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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [Week 8]

Ever felt like big tech has some sort of deep-cat agenda, almost as if they’re actively censoring dogs? Well, pretty soon we’ll get to find out the truth, with Twitter (well, Musk) promising to open source its algo next week. Of course, our theory is that the only agenda that matters is engagement. And for that, you’re gonna need a good social panel. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the one!


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Quick Disclosure: We’re about to tell you Media Mister afiliate program is pretty great. And we really mean it. Just know that if you click on a Media Mister affiliate program link, we may earn a small commission. Your choice.

While it’s hard to fake it in affiliate marketing, that doesn’t mean all aspects of online life are free from it.

And yes, that totally does mean asthmatic grannies are starting flame wars on Reddit.

But of course, faking it isn’t always for the lulz. Sometimes, it’s just the brutal reality of doing business in an oversaturated dog-eat-dog world where the only currency is likes and shares.

After all, when it’s only the popular kids getting the attention, but every budding influencer starts out from zero, what do you think they do to get started? Post cat memes?

Nah, too saturated. Plus, it’s totally off-brand if they’re going for that whole lifestyle influencer thing.

Instead, what they really do is fake it till they make it.

So here’s how you can help the next generation of social media influencers make it while still making a nice profit for yourself. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week — Media Mister Affiliate Program

Alright, so let’s say you wanna help the kids get their influencer careers kickstarted, but you know nothing about photoshopping fake butts. How about sticking with something you do know, like online marketing?

Of course, you don’t wanna spill your real secrets, but you still wanna lend a helping hand. What better way than by recommending them to one of the best social panels going around?

Sound like a good idea?

Then you’d better join the Media Mister affiliate program.

Media Mister Affiliate Program

Media Mister Affiliate Program — Here’s Why

Alright, let’s get the important Media Mister affiliate program details out of the way first.

  • Up to 60% commission on every sale you make through the Media Mister affiliate program.
  • Super long-life cookies mean the Media Mister affiliate program will capture your referrals for up to one year from when they first clicked your link.
  • A reputable product with a slick website means the Media Mister affiliate program is one of the higher-converting programs in the social panel niche.

Here’s What You’re Actually Selling in the Media Mister Affiliate Program

Now, of course, big commissions and long-lived cookies mean nothing if you don’t have a good product to sell.

Fortunately, the Media Mister affiliate program has many.

Now, I’m not gonna list everything (you can check that out here if you really want to see), but suffice it to say they’ve got pretty much everything needed to kickstart any social media account. In short, if you can like it, subscribe to it, share it, comment on it, or interact with it in any way, the Media Mister affiliate program probably covers it.

And while choice is great, it means nothing if the company’s reputation’s gone up in flames. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Here’s Why You Might Hate the Media Mister Affiliate Program

So, full disclosure — the Media Mister affiliate program does have its shortcomings. Basically, compared to the usual things we recommend here, its affiliate support is a little clunky.

Of course, this isn’t a huge deal. Really, we’re only talking about minor details. It’s the little things like the daily stats email that could do with a little spit and polish — the layout is clunky, the English is clunky, and for some reason, they seem to think putting the exact time the email was sent (down to the second) is useful information.

If you ask us, this is just distracting visual noise.

Still, all the info you need is there. And for 60% commissions, high conversion rates, and year-long cookies, we’re totally okay with giving up perfect UX.

Do an Influencer a Favor and Join the Media Mister Affiliate Program 

So, if you’re cool with all of the above, here’s the bit where you do an influencer a favor and sign up for the Media Mister affiliate program.

How do you do that? Simply follow this link, sign up, and wait for approval from the Media Mister affiliate program. And don’t worry if you’re a new affiliate. The Media Mister affiliate program won’t require you to fake it, so just play it cool.

Media Mister Affiliate Program

And finally, if you’d like some more details before joining, head over to and read our full Media Mister Affiliate Program review.

News Takeaways

So, speaking of social influence, this week, we’re seeing social recommendation algorithms getting a whole lotta attention.

Who Wants to See the Guts of the Twitter Algo?

First, the one you’ve probably heard about — Musk says the Twitter algo could be open-sourced as early as next week.

Now, as always with Musk’s Twitter, this news doesn’t come via any sort of official communication. Nope, that’s not how Musk rolls.

Instead, the news comes via an off-handed comment on a Tweet.

So, umm, yeah. The chances of Twitter open-sourcing its algo by next week are most precisely expresses as “I have no idea.”

But, ask me what the chances are of the algo coming out eventually, and I’d say they’re pretty good — this has been a long-running Musk theme from well before he took over.


Honestly, I doubt there’ll be many surprises from Twitter dropping the source code for it recommendation system. Really, it’s no secret that social platforms only care about one thing, and that one thing has nothing to do with pushing any sort of dogs vs. cats agenda.

Nope, despite appearances, social media’s not censoring dogs and pushing some sort of evil deep-cat agenda.

The only thing any platform cares about is engagement. And the only thing they’ve got to measure that with resembles the Media Mister affiliate program product range in a big way.

Just saying…

Media Mister Affiliate Program

The Death of the Internet as We Know It

This week, the Supreme Court started hearing arguments in Gonzales v. Google — a case that could potentially kill the internet as we know it.

For background, Gonzalez, in this case, is the family of a victim of an ISIS terrorist attack. The family is suing Google for “aiding and abetting” the attack as its YouTube recommendation algorithm actively suggests content to users. Specifically, in this case, they argue that by recommending ISIS videos to the perpetrator of the attack, Google was abetting the attack, as if their algo was some sort of bad acid trip that caused kids to go sign up for ISIS.

Now, as for why this case could break the internet as we know it, that’s because the Gonzalez argument goes after the infamous Section 230 — the law that shields online platforms from liability for their users’ content.

Now, in this case, the Gonzales family isn’t arguing Google is responsible for the ISIS content uploaded to its platform per se. But they are arguing that by recommending videos to YouTube users, Google is now no longer a humble online service provider. Instead, the family argues that Google is now a content creator, and, therefore, liable.

Now, why does this matter?

Firstly, if Section 230 is gutted, the internet will become a heavily-censored Disneyesque hell hole of brand-safe, kid-safe, everything-safe content. Basically, the issue is that if online platforms can get sued over what you post, they’re gonna start censoring anything that’s not 100% free from anything that could potentially lead to a lawsuit.

Welcome to the future of the internet… if Section 230 gets gutted.

Either that or half the internet will just shut up shop. If online platforms had to moderate ever single piece of user content, the costs here would be absolutely astronomical.

Now, fortunately (or unfortunately, if a heavily-censored internet sounds like your thing), this is unlikely. Reports so far seem to suggest the court is being cautious here.

However, while a full-blown overhaul of Section 230 is probably not going to happen, that doesn’t mean that recommendation algorithms won’t have their Section 230 protections removed. If Gonzales can successfully argue that platform algorithms are actual content, then who knows what will happen?


While there’s absolutely nothing you can do now, this is a case worth keeping an eye on if you’re currently relying on recommendation algorithms for your reach. If these algos have their Section 230 protections removed, there will be big changes ahead.

Of course, how this will look exactly is hard to say. It’s possible the algorithms will remain unchanged. Instead, platforms will just manually moderate the content their algorithms are allowed to recommend.

If this happens, it will probably be disastrous for smaller content creators (you… unless you happen to be, say, a Forbes editor…). There’s no way in hell platforms are going to bother moderating everything.

However, it’s also possible that these algos could undergo some big changes.

Again, it’s hard to say how this will look. But you can guarantee that entire classes of clickbait will no longer work. There’s no way big tech’s gonna risk getting sued for potentially misleading medical advice because you posted something about the “surprising secret that doctors don’t want you to know about.”

In any case, you can guarantee there’s one thing that will remain relevant no matter what happens. That is, engagement will always be the currency of the social web. So if there’s one safe bet, it’s that the Media Mister affiliate program will always be a good idea.

Media Mister Affiliate Program

Bluesky in Morning, Twitter’s Warning?

Bluesky social, the 2019 Twitter spin-off to make a decentralized social media network, seems to be materializing.

This week, users who signed up for the waitlist started getting emails inviting them to fill in a questionnaire to get an invite sooner.

And, of course, it was signed with a little “see you soon” for good measure.


Now, does Bluesky have a shot at replacing Twitter? Probably not. But, even if it eventually tanks, there will be that initial hype bubble combined with the usual teething problems that guarantee you’ll have a decent shot at making money on the platform when it launches.

You just gotta be there to take advantage of it.

Also, if it does take off, then getting some early traction isn’t going to hurt.

Closing Thought

Okay, so maybe this week made you feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe you like to think that grannies should just be grannies and influencers should just grow organically.

That’s cool. I get it.

But like everything in life, faking it is multi-dimensional. It is a force for evil, and it is also a force for good.

And if you don’t believe me, check out some of this quote.

Or this one.

Yep. The truth is, faking it can have positive life-changing consequences. Sometimes, it’s exactly what you need to break out of your current rut and start something new.

And this applies to everything, whether it be boosting your confidence or just getting a new social media account off the ground.

Oh, and while I’m at it, don’t forget the Media Mister affiliate program. Just because you might not need to fake it, doesn’t mean others don’t.

Media Mister Affiliate Program


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