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Olive Oil Might Just Be the Perfect Way to Celebrate International Women’s Day. Here’s Why

It’s a bold claim, but we’re going to make it. Olive oil might just be the perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Here’s Why.



Citizens of Soil - Olive Oil Subscription - International Women's Day Celebration

It might sound like a weird claim at first, but I’m going to make it anyway: Olive oil might just be the perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Of course, this isn’t to say that any old olive oil will do.

But with the right olive oil — that is, with a high-quality olive oil sourced from female-led producers — we might just have found the perfect way to celebrate everything that International Women’s Day encompasses, all while treating ourselves to a special little something.

And that’s where Citizens of Soil comes in — a champion for small-batch, female-led EVOO producers from across the Mediterranean.

Let me explain why.

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Citizens of Soil - Olive Oil Subscription - International Women's Day Celebration

Olive Oil: Looking Beyond Equal Opportunity With Citizens of Soil

For many of us, International Women’s Day (IWD) serves as an important rallying point in the ongoing fight to achieve gender parity.

But to stop there would be to sell the women of the world short — IWD can, and should, serve as so much more. IWD should also serve as a celebration of the unique achievements and qualities that women can bring to the world.

And nowhere are these qualities and achievements more pronounced than in industries like olive oil.

In fact, when Citizens of Soil started connecting with women in olive oil, they found some surprising differences. On average, female-led producers delivered far superior EVOOs with a level of quality, focus on nutrition, and thoughtful commitment to sustainability rarely seen in the wider, male-dominated industry.

As for why such stark differences exist, that’s up for debate.

Is that, whether by nature or nurture, female-led producers place a greater emphasis on values such as community, sustainability, health, wellness, and a preference for quality over profit maximization?

Or is it that, as relative outsiders who are only just breaking into the industry, women are bringing a fresh set of innovative eyes to one of the oldest, most set-in-its-ways industries there is? (FYI: Olive oil has been produced since 4000 BC. It also gave birth to the first modern financial instrument — options trading — during the fifth century BC)

Whatever the reasons may be, however, the data remains clear.

Female-led EVOO producers are leading the way when it comes to delivering the highest-quality olive oils available today.

And don’t just take our word for it. There’s a good reason why Citizens of Soil is fast gaining favor among Michelin-starred chefs and other top restaurants in London and across the world.

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Citizens of Soil - Olive Oil Subscription - International Women's Day Celebration

Let’s Not Forget the Fight For Equal Opportunities

Of course, while Citizens of Soil may give us many reasons why IWD should be a time to celebrate, their cause also serves as a cold reminder that the fight for equality is far from over. Unfortunately, like many industries, olive oil still remains a largely male-dominated industry at every level, from the boardroom, right down to the farm.

At the corporate level, the story plays out like many legacy industries across the broader economy. Pay gaps persist, and unequal access to opportunities remains engrained.

And at the farm level, it’s all too common to still see ancestral lands passed on and managed by the men in the family, often eschewing women to secondary roles at best.

This is precisely why Citizens of Soil may just be the perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

It is not only the perfect way to celebrate the achievements and unique contributions of women towards a better world.

It is a way to support the women who are making a difference. And a way to provide greater opportunities for more women to make their mark.

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Citizens of Soil - Olive Oil Subscription - International Women's Day Celebration

Looking Beyond IWD: How Citizens of Soil Ensure Continued Support for Women, All While Supporting the Planet

It should go without saying — International Women’s Day is just one moment in a much greater movement to improve life for all on earth. And that means it should also serve as a time to reflect on what we can do year-round once the spectacle of celebration has worn off.

For Citizens of Soil, this means more than just a year-round commitment to promoting small-scale, female-led olive oil producers.

It also means a commitment to transparent supply chains where every drop can be traced from farm to bottle.

It also means a commitment to maintaining certification as a B Corp as it continues to contribute to creating a fairer global economy.

And it also means a commitment to being a One Percent for the Planet member, meaning 1% of every sale goes straight towards environmental charities.

And, beyond this, it also means committing to regenerative agriculture and closed-loop, sustainable practices, such as its reusable bottles and refill pouches.

And, through all of this, it also means Citizens of Soil also commits to delivering the best possible product. Its female founder is, after all, an olive oil sommelier and member of the Women in Olive Oil international network.

COMMIT TO YEAR-ROUND SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND THE PLANET: An ongoing Citizens of Soil EVOO subscription contributes to year-round support for women and the planet. Treat yourself while supporting a better world today.

Citizens of Soil - Olive Oil Subscription - International Women's Day Celebration


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