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Financial Irregularities in Burkina Amounting to 26 Million CFA francs, according to the General Inspectorate of Finance

Since 2012, the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) has published annual activity reports. The 2023 report, prepared in April 2024, audited public contracts in ten ministries for 2022. Out of 630 contracts totaling 57.4 billion CFA francs, 71.05% used exceptional procedures. The audit found financial irregularities of 25.97 million CFA francs and recommended improvements.



General Inspectorate of Finance

Since 2012, the General Inspectorate of Finance has continuously undergone the exercise of developing and publishing its annual general activity report. Objective: to report on the progress of its missions. This is how this 2023 report was prepared in April 2024.

The General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) carried out the audit of public contracts in 2023. This operation concerned ten ministries and focused on management for 2022.

These are the ministries of Territorial Administration; Infrastructure and opening up (MID); transports ; Energy, mines and quarries; Solidarity, humanitarian action, national reconciliation, gender and family (MSAHRNGF); of National Education; Higher Education; Environment, water and sanitation; of the Civil Service of Labor and of Health and Public Hygiene.

The general objective of this audit was to ensure compliance of the procedures for planning, awarding, execution and settlement of public contracts with the general regulations of public contracts and public service delegations and to situate the case responsibilities.

As part of the assessment, bad practices were detected by the General Inspectorate of Finance

Out of 630 public contracts for a total amount of 57,366,342,379 CFA francs, the use of exceptional procedures (direct agreement) represents 71.05%. The proportion of contracts per request for proposals is 0.27% of the amount. In terms of numbers, these proportions are respectively of the order of 32.38% and 1.11%. The control of public markets noted financial irregularities amounting to 25,965,969 CFA francs.

These irregularities concern the non-collection of purchase fees for public procurement files (2,250,000 FCFA), the absence of supporting documents for expenses (7,156,560 FCFA), late payment penalties (445,409 FCFA) and the non-delivery of fuel (16,114,000 FCFA). The audit identified weaknesses for which recommendations were made.

In this regard, the General Inspectorate of Finance notes the existence of contracts not included in the Procurement Plan (PPM), the absence of certain administrative documents in public procurement files, and non-compliance with the price list.

To this, the General Inspectorate of Finance also adds the existence of companies benefiting from more than one direct agreement during the same budgetary year, and the failure to provide financial guarantees.


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