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Real estate crowdfunding offers big returns in Torre Milano

Real estate crowdfunding is not a traditional means of raising capital. It is a way for business owners to raise money, not by asking one investor, but by reaching out to a large pool of investors who each contribute a small amount of money. Concrete Investing is an authorized platform that allows you to view, evaluate, and invest in selected real estate transactions quickly and transparently.



This picture show the inside of an apartment.

Real estate Investing pays off with a definitive return of 11.86% for those who invested in Torre Milano, in December 2018. Investing in real estate crowdfunding is potentially profitable and the case of the Concrete Investing platform provides enticing evidence.

The new year of the real estate crowdfunding equity platform, authorized by Consob and specializing in raising capital for real estate projects developed within areas of primary interest and high potential has opened with an excellent outcome. In fact, Concrete Investing announced the first exit in relation to the investment on Torre Milano to the public.

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The Torre Milano project

The first operation has been a significant success. Investors who in had decided to put their trust in the Torre Milano project in December 2018, provided with a definitive return of $11.86 after just 12 months.

The crowdfunding campaign for Torre Milano was launched on the concrete investing website in December 2018. The operation, open to both institution investors and retail investors, had met with immediate success, registering a demand for membership so strong that the maximum target, set at $830,000 (€750,000) could be reached within just a few days.

Precisely one year after the launch of the transaction, Concrete Investing is already able to proceed with investor remuneration. This allows the company to open the exit from the investment with a return of 11.86% which is significantly higher than the returns offered by traditional financial products. The success of the operation is proof that investing in real estate crowdfunding is, infact, worthwhile.

Concrete Investing: how was it in 2019?

The dissemination of the results of the operation on Torre Milano was an opportunity for Concrete Investing to disclose the financial statements of the company’s 2019 activities. The year closed off very positively, considering that four successful operations were completed: Gracchi 7, Elle Building, Le Dimore di Via Arena and Terminal Tower.

All these real estate crowdfunding operations were carried out with leading partners. These transactions generated total funding of $6,6 million (€5.8 million) from over 300 investors. Also in 2019, Concrete Investing added other new exclusive partnerships with Gruppo Borgosesia and Immobiliare Percassi to the existing one with Impresa Rusconi. As far as 2020 is concerned, Concrete Investing has already anticipated that it will continue its growth path. In the coming months, two new initiatives will be launched with leading partners,  both of which will be launched in Milan which is held in high esteem for having strong development.

The first operation will be led by a major asset & development management company and will involve the redevelopment of two prestigious mixed-use sky and land properties located in the historic center of Milan. The second project in the pipeline for the coming months, will be set for a new residential complex of about 120 apartments in the Parco Lambro area in the Feltre district of Milan.

Forecast for the future 

Commenting on the results achieved in 2019 and referring to the forecasts for the year that has just begun, Concrete Investing CEO Lorenzo Pedotti declared his satisfaction with how last year closed out. The manager said, 2019 was a good year for Concrete Investing and the whole real estate crowdfunding sector. In fact, total funding in Italy practically tripled in 2019 when compared to 2018.

According to Pedotti, the growth of Concrete Investing is proof of how this type of investment, once reserved only for large investors, is now able to attract the interest of retail investors who, thanks to real estate crowdfunding, can participate personally and with low amounts in significant real estate transactions. The words of the CEO of Concrete Investing confirm that real estate crowdfunding has also made the real estate investment sector democratic.

Finally, referring to 2020, Pedotti said that opening the year with the first exit, precisely that of Torre Milano, the reliability and professionalism of real estate operators such as Impresa Rusconi and, who have chosen Concrete Investing as a strategic partner for the financing of their real estate operations, is further confirmed. In short, investing in real estate crowdfunding is certainly an option to consider and this news confirms it. 


(Featured image by Francesca Tosolini via Unsplash)

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