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Bobo-Dioulasso: Saphyto Opens its Doors to Agricultural Technicians

Saphyto hosted an open day for agricultural technicians, showcasing its operations and product ranges. Saphyto also supported agricultural initiatives with a donation of inputs for wheat, tomatoes, and potatoes cultivation. The event aimed to strengthen partnerships and introduce Saphyto’s innovative liquid fertilizers, emphasizing their effectiveness and contribution to Burkina’s agricultural development.




The African Society for Phytosanitary Products and Insecticides (Saphyto) opened its doors on Thursday, April 4th, 2024, to agricultural technicians. This open day allowed these stakeholders to immerse themselves in the way the company operates and to learn more about its different ranges offered to farmers.

Saphyto took the opportunity to support the agro-pastoral and fisheries offensive through a donation of agricultural inputs for 100 hectares in the cultivation of wheat, tomatoes and potatoes.

This open day comes after that held for the benefit of the 72 winners of the night of excellence of the Burkinabè Textile Fiber Society (SOFITEX). This study and exchange trip for agricultural technicians is an initiative of the National Chamber of Agriculture (CNA), with the agreement of the ministry in charge of agriculture. According to the general director of Saphyto, Auguste Thiombiano, this visit is an opportunity to present the company to the public. “We are organizing this study trip with the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture with the aim of presenting our entire range to stakeholders,” he explained.

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Saphyto has launched, for more than five years now, a vast program to develop a new range of “complete” products which correspond to the needs expressed by producers

There is a wide range of products including herbicides, insecticides, etc. The major innovation across this Saphyto range is the use of foliar fertilizers or liquid fertilizers.

“Saphyto has a duty to always be avant-garde. It was created to support agricultural production and since 2017 we have been working on foliar fertilizer which is one of the alternatives, already for reasons of availability and the high cost of conventional fertilizers. We therefore decided, five years later, to make this fertilizer better known,” indicated the general director of Saphyto.

According to the general director of Saphyto, Auguste Thiombiano, this visit is an opportunity to present the company to the public

It was therefore important for Saphyto to introduce this new range to its closest partners. According to the general director of Saphyto, Auguste Thiombiano, liquid fertilizers have proven themselves in the field, particularly through their use on tomatoes by INERA, on corn and cotton by UNPCB. “We have had convincing results with the use of these liquid fertilizers in the field. With all these experiences, we can confirm that these liquid fertilizers are an alternative in our context that we know,” he said. He affirmed that with these liquid fertilizers, “there is no risk of use for other purposes.”

This day was punctuated by several activities including communications, a visit to the factory and a donation of agricultural inputs. The communications mainly focused on the presentation of Saphyto and its products. The first communication recalled that Saphyto was created in 1991 and for several years, it has been a leader in the supply of phytosanitary products in Burkina.

This 100% Burkinabè company has a production unit and is the only company to produce and market phytosanitary and insecticide products “made in Burkina”. Saphyto offers producers a wide range of products allowing the development of the agricultural potential of the main agricultural crops in Burkina: cotton, corn, millet, rice, market gardening.

At the end of the various communications, the actors were entitled to discussions, followed by a visit to the unit

All topped off by the symbolic delivery of agricultural inputs. Alexandre Kabré is the special advisor to the president of the National Chamber of Agriculture.

He explained the reasons which led to the organization of this study trip within Saphyto. “After Covid-19, we were looking for solutions to the unavailability of traditional mineral fertilizers. And that’s when we discovered with satisfaction that there was a national company which had products which were adapted to the needs of our producers and which were already used by cotton and corn producers as well as market gardeners. We therefore contacted Saphyto and signed a protocol in 2021 to be able to make these inputs available at a lower cost and in quantity. We also trained producers on good practices for using these inputs, particularly liquid fertilizers,” suggested Alexandre Kabré.

Before continuing: “Liquid fertilizers have more nutrients that are captured by the leaves or roots of plants. Their use has given interesting results. This is why it was our duty to visit this company, with the different agricultural stakeholders to understand the process. It is a source of pride for us to discover that in Burkina we have companies that can do things for producers and we are satisfied with what we have seen,” he rejoiced.

Sounding the same trumpet, Amadou Kabré from the technical secretariat of the agro-pastoral and fisheries offensive of the ministry in charge of agriculture, welcomed the initiative of the visit. He indicates that this visit was an opportunity for the ministry to always learn that Saphyto works for the development of agricultural production through the implementation of new products.


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