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Why Does Poland Rely on Importing Medical Cannabis

Poland should consider revising its medical cannabis policy. The key here is not only to increase availability and lower costs for patients but also to capitalize on the economic potential the industry brings. Enabling domestic production and investing in research could have long-term benefits for both the economy and public health. It is also essential to educate the public about the benefits of medical cannabis.



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In recent years, the medical cannabis market has grown significantly, reflecting global trends and growing interest in the therapeutic properties of cannabis. This trend is particularly evident in light of recent financial reports from leading companies such as Canadian giant Aurora Cannabis. In the second quarter of this year, the company reported record growth in revenue and pre-tax profits, marking a watershed moment for the entire industry.

Aurora Cannabis, a leader in the medical cannabis market, reported a significant increase in net income in the third quarter of 2023, reaching C$63.4 million, up 30% year-on-year. A key contributor to this growth is the expansion of the company’s global medical cannabis business, where sales rose 42% to C$43.8 million. Aurora’s European medical cannabis business saw significant increases, mainly due to the introduction of new, proprietary, effective cannabis strains and increased sales to Australia.

Aurora Cannabis also reported positive EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) results of $3.4 million, a significant improvement over the C$6.2 million loss in the same period last year. This is the company’s fourth consecutive quarter of positive EBITDA, demonstrating its financial stability and operational efficiency.

Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora Cannabis, points to plans to further optimize costs and increase profitability. The company plans to achieve positive cash flow in the 2024 calendar year, an ambitious but realistic goal. The key here is the combination of industry-leading margins and a strong balance sheet, which opens Aurora Cannabis to new growth and acquisition opportunities.

Aurora Cannabis’ success is proof that medical cannabis is becoming an increasingly important part of the global pharmaceutical market. Product innovation, international expansion, and stable financial management are key to continued growth and success in this rapidly changing industry. The potential for medical cannabis is enormous, and companies like Aurora Cannabis are playing a key role in shaping the future of this market.

Poland faces the opportunity to become a key player in the growing global medical cannabis market. However, the current situation, in which the country does not produce its own, but only imports medical cannabis, puts Poland in the role of a passive observer rather than an active participant in this rapidly growing sector.

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Cannabis import vs. domestic production: What is Poland losing as a country

1 Raising Costs for Patients:
Every step of importing – from transportation to intermediaries – affects the final price of the product. Patients in Poland have to pay higher costs for medical cannabis, making treatment less accessible, especially for those with limited financial resources.

2 Dependence on Foreign Suppliers:
Poland remains dependent on foreign companies and markets, such as Portugal, which is becoming a leader in exporting the product, when importing medical cannabis. This dependence limits Poland’s ability to negotiate prices and supply terms.

3 Lack of Support for the Domestic Economy:

Poland does not enjoy the economic benefits that domestic production would bring. The cultivation, processing, and sale of medical cannabis in Poland could create new jobs and impact economic growth.

4 Limited Research Opportunities:

With its own cultivation, Poland would have more opportunities to conduct research on medical cannabis. This research could contribute to the development of new, more effective therapies, as well as expand our knowledge of the plant.

Portugal as an example of appropriate policy

Portugal, with an impressive 1589kg of medical cannabis exports to Poland in the first half of 2023, shows how significant the industry’s potential is. Despite low domestic sales, the country is an example of how a strategic decision to invest in cultivation can benefit internationally.

Poland should consider revising its medical cannabis policy. The key here is not only to increase availability and lower costs for patients but also to capitalize on the economic potential the industry brings. Enabling domestic production and investing in research could have long-term benefits for both the economy and public health.

It is also essential to educate the public and medical professionals about the benefits of medical cannabis. Increased awareness and a better understanding of the subject could help change attitudes and policies towards the plant in Poland.

Poland faces the challenge of revising its strategy towards medical cannabis. Importing this plant, despite its simplicity of cultivation, not only generates additional costs for patients but also deprives Poland of the opportunity for internal market development, research, and economic benefits. It is time for Poland to move from being a passive importer to an active producer and innovator in the field of medical cannabis.


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