intends to bring all this on the Web by breaking down all barriers to the request for help in the field of psychological well-being.

After an initial market test and feedback from professionals, the company developed the paid profiles according to a Freemium offer and started a direct sales system that, in the last 3 months, has always exceeded 100% of the target/month.

The fintech company Fimart aims to raise $112,000 (€100,000)

Fimart Italia, is an innovative startup 100% controlled by Look Lateral Inc, a Seattle-based fintech company whose equity crowdfunding campaign on Opstart aims to raise $112,000 (€100,000) to develop the business of the Fimart platform.

The platform makes it possible to invest in works of art in a more accessible, transparent and liquid way, a digital ecosystem for investments in the art market, allowing everyone – from small investors to family offices to investment funds – to invest in works of art.

Fimart is a financial market where shares of works of art and financial products with works of art as the underlying are issued and traded, in turn certified through a system of proprietary solutions for the signature Tag, the Provenance system and an index and pricing system.

Digital Rock Holding want to raise $842,000 (€750,000) on Opstart

Digital Rock Holding S.p.A., is in fact the first true Italian ecosystem linked to the world of cryptocurrency able to cover the entire chain of services needed to operate in this market. The group is composed of five Italian companies: The Rock Trading,, OneDime, CheckSig and Cryptovalues.

Thanks to these services and products, Digital Rock Holding is able to cover the entire chain of products and services: acquisition or sale of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies; possibility to spend its own cryptocurrencies in commercial businesses, professional and corporate activities; facilitation of transnational operations for companies that export to countries where the precious currency is difficult to acquire; support to banks, institutions and supervised entities through the offer of a custody service that simplifies the management and security of bitcoins; disclosure and correct information on blockchain technology and underlying mechanisms.

The equity crowdfunding campaign on Opstart has the ambitious goal of raising $842,000 (€750,0000), with a pre-money valuation of $14.6 million (€13 million).


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