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OCS takes over the Spanish fintech company TalentoMobile

Founded in 1984 and based in Milan and Brescia, OCS operates with a team of about 100 highly specialized professionals (engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists). The company has recently acquired the Spanish fintech company TalentoMobile. The fintech company, with a 50% year-on-year growth trend, develops digital applications designed to offer the best possible customer experience



OCS, the Italian technology company partner of banks and consumer credit financial institutions, controlled by Charme SGR, has acquired the Spanish fintech company TalentoMobile and announced at the same time the expansion in Spain and South America.

In identifying and finalizing the deal, OCS was assisted by Klecha & Co, a pan-European investment bank specializing in the technology sector, while Talentombile was assisted by Spanish advisor One-to-One.

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TalentoMobile develops digital apps designed to offer the best possible user experience

TalentoMobile, founded by Raùl Repiso in 2014, is based in Madrid and also has offices in Mexico City. The fintech company, with a 50% year-on-year growth trend, develops digital applications designed to offer the best possible customer experience with a view to transforming and strengthening the relationship with end-users by enabling new fintech and insurtech business and interaction models. Its ability of vision and execution has brought the company, in a few years, to win the trust of leading clients globally recognized for their innovation capacity, such as Santander, La Caixa, BBVA, Bankinter. 

Starting from a mobile-first strategy, the young TalentoMobile leads important digital transformation projects thanks to solutions based on cutting-edge technologies and applications of artificial intelligence, chatbots and machine learning, with a particular focus on one of the segments with the highest growth and strategic relevance: that of digital customer onboarding governed by biometric authentication tools. A suite of fintech solutions of excellence immediately available for the Italian market. Talentomobile develops business for about 7 million euros per year through a team of 70 professionals.

Founded in 1984 and based in Milan and Brescia, OCS operates with a team of about 100 highly specialized professionals (engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists). OCS’s suite of IT solutions allows it to manage a wide range of financial products for banks and finance companies (including, personal and targeted loans, revolving credit cards, securitization and leasing), overseeing the entire life cycle of a loan, from the first contact with the customer to all subsequent management activities. In March 2018, the Charme III fund, managed by Charme sgr (led by CEO Matteo di Montezemolo), bought 80% of OCS spa (see other BeBeez article). With a view to bringing the important internal evolution clearly to the market, the company is currently also working on a new corporate image, which will soon be visible.

Gianni Camisa, CEO of OCS, commented: “To help clients innovate and evolve, you need some essential ingredients, but first of all you need determination and the ability to innovate yourself. This is what OCS is focusing on, ready to evolve its strong background of technology and application expertise to take on the identity and approach of a true fintech. The entry in 2018 of the Charme Capital Partners fund has allowed to quickly accompany the company towards this transition, opening it also to a vision of international growth.”

Camisa added: “This first and significant acquisition of the Spanish fintech, Talentomobile, will allow us to immediately integrate our respective competencies to bring an extremely innovative consulting and solutions offering that responds to the most urgent needs facing the industry today; redesigning services no longer starting from what you want to offer to customers but from what customers need and how they want to access it. Talentomobile is an example of how, through innovation and technology, we can enable new business models and new ways of interacting with customers, focusing not only on efficiency, but also on user experience and an intimate, powerful and impactful relationship model. It’s a huge challenge that we face with determination. For this reason, in parallel to the acquisition we are working on important structured partnerships that will allow us to amplify and extend the innovative scope of our offer, while supporting the expansion not only of us but also of our customers who, in the new banking scenario defined by PSD2 and fintech services, must increasingly deal with cross-border competition and innovative models of relationship with end customers.”

Raúl Repiso, founder and CEO of Talentomobile (which remains in the shareholding) added: “Talentomobile is a classic example of a successful fintech ready to make ecosystem to support its growth. In our first years of life we have won important customers in the Iberian territory thanks to the excellence of the solutions we offer in the segments of digital on-boarding via mobile; the successful experiences in Spain have qualified us as global partners for our customers and have allowed us to implement innovative projects in dozens of countries around the world, also pushing us to open a subsidiary in Mexico to address in a structured way the huge potential of the digital market in Latin America. We chose an operation that would allow us to accelerate growth while expanding our reach. The meeting with OCS gives us the opportunity to immediately bring our solutions also to the interesting Italian market, where there is a lot of dynamism, combining them with a much broader portfolio of offerings, and to continue more rapidly with our growth in Latin America, being able to count on a much broader range of skills”.

Stephane Klecha, managing partner of Klecha & Co, which in the last 3 months alone has handled 5 significant transactions involving the Italian tech sector, said: “We are thrilled to have accompanied OCS in its first cross border acquisition. OCS is a clear example of the great growth potential that the Italian software industry can develop to increase its competitive ability in the world. The combination of a solid history like that of OCS, with the courage to look across borders to integrate the offer with strategic products while accelerating international expansion, is what we should and could witness much more often.”


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