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Repair Bonus and Sustainability Index to Combat Overconsumption in France

Despite a generous 64-million-euro fund for the government’s repair bonus in 2022, only 165,000 repairs were made due to 70% of French people being unaware of the initiative. To go even further, the repairability index which has appeared on our devices since 2021 will gradually give way, at the end of 2024, to a new indicator: the durability index.



repair bonus

Provided for by the Agec law, the repair bonus put in place by the government in 2022 encourages consumers to have their devices repaired by paying part of the bill. Despite the allocation of a rather generous fund of 64 million euros, why did the French not take advantage of it?

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One year after the repair bonus was put in place, the Stop Planned Obsolescence association, which campaigned in its favor, drew up an initial assessment

First observation, 70% of French people are unaware of the repair bonus. Result: only 165,000 repairs over the year thanks to the system, so much so that the envelope allocated by the government of 64 million euros has barely been used. Renewed for the year 2024, consumers will still be able to benefit from it. Some improvements have been made and more remains to come, explained Flavie Vonderscher, in charge of advocacy at HOP.

“ The reimbursement amounts were increased at the start of the year, now you can have your washing machine repaired for 50 euros in aid. The aid has been extended to new repairs such as broken smartphone screens, but we should go further by understanding, for example, software failures.”

Another obstacle to repair: the simple lack of repairers

Repair technician, a profession currently said to be in tension in France. While there are around 5,000 in the region, the associations estimate that at least 25,000 are needed. The lack of trained manpower in the sector is all the more glaring as the system which is simple for the consumer is a little more complex and expensive for repair professionals who must be certified by an eco-organization. Eight out of ten repairers for the moment have not wanted to take the step.

“There are not enough certified repairers. Very often, it is the price of the labeling which slows down their adherence to the system. Amounting at 450 euros over 3 years at the launch of the repair bonus, it has now been “Today lowered to 200 euros. We will see later if this has had a positive impact on repairers.”

repair bonus
The sustainability index will initially only apply to the washing machine and the television. Source

To go even further, the repairability index which has appeared on our devices since 2021 will gradually give way, at the end of 2024, to a new indicator: the durability index

Through a color code, from red to green and a rating system from 1 to 10, any consumer will be able to know at a glance the longevity, the robustness of a device and the ease with which it will be possible to do so. repair in the event of a breakdown. With this new index, it is the very manufacturing quality of the devices that is targeted, believes Flavie Vonderscher.

“Printers, for example, are very difficult to repair, just like small household appliances, because these devices were not designed to be repaired. To repair a product, a repairman must spend an hour of his time just dismantling it , this is not profitable. This raises the question of the eco-design of devices. Manufacturers must design products that can be easily dismantled, provide products that are durable over time and of good quality. This will be good for environment and consumers’ wallets.”

The sustainability index will initially only apply to the washing machine and the television. If it were also to concern smartphones, France, a pioneer in the field, had to give it up, receiving an unfavorable opinion from the European Commission which provides its own indicator at the level of the 27 countries of the European Union.


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