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Green Arms Raised Almost 1 Million in its Crowdfunding Round on CrowdFundMe

Green Arms, an innovative startup facilitating citizen and business participation in renewable energy projects, has nearly reached 1 million euros in an equity crowdfunding campaign. Founded in 2019, it aims to acquire a 6.5 MW photovoltaic plant and develop new projects. With over €3 million raised previously, it operates 31 plants, proposing a democratic investment model with profit sharing.



Green Arms

The Green Arms equity crowdfunding campaign, underway on CrowdFundMe, a crowdinvesting portal listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, has reached almost 1 million euros.

Green Arms is an innovative startup that allows citizens and businesses to participate in energy projects with a positive environmental impact and from 100% renewable production sources.

This is the fifth fundraising for the company, founded in Nichelino (Turin) in 2019, which has so far raised a total of over €3 million in capital from more than 200 investors and which closed 2023 with a consolidated turnover of more than €4 millions .

The equity crowdfunding campaign will end on April 23rd and, in addition to serving for the acquisition of the 6.5 MW photovoltaic plant park, aims to raise resources to develop new projects, strengthen the corporate structure and prepare the ground for a listing on the stock market in the next four years.

Green Arms, which manages 31 plants between owners and on behalf of third parties (of which 22 photovoltaic and 9 hydroelectric), for a total value of the assets exceeding 20 million and a total installed power of approximately 10 MW, proposes a democratic investment model, which allows everyone to take part in green operations, supporting the environment and sharing the profits.

The Green Arms model

The business is based, on the one hand, on the acquisition of already connected and productive plants, with related incentives (residual duration 8-10 years) and, on the other, on the development of new plants from 100% renewable sources.

With respect to the first line, the company concluded, in mid-2023, an acquisition agreement for a 6.5 MW photovoltaic system park which is nearing completion and which will lead the structure to be able to count on over 3 million in additional annual revenues (at least until 2030), as well as taking over long-term work activities (management, management, maintenance, etc.).

Compared to the second, Green Arms has started several development projects for new plants throughout Italy, which it will continue throughout 2024 and 2025.

Its production assets allow the company to already count on recurring and predictable revenues in a medium-long term perspective, in addition to those deriving from the future development of its main business lines: plants made profitable through their management and energy sales, integrated activity of development of new systems for third parties and intermediation specialized in the placement and further development of existing and already connected systems.

Who is Green Arms

Green Arms counts among its most important partners Energia Positiva (with which it shares the founders), a cooperative which since 2015 has offered an innovative electricity supply and system sharing service to the market with over 1,350 members on a national basis.

The objective is to share the economic results obtained annually from its activities with its investors (return objective in the period 2024-2028 growing from 8 to 12% per year) , through the distribution of dividends based on the performances recorded.

Green Arms members are rewarded by the profitability set aside in recent years, which will begin to be distributed from 2024 (€270 thousand in the current year; 1 million in the two-year period 2025-2026),

Furthermore, the members’ ROI will also derive from the return deriving from their investment higher than the normal market rates and from the future revaluation of the shares at the time of landing on the regulated market, as well as from the tax incentive provided for by the legislation which will cease with the next 31 July.

Alberto Gastaldo , Co-founder, underlines: “ We decided to launch Green Arms in 2019, in order to bring together even more people on our mission and become one of the main aggregation realities on a national scale in the renewable production sector. And the response to the current collection campaign gives us even more confidence for the future of our facility ”

The growth of the photovoltaic market

The targets defined for 2030 at the level of Italy and Europe – for example the coverage of 42.5% of electricity demand from renewable sources compared to the current 32% – assume that, in the coming years, the growth trend of the sector will be disruptive, especially for the photovoltaic sector.

In the first nine months of 2023 alone, the sector has already almost equaled the growth of the last six years, reaching an installed capacity of 3.5 GW, compared to 3.6 GW in the period between 2015 and 2021 (source GSE) .

Claudio Gastaldo , Co-founder, added: “ The innovativeness and uniqueness of the Green Arms model lie mainly in the remuneration of its members, which takes place on an annual basis, to guarantee a fair reward to those who believed in the initiative, investing in a long-term project. If we continue, as we are already doing, to combine direct economic participation of citizens or businesses with the development of new activities, we are sure that the future listing can be successful and materialize within the next 3-4 years.”


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