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The Gift of the Community Crowdfunding Raised 60,000 Euros in 2023

The “Crowdfunding: the Gift of the Community” initiative by Banca delle Terre Venete, in collaboration with Ginger Crowdfunding, has raised nearly 800,000 euros from over 8,300 donors for third sector bodies in Treviso and Belluno. The initiative provided training and rewarded projects with additional funds, helping associations successfully implement various social, cultural, and sporting projects.



gift of the community

The sum raised so far by third sector bodies in the Treviso and Belluno areas which last autumn took part in “Crowdfunding: the Gift of the Community”, the fundraising initiative carried out by Banca delle Terre Venete, in collaboration with Ginger Crowdfunding and promoted by Csv Belluno Treviso.

The aim was and is to bring the realities of the third sector, in particular voluntary organizations (ODV) and social promotion associations (APS), to give life to an online fundraising campaign to support their cultural, social and sporting projects.

The Gift of the Community crowdfunding initiative

Through the initiative, the Gift of teh Community crowdfunding, the participating institutions had the opportunity to follow a training course, offered by the bank and which took place between last September and October. During the lessons the associations present, around thirty, of which ten from the Treviso area, were able to understand how to build and communicate their fundraising campaign effectively.

“The success of the Gift of the Community crowdfunding can be explained by the key word underlying the project: “organisation”. During the training course, the Ginger Crowdfunding teachers carefully explained the most effective organizational methods to find resources to allocate to their respective projects to the Third Sector bodies present. Concrete operational steps were suggested, for example the involvement of a contact person skilled in communicating the aims of the project, the use of a mailing list containing potentially interested contacts, the most suitable communication methods,” explained the Vice President of CSV Belluno Treviso Antonio Dalla Rosa. “After the training meetings, the participating associations immediately had a clearer idea of ​​how to proceed, and this led to immediate results.”

“The technological aspect is only one of the components of the crowdfunding the Gift of the Community” added Agnese Agrizzi, CEO of Ginger Crowdfunding “But online fundraising is based above all on listening to its supporters, planning, strategy and open and welcoming communication towards the community. Since 2013, our job has been to accompany step by step all the designers who want to launch a crowdfunding campaign and we are happy to continue to promote the culture of crowdfunding thanks to the support of partners such as Banca delle Terre Venete.”

Once the training was completed, the participants were able to present the draft of their projects to Banca delle Terre Venete, which rewarded the winners with an economic contribution equal to 20% of the fundraising budget of each of the campaigns launched on the platform with the support of the bank.

“We strongly believe in the potential of Crowdfunding: the gift of the Community, which from 2020 to today has seen 59 ideas supported, which have raised almost 800 thousand euros from more than 8,300 donors,” declared the President of Banca delle Terre Venete, Gianfranco Sasso.

“Our final 20% amplifies the generosity of the people who support these projects with a positive impact on the territory and its communities, from sport to the environment, from solidarity to training. Furthermore, the associations acquire new planning and communication skills, which become fundamental knowledge for carrying out their activities, in a scenario that is becoming increasingly complex, even for the non-profit world.”

Some of the participating associations in the Gift of the Community crowdfunding have far exceeded the set economic objective, successfully implementing their projects

In the Treviso area, this is the case of the “San Martino Aps” association of Vedelago, which raised 27,550 euros against a goal of 10 thousand, presenting and promoting a project aimed at the elderly and people with disabilities entitled “A leap in quality for Vedelago”. In concrete terms, the association has proposed the refurbishment of the Recreation Center, which includes the renovation of the square and the setting up of the green area with children’s games, allowing the elderly and grandchildren a comfortable stay.

Furthermore, the “Volontariato Insieme” association of Montebelluna, for the cooperation project “Water Funding: our drops for those who are thirsty”, raised 10,270 euros against a goal of 6 thousand. This will allow the purchase of a tanker for the distribution of drinking water in Manyonge, Kenya, where the association launched an Integrated Development Center in 2018 to allow the local community to use the precious water resource.

The campaign of the “Triblù” association of Treviso, aimed at the “Prove di Volo” project for people with disabilities, has concluded, raising 9,210 euros against a goal of 8 thousand. In this case, the aim is to accompany a group of children with autism to an independent life, offering them the possibility of spending weekends in a protected apartment, accompanied by specialized operators.

Also a successful case, in the Belluno area, is the example of the “La Quercia” association of Feltre, which presented a project aimed at minors entitled “Fortune favors the brave: a new space”. Having raised a sum of 13,800 euros out of the 10,000 needed, the association will now be able to create a new headquarters suitable for hosting pupils aged 3 to 14 for a school education based on Steiner principles, in particular the third year of middle school, which needed suitable spaces.

There will be other projects launched and promoted on the platform. In the meantime, meetings have already been organized for next autumn with a presentation event scheduled for 16 September, followed by two training opportunities between October and November.


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