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Orabank Burkina Brings its Services Closer to the People of Dapoya and the Surrounding Areas

Member of a pan-African banking group, Orabank is present in Ouagadougou through the main branch and local branches. It is also present in Bobo-Dioulasso, Tenkodogo, and Koudougou. It is in the process of covering the national territory through an effective presence in the regions, in order to contribute significantly to economic growth by financing all sectors of the economy.



As a commercial bank, Orabank is involved in all sectors of the economy. In the permanent quest for quality of its services, proximity is also a key word. The opening of the branch in the Dapoya district, which mobilized many guests, including traditional and religious authorities, is part of this vision of the bank.

“Through this new branch, Orabank Burkina wants to join the people of Dapoya and surrounding areas to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development, creating value for all our customers and partners. (…). Another major motivation is Orabank Burkina’s desire to provide the sons and daughters of the Dapoya neighborhood with a secure means of carrying out their financial operations,” explained Etienne Konan, General Manager of Orabank Burkina.

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Thanks to its network of banking correspondents, Orabank facilitates its users’ transactions throughout the world and with speed

“Whether you are a merchant, a civil servant, an individual or a company, an association, a non-governmental organization, etc., you can easily carry out all your banking operations at your new branch. Indeed, Orabank offers you a wide range of products and services. Moreover, if a client has an account with Orabank, he can easily carry out his operations with other countries where Orabank is present, through the system of provision and call of funds at preferential rates. The choice to work with Orabank has several advantages: you will have innovative products that meet international standards with pre-formulated solutions adapted to your concerns, you will benefit from studied rates, and among the best in the market with services accessible to all segments of the clientele. You will also benefit from a banking network present in four monetary zones, which are the WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union), the CEMAC (Central African Economic and Monetary Community), Guinea-Conakry, Mauritania and through twelve countries (Benin, Burkina, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Chad, and Togo),” said the general manager of Orabank Burkina.

Mr. Konan reassures the commitment of all staff to provide customers and potential customers, quality services, with dynamism, availability, professionalism and, if necessary, the support of the headquarters in Togo. “With the opening of the Dapoya branch, you will benefit from the best quality of services at the best prices,” the head of Orabank Burkina said.

Long before the opening of this branch in Dapoya, Orabank was present, since June 2010, in the surrounding area, more precisely in the Sankaryaré market

“I am speaking under the supervision of the dignitaries of Dapoya… Dapoya means defender of the Palace of the Mogho Naaba, and we wish, naturally, to benefit from the legendary protection of this district, in order to grow more for the happiness of the customers and the whole community”, the customer manager, Lydie Sermé, first bowed, introducing in passing the “dynamic team” of this new branch.

The branch is managed by Salimata Thiombiano, “a very dynamic lady”, surrounded by half a dozen agents. The premises include, among other things, three cash desks (two on the first floor and a third on the second floor, dedicated to large operations). In addition to the facilities inside, the agency has a security system for the benefit of its users and staff as well as a free parking space for its customers. The Dapoya branch also has a “state of the art” ATM.

“All our services are available at the Dapoya branch here to carry out your cash operations (withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, transfers, quick transfers, etc.). We also have means of payment, including cards, checkbooks, remote banking services (e-banking, Oramobile, alerts …), international transfer services, … bancassurance products, and especially various credits to support individuals, small, medium and large enterprises,” said Ms. Sermé, for whom, through its presence around the world, Orabank offers many advantages.

In addition, she continued, Orabank has embarked on a major project of digitization of all its services, to further offer a better experience to customers through the use of technology. “There is no need to go to the bank to initiate certain operations; the maximum number of operations is possible from one’s phone. There is also the linkage of bank accounts with electronic wallets and another solution is being developed to facilitate access to Orabank Burkina in the localities,” revealed the customer manager, Lydie Sermé.

She also informs that her teams can go to the customer to open his account. “This is to say that today, we are really doing proximity banking. All the agents who are there, are men of the field. Today, banking is no longer done within four walls, in air-conditioned offices, and we wait for the clients to go and suffer and bring us the money we take in. No! we will suffer with the customers, bring the money back to the bank and we will (all) take advantage of it,” she explained to the guests.

Member of a pan-African banking group, Orabank is present in Ouagadougou through the main branch and local branches. It is also present in Bobo-Dioulasso (the economic capital), Tenkodogo (The centre-East region), and Koudougou (The centre-West region). It is in the process of covering the national territory through an effective presence in the regions, in order to contribute significantly to economic growth by financing all sectors of the economy.


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