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Meknes: a Vast Plan to Rehabilitate the Historic Ramparts

The imperial city of Meknes is working on the restoration of its historic walls as part of a vast program to rehabilitate the medina. Requiring a total investment of 20 million dirhams, several large-scale projects were launched this week to restore the former glory of these emblematic fortifications which extend over 40 km.




At the heart of the vast rehabilitation program for the medina of Meknes, the restoration of the imposing historic walls surrounding the city occupies a preponderant place. Indeed, the city of Meknes has recently witnessed the launch of several large-scale projects aimed at restoring their former glory to these emblematic ramparts which extend over a length of 40 km.

Among the major projects launched this week, we find the second phase of work on the Bab el Kazdir-Borj Kbich section, with a forecast budget of 9 million dirhams (MDH). Another important project concerns the rehabilitation of the Bab Bradiine-Bab Tizimi Sghira section, 521 linear meters long, for a projected cost of 8 million dirhams.

Place El Mechouar will not be left out with the restoration of its historic walls, in particular the Borj El Aoudat section, requiring a forecast investment of 3.1 million dirhams.

These large-scale projects include colossal works ranging from the installation of site infrastructure to shoring, including the necessary demolitions and stripping. Extensive archaeological excavations will be carried out to preserve the historical integrity of the site. Sanitation and drainage of sites will also be among the priorities.

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40 km of ramparts to enhance

The imperial city of Meknes is distinguished by its impressive defensive ramparts, vestiges of the era of Sultan Moulay Ismail in the 17th and 18th centuries. Over nearly 40 km, three concentric adobe walls, massive and robust, surround the ancient city. Built specifically to protect access to the city, these fortifications offer formidable defenses in three successive lines.

The first aimed to stop the enemy cavalry, the second blocked the infantry, and the third provided ultimate protection against attackers who managed to cross the first two lines. With heights varying from 7 to 15 meters and thicknesses of up to 3 meters, these imposing ramparts demonstrate the military and architectural ingenuity in the design of this historic stronghold.

17 MDH to improve tourist circuits in Meknes

But the rehabilitation of Meknes is not limited to the restoration of the historic ramparts. The city is also undergoing a vast project aimed at improving tourist circuits in the vibrant heart of the old medina.

In the heart of the emblematic districts of Sekkakine, Mellah and Cheikh El Kamel, a budget of 17.3 million dirhams is planned for a total rebirth. The rehabilitation work will affect architectural gems inscribed in stone, such as the Sebbaghine, Nejjarine, Lahmamsia, Srarya, Bab-Jdid and Bezzazine districts, milestones of a rich secular heritage.

This major operation aims to celebrate the architectural treasures of the imperial city, by offering visitors an immersive experience at the heart of Meknassi authenticity. Each alley, each building will be sublimated, carrying the stories and souls which have shaped the unique identity of Meknes over the centuries.

Aprogram worth 800 MDH

It is important to emphasize that these projects are part of the vast program of rehabilitation and development of the medina of Meknes which represents a significant investment of 800 MDH. The result of an ambitious partnership between the Ministries of the Interior, Housing and Culture, the Fès-Meknes region and the municipality of Meknes, this major operation is divided into three strategic axes.

Firstly, with a budget of 594 million dirhams, the restoration and enhancement of the rich historical heritage of the medina will be the absolute priority. Then, 40 million dirhams will be dedicated to improving accessibility, with the creation of three car parks intended to facilitate parking in this thousand-year-old city. Finally, 166 MDH will be mobilized to strengthen tourist and economic attractiveness, a real driver of Meknes’ international influence.


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