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One School in Bogotá Earned the Google for Education Reference School Certification

By implementing technological tools, a Bogotá school earned the Google for Education Reference School certification, becoming the first in the city among 2,160 schools. Rector Yasmín González highlighted the need for technological advancement. Strategies included partnering with ieducando, acquiring resources, training the community, and classroom support. Benefits included 90% digitalization and a 75% paper use reduction.




The fulfillment of the fourth sustainable objective of the United Nations 2030 Agenda related to quality education has its key element in technology and this is what they have understood at the Maximino Poitiers Bilingual School.

Thanks to the implementation of technological and digital tools in its teaching and training processes, this institution was awarded the Google for Education Reference School certification, an achievement that makes it the first educational institution in Bogotá to receive it, in a universe of 2,160 schools, according to the District Planning Secretariat.

Yasmín González Cifuentes, rector of the institution, assured that “ with the opportunity for educational transformation experienced during the pandemic, we demonstrate the need to advance technologically and break training boundaries that enhance the development of computational thinking in our community.”

Among the strategies to obtain this distinction, the strategic alliance with ieducando, as a Google partner, stands out; socialization of the technological innovation project in the academic community and parents; the acquisition of physical and technological resources; the training of the different members of the community, and the continuous monitoring and support in the classrooms throughout the process.

In addition to generating a significant impact on improving the quality of education, the introduction of this model brought the institution and its academic community benefits such as reaching a level of digitalization in its pedagogical processes of 90 percent and reducing up to 75 percent use of paper.

“The Maximino Poitiers Bilingual School is an intelligent institution that educates in the love of God. We have been training competent and successful human beings for more than two decades, applying conceptual pedagogy in its three dimensions: affective, cognitive and expressive ,” said González Cifuentes.

With this certification, the school appears in the Google global directory, which strengthens the institutional presence and visibility.

Additionally, you can wear the international program badge and have the chance to try out the tech giant’s new products before they are released.

“We are an institution committed and open to the world, interconnected and inclusive, conscious of caring for the planet and its sustainable development,” added the rector. The Maximino Poitiers Bilingual School has strengthened its skills in a world in which digitalization is becoming more relevant and has achieved a position of district and national leadership in the use of technology to achieve the highest standards of educational quality.

The School has other distinctions such as Icfes Very Superior, Cambridge English School certification and as an evaluating body . In addition, it has quality certification and membership in the French Alliance Network of Schools, through which it enhances communication skills in a third language.

Today, the Maximino Poitiers Bilingual School trains with high quality standards and has also established itself as an important reference for educational and technological innovation.


(Featured image by Mitchell Luo via Unsplash)

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