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Business Weekly Affiliate Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [HealthTrader Affiliate Program]

Health, wealth, and American innovation. Them’s the themes for today, along with a healthy dose of affiliate marketing (like our great review for the HealthTrader affiliate program). And, of course, we’ll be putting all this stuff together to help you actually make sense of it in a way that will turn the next 5 minutes of your life (reading this) into some cold, hard cash in the bank.


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Quick Disclosure: We’re about to tell you the HealthTrader affiliate program is pretty great. And we really mean it. Just know that if you click on a HealthTrader affiliate program link, we may earn a small commission. Your choice.

Theoretically, there are some things you’d never trade.

You know, like your soul for the presidency.

Or your health for a dopamine hit.

But plenty of people think they can get away with it.

Often, it’s because they think they can then trade something else to fix the resulting problems.

Usually, it’s money for a miracle product.

And that’s something we can use to make money.

Let me show you how. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week — HealthTrader Affiliate Program

So, we’ve established plenty of people wanna trade money to fix their problems.

And we all know one of the biggest problems of them all is health.

So let’s sell something health-related in return for a big, fat commission.

Does such a thing exist?

Yep. It’s called the HealthTrader affiliate program.

Here’s what you need to know.

HealthTrader affiliate program

HealthTrader Affiliate Program — The Product

If you sign up for the health trader affiliate program…

Actually, scratch that… I made a mistake… let’s try that again.

When you sign up for the health trader affiliate program (and trust me, you will… you’ll see why soon), you won’t be signing up for some one-trick pony of a program.

Instead, once you’re in the HealthTrader affiliate program, you’ll be presented with more offers than you’ll initially be able to get your head around.

I’m talking like 40+ offers across a range of diverse health niches.

And yes, the HealthTrader affiliate program has all the classics you know and love… the sort of potions that shrink your gut, get you ripped, and fix your willy.

But there’s also so much more in the HealthTrader affiliate program.

You know, like immune support, liver support, sleeping aids, hair stuff, probiotics, blood pressure treatments, etc., etc.

Basically, if you can throw a pill or a potion at it, chances are the HealthTrader affiliate program has an offer you can profit from.

All you gotta do to get started is sign up with the HealthTrader affiliate program right…

Hold on, there’s something you wanna know about the HealthTrader affiliate program before signing up, isn’t there.

HealthTrader affiliate program

HealthTrader Affiliate Program — The Commissions

Alright, so I promised in the intro there’d be big fat commissions in the HealthTrader affiliate program. And, since I’m a man of my word, it’s probably time I deliver some proof.

So here’s all the proof you’re ever going to need — the full list of every offer (and its commissions) currently available in the HealthTrader affiliate program.

Sleep Support PlusRevshare 50%
Stress SupportRevshare 50%
CLA2000Revshare 50%
Apple Cider Vinegar PureRevshare 50%
LutenolRevshare 45%
Projoint PlusRevshare 45%
FolexinRevshare 45%
CilexinRevshare 45%
Garcinia Cambogia PlusRevshare 45%
FoligrayRevshare 45%
NootrogenRevshare 45%
Green Coffee PlusRevshare 45%
Colon Detox PlusRevshare 45%
Immune SupportRevshare 40%
Liver Support PlusRevshare 40%
ValotinRevshare 40%
Kidney SupportRevshare 40%
Turmeric Curcumin PlusRevshare 40%
Keto TrimRevshare 40%
Thyroid SupportRevshare 40%
Prostate PlusRevshare 40%
Probiotic SupportRevshare 40%
Urinary Tract SupportRevshare 40%
Turmeric & GingerRevshare 40%
Raspberry Ketone PlusRevshare 40%
SlendarolRevshare 40%
Blood Pressure SupportRevshare 40%
Blood Sugar SupportRevshare 40%
Digestive EnzymesRevshare 40%
Krill Oil PlusRevshare 40%
Immune ComplexRevshare 40%
Collagen ComplexRevshare 40%
Lung SupportRevshare 40%
Max GainsRevshare 30%
VitalSleepRevshare 20%
121docRevshare up to 17%
euroClinixRevshare up to 17%
meds4allRevshare up to 17%
OnlineClinicRevshare up to 17%
VitallRevshare 15%
HealthExpressRevshare 3%
HealthTrader affiliate program

HealthTrader Affiliate Program — What’s Next

Hopefully, that’s answered all the questions you have about the HealthTrader affiliate program.

But, just in case you’ve still got some lingering questions, then why not head over to for our full HealthTrader affiliate program review.

Or, if all you wanna do is get started now, head here to sign up with the HealthTrader affiliate program.

HealthTrader affiliate program

Affiliate News Takeaways — American Innovation Delivers the Next Big Thing in Number-Go-Up Tech

First, we had inflation.

Then we had “shrinkflation”.

And now — if Bloomberg reporter Leslie Patton’s not making this up — we have upflation.

What is it?


It’s the “latest retail trend” (according to Bloomberg).

Or, if you prefer the more cynical take, you might just think It’s the latest attempt by the S&P500 cohort to keep the number-go-up dream alive.

Now, obviously I’m eventually gonna tie an affiliate takeaway into this. And given that Patton dedicated well over 2k words to the topic — more than I plan to use for my pointless rambling, takeaway, and the actual story combined — I’m obviously going to butcher it a little.

So here goes.

The short version of the story is that P&G and its brethren are struggling to sell razor blades/shampoos/deoderants/etc.

Or, more precisely, they’re struggling to sell “more” of that stuff… it’s not like the US suddenly turned into a population of unkempt soyjaks, despite what the memes might suggest.

But, as you can imagine, if “number not go up” (i.e., you don’t keep selling “more” than last quarter), Wall Street types freak the eff out and start hyperventilating mumbo jumbo stuff like “missed earnings” in the sort of tone that would make you think that our mate Vladdy Putin was finally coming good on his promise to unleash the nukes.

And that would be a crisis you just can’t have.

And so we arrive at the genesis of “upflation”.

In a nutshell, the old boys are now stealing a leaf out of the Big Tech playbook. You know, solving a crisis with a big, fat, “reimagining” of what really basic shite can be.

So, why are they doing that and not just… I don’t know… marketing harder?

Well, for the answer to that question, we have to turn to P&G’s Andrea Wilkerson, the VP of “Skin and Personal Care Analytics and Insights”. (That’s an inflated job title if I ever saw one…)

As Andrea astutely points out, “Consumers are willing to pay for innovation.”

So let’s innovate.

For example, let’s take the same basic deodorant people have sprayed under their arms for decades.

And now add in a touch of P&G innovation/imagination:

Step 1: Repackage it.

Step 2: Now tell people they can spray it all over their bodies.

Step 3: And now charge a premium for it.


That’s American innovation for ya.

Now, of course, there’s a chance I’m being a little harsh here. Of course, some of this stuff actually is a little more innovative than just a simple repackaging/pretending it’s something new.

Head & Shoulders (another P&G brand), for example, did come up with an entirely new formula before they released Head & Shoulders “Bare” — another “upflation” product.

Wanna know what the secret sauce was?

They just took stuff out until it had “just 9 ingredients” in it.

Then charged double for it.

Now, I know that only sounds like a mediocre iteration at best. But I promise you, there is some actual innovation here.

But to get to that, you have to know why Head & Shoulders did this.

You see, at one point or another, P&G realized people weren’t using Head & Shoulders every day. So they investigated why.

That’s when they found out people thought it was too “medicinal or too chemical-laden” because there were 20+ ingredients in it.

So they slashed the ingredients down to just nine to convince people to use it every day, and then charged more to boot.

Now that’s what I call innovation.


Alright, I get it. This story has nothing to do with you as an affiliate.

Or, does it?

You see, while you might not be in a position to “reimagine” the products you sell, you are in a position to pick and choose among different products to sell.

So here’s how you take the key points here to make your own number go up.

Let’s start with a recap of the key points:

  • People are willing to pay for “innovation”
  • People don’t like things that are too “medicinal” or “chemical”
  • Delivering the same thing with less chemicals is “innovation”
  • So’s charging more for the same thing.

Now let’s apply that to an affiliate product.

For example, let’s take sleeping pills.

Usually, these have unpronounceable product names with ingredient lists that read like the sort of stuff you’d clean your kitchen with.

And clearly, that means there’s a bunch of people who’ll be reluctant to use them except in dire emergencies.

But what if you reimagined sleeping pills?

What if the ingredients list read more like a crop inventory on Uncle Bob’s Happy Hippy Organic Farm?

That way, people might be willing to use it more.

And what if you stuck the word “premium” in the product copy?

That way, people will also spend more.

Sounds like something you could make a crapton of money with, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what!? One of the HealthTrader affiliate programs offers is precisely that. 

It’s called Sleep Support Plus, and it pays 50% rev share commissions.

But the only way you’ll get those is if you join the HealthTrader affiliate program.

HealthTrader affiliate program

Closing Thought

Now, I know I just said the HealthTrader affiliate program was great and all that.

But let’s get one thing straight — that’s only because there’s a market for the products. (And because the HealthTrader affiliate program will pay you great commissions.)

But here’s where I don’t think it’s great — 90% of the products it’s selling should never have existed in the first place.

What do I mean?

Well, think about it like this.

Do you really need a weight loss pill, or do you actually need to get your lifestyle in order?

Or, do you really need a sleeping pill, or should you maybe, once again, get your lifestyle in order?

Kinda see where I’m going with this?


Now, I get it. Sometimes there are real health problems that do actually need some sort of “solution”.

But often, we’d be better off dealing with the root causes.

And the same applies to affiliate marketing.

For example, let’s say you’re not earning as much money as you think you should as an affiliate.

Some people might just tell you that you need to market harder.

Maybe they’ll even sell you something to help you along the way… a super-dooper countdown-timer-in-a-popup WordPress plugin here, a hyper-sophisticated suite of SEO there.

All good stuff to make the number go up… sometimes.

But other times, these things fail to address the real problem.

What do I mean?

Well, maybe there’s something else at the root of your problem.

I mean, it’s also possible you’re not earning enough because you’re not in the right affiliate program, isn’t it?

Maybe that program’s products simply don’t appeal to enough people.

Or maybe their commissions suck.

Sounds like a familiar problem, doesn’t it?

Lucky for you, just like fixing your diet, getting on the right affiliate program is also, fundamentally, pretty simple stuff.

The only tricky part is finding the one to go with.

But lucky for you, there are solutions. And, if you don’t believe me, then go take a look at the HealthTrader affiliate program today.

It’ll cost you nothing and will instantly unlock in-demand products paying 50% commissions on every sale you make.

HealthTrader affiliate program


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