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Small Giants’ Insect Flours Turn to Equity Crowdfunding to Support the Growth of a New Market

Small Giants offers a wide range of products, including salty and sweet protein snacks, as well as insect-based meat substitutes. The company’s healthy, protein-packed products boast unique nutritional values: salty snacks, for example, are high in complete protein and vitamin B12, as well as a source of dietary fiber.



Small Giants is an Italian brand that develops and markets snacks and meat substitutes made from insect meal, believed to be the sustainable protein source of the future.

The company, an innovative SME, has launched an equity crowdfunding round on Mamacrowd with the goal of raising €500,000 in 30 days, against a pre-money valuation of €3.7 million.

Previously, the company had raised €600,000 between 2020 and 2021.

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The development potential of a new market

The funds raised will be mainly dedicated to marketing and sales activities in conjunction with the first listings in GDO, as well as to strengthening the team and R&D.

Small Giants’ growth objectives leverage recent EU-level approvals, as well as existing strategic partnerships with suppliers, co-manufacturers, and distribution, and an optimized supply chain.

The market for alternative proteins and edible insects is experiencing significant growth, and Small Giants, having moved well in advance, is strategically positioned in a sector that has huge growth forecasts for the coming years, with CAGRs between 30 percent and 60 percent according to all leading analysts.

The total value of the edible insect market in 2032 will be 16 billion and 390 million Europeans will consume insects and insect products in 2030.

Small Giants, among the very first in the industry, both in Italy and Europe, wants to become a leader in all major product categories thanks to a wide range of offerings.

Dario Giudici, CEO and co-founder of Mamacrowd commented, “We are happy to host the Small Giants’ campaign on our platform. This is a reality that operates in a sector with strong potential and that impacts the lives of all of us, as well as being able to rewrite the fate of our Planet. I wish the whole team a successful campaign.”

“The €600,000+ investment raised between 2020 and 2021 allowed us to develop our first products and validate them on the market with 80K+ units sold. Today they are available on an e-commerce channel, present in physical stores in 10 countries and we have just started retail in Europe. Also in Italy partnerships with supermarkets will be announced soon,” confirms Edoardo Imparato, CEO of Small Giants.

The sustainability of insect flours

Small Giants offers a wide range of products, including salty and sweet protein snacks, as well as insect-based meat substitutes. Small Giants’ healthy, protein-packed products boast unique nutritional values: salty snacks, for example, are high in complete protein and vitamin B12, as well as a source of dietary fiber.

With the growing awareness of the enormous environmental damage caused by meat consumption, there is a constant search for alternative and sustainable proteins.

As the FAO has been advocating for years, insects are a prodigious natural source of high-quality, environmentally friendly protein. Several insect species, including crickets, require, in fact, very few resources to raise and are highly nutritious.

Francesco Majno, CMO of Small Giants “We fight the cultural taboo around insects as food by focusing everything on taste and on informative and irreverent communication. It is essential to explain clearly the enormous potential of insects as food. We use insect flours-and not the whole insects-to make it even easier to get the first taste and convince people. The increasingly urgent need to provide food products that are safe, nutritious, tasty but also sustainable, and the conviction with which the scientific community supports this alternative source of protein, make us look forward to the near future with great optimism.”

About Small Giants

After starting in London and being awarded for both branding and innovative products, co-founders Edoardo Imparato and Francesco Majno opened Small Giants srl in Milan in February 2023. The U.K. was a no-brainer at the time because of regulations still lacking in Europe. But with recent European approvals and a final clear legislative framework, the founders brought the company, supply chain, expertise, and team to Italy.

The founders believe they can make people, even in the West, fall in love with insects as food. With insect meal products that are healthy, good, and high in sustainable protein.

With a steadily growing world population and a meat industry among the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, new, alternative, sustainable food sources, such as crickets, are increasingly needed.

The main difficulty lies in developing products that are convincing from the first taste and that can be easily consumed in everyday life. Small Giants’ answer is to develop food products enriched with insect meal.


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