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PlanRadar: Digital Solutions Can Simplify the Proof of ESG Compliance

PlanRadar, a platform for digital documentation in construction, facility management, and real estate, found that only a third of industry professionals believe in the benefits of digital tools for ESG certification. However, PlanRadar customers report significant advantages, indicating untapped potential. With ESG investments predicted to reach $33.9 trillion by 2026, adopting digital platforms could offer competitive advantages.




PlanRadar, a leading platform for digital documentation, communication and reporting in the construction, facility management and real estate sectors, has published an analysis on the importance of digital platforms for ESG due diligence.

The results show that only a third of construction industry professionals believe in the positive benefits of digital tools for managing ESG certification. However, PlanRadar customers report significant advantages for proving ESG compliance through the use of digital tools, which underlines the untapped potential of the industry.

PwC forecast: ESG investments to rise to $33.9 trillion by 2026

Recent data from accounting and consulting firm PwC predicts that ESG investments will grow to $33.9 trillion by 2026. According to three out of five institutional investors, ESG-compliant investments outperform their non-ESG counterparts. For construction companies, this means a growing market for ESG-compliant projects and significant opportunities for sustainable growth.

The market situation in Germany according to PlanRadar

In Germany, the potential of digital tools for ESG certifications is assessed similarly to the global average, but a certain reluctance can still be felt in the industry. This is shown by a PlanRadar survey from August 2023 among 1,355 professionals from the construction and real estate industry in 19 countries, including Europe, America and Australia. Just 29% of German respondents stated that digital tools offer “great support” in ESG certification management.

This suggests that more educational work and practical examples are needed to fully communicate the benefits of digital solutions and increase acceptance. Companies that rely on digital platforms early on can secure a competitive advantage and respond more effectively to the increasing demand for ESG-compliant projects.

Optimized ESG compliance in construction and real estate management through digital platforms: insights and benefits

Digital platforms like PlanRadar can simplify the path to compliance through documentation, communication and reporting that seamlessly integrate ESG practices into construction, real estate and facility management operations. Key features include:

ESG data collection: Detailed logging of each construction phase with photographic geotagging evidence for ESG and technical due diligence.

Automated reporting: Transform data into comprehensive reports for audits, supplier management, customer communications and documentation.

Reduce waste and rework: Efficient documentation and tracking to reduce rework, saving time and resources.

Risk minimization: Rapidly assess risks and costs to facilitate informed decisions for sustainable and energy efficient practices.

Safety and quality control: Introducing inspections, QR codes and NFC tags to improve safety and quality on the construction site to be more attractive to investors.

Rudi Pistora, Global Sales Director at PlanRadar, comments on the results and explains why choosing a digital solution for this task is important: “Contrary to popular belief in the industry, digital platforms offer significant benefits in complying with ESG guidelines, as this survey shows. The path to compliance does not have to be complicated. Our digital platform is very user-friendly and enables teams to log, record and prove that ESG and technical due diligence checks have been carefully carried out at every stage of the construction process. Given the high demand and the significant return on investment, the opportunity for construction companies is obvious: Align your processes and projects with ESG criteria to gain a competitive advantage.”


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