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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [imaXcash Affiliates Review]

If you ever wanted to know how getting a mullet will help you 10x your affiliate marketing, then this week’s affiliate digest is for you. And, if getting a mullet is a step too far, then maybe you might be interested in the closest thing we’ve seen to a legal money-printing machine in a long time. Either way, there’s going to be something worth your time in here, so read on.


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Quick Disclosure: We’re about to tell you how imaXcash run a top-notch affiliate program. And we really mean it. Just know that if you click on an imaXcash Affiliates link, we may earn a small commission. Your choice.

Let me tell you a little story about how I got into affiliate marketing.

Like most little boys, once upon a time, I used to dream up plans for how I’d build my own money machine.

I thought it should be simple. After all, my mom used to put a card into a machine at the bank. And that machine just gave her money. Why couldn’t I make one myself?

Then I grew up and realized printing currency was a federal crime.

Too bad. Time for Plan B — affiliate marketing. That’s kinda like a money machine, right? All I gotta do is post links on the internet.

Of course, affiliate marketing was never that easy. But that doesn’t mean the little boy who wanted to build a money machine ever really grew up.

That means I’ve developed a pretty sharp eye for spotting anything that even remotely resembles a money machine.

Here’s one that I’ve discovered recently. Partner Program of the Week

A little while ago, while browsing for some solid dating programs, imaXcash crossed my radar. Immediately, it caught my attention.

If you read the intro, and look at the following image, you can probably work out why.

imaXcash Affiliates

Now, of course, I’ve been around the internet long enough to know that you don’t trust everything you see online.

So I did a little digging to find out if imaXcash really is a money machine.

Here’s what I found.

In Case it Wasn’t Obvious… Here’s What imaXcash Does

In a nutshell, imaXcash is a dating affiliate program. That’s why it’s the “dating money machine.”

More specifically, imaXcash is one of those neat programs that brings together a bunch of great offers under one roof. That means, with a single imaXcash affiliate account, you can target multiple goes, and multiple niches, and promote multiple brands.

Already, we’re off to a good start. Let’s see what else imaXcash has to offer.

PS: imaXcash also has a whitelable program which is really cool if going solo’s your thing. But, because we’re here to talk about affiliate marketing, we’re going to stick to the affiliate side of the imaXcash program — the side where you promote imaXcash in-house offers.

Affiliate Commissions at imaXcash

If you’re going to bill yourself as a “dating money machine”, then you’d better pay some pretty good commissions. Otherwise, I’m out.

Lucky for imaXcash, they more than pass this test, with up to 70% net recurring rev-share on offer. That’s absolutely, ridiculously, massively, hugely huge.

And, if that’s not good enough, imaXcash even run a bunch of 100% rev share promos for affiliates from time to time. Here’s one that’s going on right now.

imaXcash Affiliates

They also have heaps of CPA offers on tap if that’s more your style. Here’s another current one that’s open to Brazilian traffic.

imaXcash Affiliates

Also, that $23 is just for regular, vanilla traffic. If BDSM’s more your thing (as a marketer, of course), then imaXcash currently has a $41 CPA offer for the same geo right now.

And those imaXcash payouts go way up, depending on geo and niche — I’ve seen plenty going well into three figures. (And you can, too… You just gotta sign up here.)

imaXcash Affiliates

Here’s Some Other Really Cool Things at imaXcash

Of course, commissions alone don’t make a money machine. Lucky for us, imaXcash has put all the other machinery needed to print money in place.

  • Optimized landing pages
  • Email marketing tools
  • Advanced tracking
  • Custom banner creation
  • SmartLink geo-locating deep links
  • Multi-device and multi lingual support
  • Great affiliate managers

Basically, if you can’t print money with imaXcash, then there’s something wrong with your marketing strategy, because everything else is taken care of.

Start Printing Cash With imaXcash Today

If you want to get in on the money machine action, head here to sign up for imaXcash.

imaXcash Affiliates

News Takeaways

TikTok Might Kill Affiliate Marketing

Last week, we covered how the ‘YouTube kills affiliate marketing’ stories were a little overblown.

For anyone who missed it, the reporting basically went like this:

  • Links in comments on YouTube Shorts are no longer clickable.
  • Because creators used a pinned comment to post affiliate links, affiliate links on YouTube Shorts will no longer work.
  • Therefore, affiliate marketing on YouTube is dead.

But, as we pointed out, links in posts/comments have long been a no-no on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Platforms where affiliate marketing is alive and well, thanks to the old “link in bio” hack.

Basically, people expect a link in your bio these days.

But, this week, reports from The Information suggest that TikTok might actually be about to kill affiliate marketing.

And this time, this isn’t a minor change being blown out of proportion. (Okay, maybe a little out of proportion. Read through to the takeaway for more details.)

Essentially, to cut a long story short, TikTok might be planning to ban all links to outside eCommerce platforms.

Enter the One Stop TikTok Shop

So, the report in The Information says that TikTok has become the latest big-time nonprofit org in the US.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t say exactly that. But it does pick up on the $500 million TikTok has lost this year pursuing its eCommerce venture in the US.

Basically, it sunk a bunch of money into building out its logistics network and all the other bits and bobs needed to become the next Amazon.

And, in return for all that money/effort, it’s only generating about $3-4 million in sales a day. Of course, that’s nothing to sniff at. But, for comparison, TikTok’s South East Asian store is churning out $50-60 million worth of orders a day.

Clearly, this isn’t good enough for TikTok. Especially when its platform has become so influential in eCommerce that #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has entered everyday language as a sort of hybrid between a badge of honor and a badge of shame.

Compounding the hurt from this even further, some of the top trending videos for that very hashtag currently point users toward none other than Amazon.

And, yes, TobesFinds does have a “link in bio.” (As an interesting aside here, TobesFinds doesn’t even bother saying “link in bio” in the caption or video. That’s how well-trained users are these days to use the bio for links.)

TikTok Wants to Ban Links… But Doesn’t Want to Ban Links

In response to the humiliating flop of its eCommerce venture in the US, TikTok reportedly wants to take a leaf out of the Douyin playbook. That means it could start banning links to outside eCommerce platforms.

We say reportedly here because ByteDance apparently denies this is true. With that said, The Information is usually pretty spot on with its reporting. As such, when it says TikTok wants to ban outside links, we assume there’s an element of truth in it.


For now, this is still an unconfirmed rumor. The only reason we’re reporting it here is, as we said, it comes from a pretty reliable source. So there’s probably at least a chance there’s some truth to it.

As for what will happen if TikTok rolls this out, that’s going to be a wait-and-see.

Presumably, and ban on links will specifically target other eCommerce sites and platforms. And that may well mean that other links get to stay. And, if that’s how it plays out, then you can probably count on non-eCommerce affiliate marketing to remain viable on TikTok.

That probably means that, if you can figure out how to promote dating offers on TikTok, then you’re probably going to be safe… cough… imaXcash… cough.

imaXcash Affiliates

Threads Web App

For those not in the know, Threads launched as a mobile-only app. This week, it launched a web-based version of its app.

And that right there is basically the news.

Obviously, the question now is whether this will make a difference to its flagging user base.

If you ask us, we’re going to stand by the point we made last time we covered Threads, when we pointed out that new features aren’t going to save Threads from its slow decline.

That’s because, so long as a platform is at least moderately usable, the bells and whistles aren’t the defining features of a platform. Essentially, the reason people go on any specific social media platform is because of the content/culture/people on that platform. And, until Threads does something about its content wasteland, don’t expect too much out of it.


We’re pretty bearish on Threads as a viable platform for marketing around here. By all accounts, the user base that remains is unengaged, and mostly comprised of brands and clout chasers.

But still, it does have over 100 million potential active users already signed up. It just needs to find a way to activate a few of them. That makes Threads at least worth keeping an eye on, even if you’re not actively marketing on it right now.

Google Broad Core Update

This week, it became official that Google was rolling out a broad core update.

Now, honestly, there’s not a lot to report here.

As is usual, some sites will suffer, while others will see a boost.

This is a core update — it will have a global impact.

And no, this is not a penalty. You cannot “recover” — you’ll simply just need to adjust to whatever the algorithm changes want.

Of course, to do that, you’re going to need to know what those algorithm changes are. And, as is usual, Google’s been pretty quiet on that front.

It’s also still to early for anyone to detect anything specific about this update. This update has only just started rolling out in the last couple of days, and will take about two weeks to complete.

So, sorry, there are no neat “hey, this ranking factor got de-emphasized, and this is a new one…” takeaways here.


This is really more of an FYI. As we said, it’s too early to be any more specific aside from saying an update in rolling out.

But, as a consolation prize, here’s a little guide Google published yesterday that’ll help you understand some of the more confusing errors you might see in Search Console.

Actually… On Second Thoughts

Okay, so maybe the last takeaway was a bit of a letdown. Usually, we try to do better than “Sorry, bruh, you’re on your own.”

So let us make that up to you and bring you a little SEO nugget from this interview with Mamuta Media CEO Vadim Aidlin that SBCNews did ahead of SBC Summit Barcelona.

“There is no need to constantly adapt to algorithm changes”

Read that subheading again. Thems the fighting words Vadim dropped as he spoke about the futility of trying to keep up with Google algorithm changes.

Of course, that now leaves us with the million-dollar question — if we’re just going to forget about adapting to algorithm changes, then what are we actually meant to do?

The short answer to that comes in the seven words Aidlin muttered next. “Instead, focus on adapting to your users.”

Basically, his argument is that focusing on users rather than the search engines naturally creates content that satisfies user intent and offers value. This makes for happy users. Happy users are then more likely to engage with a site, share its content, and return in the future. And, if the Big G is to be trusted, these are all factors that affect ranking.

Essentially, if you align your goals user goals, you’re also aligning with the core goals of search algorithms as well.

He also suggests having a strong technical SEO foundation. This is all the little details like having a fast website, organizing your page content with semantic HTML tags, using hreflang properly if you’re running a multi-lingual site, etc.


Okay, so there’s maybe nothing revolutionary in here. This is basically the same sort of advice Google has been giving out for years.

And, in many circumstances, it’s pretty clear that what Google rewards doesn’t always align with what users want — there’s a reason why recipe websites rose to prominence as the poster children of all that’s wrong with Google SERPs.

But still, when the advice comes from someone that’s not Google, and that someone actually uses their advice out in the wild, it’s still worth at least giving it some weight.

So, basically, if your users want dating offers (what users don’t?), then give them dating offers. imaXcash has you sorted here.

imaXcash Affiliates

Also, the rest of the interview contains some nice little insights, like using PPC to inform SEO strategy. So give it a read if you’ve got the time/interest.

Closing Thought

Take a look at this head of hair.

Those flowing, golden locks belong to none other than the reigning US Mullet Champ, Clint Duncan.

Now, if you noticed that we were in the “closing thought” section, you’re probably wondering what possible purpose a mullet champ could serve here.

So let me kick things off with a quote from Duncan himself.

“It’s hard to have a bad day when you wake up every day with hair like this.”

Now, obviously, the hair you have on your head doesn’t define your day. Unless, of course, you’re into bible stories.

But, during a recent follow-up interview, that didn’t stop Duncan from attributing a bunch of positive stuff in his life to his carefully coiffed locks.

So what’s going on here?

Well, one explanation could be that it’s all just a coincidence. Maybe the last few years would have been a good luck run for Duncan, regardless of whether he got the mullet or not.

But, another explanation is that, by going out and doing something a little out of the ordinary, things in Duncan’s life began to change.

He probably found a new sense of confidence. He probably broke out of his everyday routine.

Actually, scratch that. He 100% broke out of his everyday routine. The Mullet Champs are basically a popularity contest, meaning Duncan’s win only came as the result of a massive PR campaign.

Basically, getting the mullet helped Duncan see things from a new perspective.

It probably also gave him a new sense of confidence and purpose in life.

So here’s our closing, mullet-inspired thought for this week.

Next time you feel you’re in a bit of a rut, maybe it’s worth going out and doing something a little left of center.

It may just be the thing you need to move your life up to the next level.

And, if it doesn’t take your life up to the next level, maybe it’ll at least help you shift your imaXcash money machine into a higher gear. Wink wink.

imaXcash Affiliates


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