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The Spanish Pharma Closes 2023 with an Increase of 27% on the Stock Market

Spanish pharma companies started the year maintaining the red of the previous year. In Q1, the aggregate capitalization registered a drop of 10.57%, with values such as Pharma Mar and Grifols with the main falls. Starting in April, however, the pharma companies began the comeback. In the second quarter, they corrected course, and the aggregate capitalization registered a positive evolution of 12.28%.



Spanish pharma

The Spanish pharma sector closes 2023 in green on the stock market. The aggregate market capitalization of the six pharmaceutical companies listed on the continuous market has ended the last year with an increase of 27.43%, beating the evolution of the Ibex35 and the Dow Jones.

The Spanish pharma sector thus corrects the evolution on the stock market in 2022 , when it closed in the red, leaving 32% of its value, and places one of its listed companies, Laboratorios Rovi, among the best values ​​of the year on the Spanish selective.

Grifols, Almirall, Laboratorios Rovi, Faes Farma, Pharma Mar and Reig Jofre have ended 2023 with a joint capitalization of 13,534 million euros , compared to 10,620 million euros in 2022. With the same number of shares, the change would have been in 24.23%.

The evolution of the six Spanish listed companies on the stock market thus exceeds that of the Ibex35, the reference indicator of the Spanish stock market. The selective that groups the 35 most valuable listed companies on the continuous market has risen 22.8% in the last year.

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Rovi is positioned as the Ibex35 value with the best performance in 2023, along with Inditex, ACS and BBVA

Spanish pharma companies started the year maintaining the red of the previous year . In the first quarter, the aggregate capitalization registered a drop of 10.57%, with values ​​​​such as Pharma Mar and Grifols with the main falls. Starting in April, however, the pharma companies began the comeback.

In the second quarter, they corrected course and the aggregate capitalization registered a positive evolution of 12.28%, to rise by 10.71% in the third quarter. Finally, in the fourth quarter, the six listed companies in the pharmaceutical sector increased their stock market valuation by 14.63%.

For the year as a whole , the listed company that has recorded the best performance on the stock market has been Rovi , whose capitalization has risen nearly 70%. The laboratory is, in fact, with the value that has registered the greatest increase in its capitalization in the Ibex35 as a whole, in the heat of promising business prospects.

Rovi, which shares the title of best Ibex company of 2023 with Inditex, ACS and BBVA, has managed to overcome the evolution recorded in 2022, when the value suffered due to the end of vaccines against Covid-19. In 2023, Rovi’s stock market performance has been driven by its future prospects alongside other drugs, such as the one that combats schizophrenia.

Grifols is the second listed company with the best performance on the stock market in 2023

Behind Rovi, the second listed company that has registered the greatest revaluation in 2023 is Grifols , with a 43.50% increase in its market capitalization as of December 31. In fact, Grifols has been the value that has experienced the greatest increase in the last week of the year in the Ibex35 as a whole, after learning of the sale of 20% of its Chinese subsidiary Shanghai RAAS.

In fact, in 2023 Grifols’ shares have registered the largest increase since 2020. At the beginning of November, the capitalization of the blood products manufacturer experienced a rebound of 10% (above that registered in March 2020) after the presentation of the results. corresponding to the first nine months of the year.

Reig Jofre is the other value of the Spanish pharmaceutical company in the continuous market that closes the 2023 financial year in the black , but with a timid increase of 2.74%. The stock, praised by analysts, is benefiting from the good economic results achieved throughout the year, driven by the development of the Specialty Pharmacare division and the greater utilization of the capacity of its new plant in Barcelona.

Pharma Mar, Faes Farma and Almirall stain the joint evolution of the listed Spanish pharmaceutical companies in the continuous market in red. With a loss in value of 36.11%, Pharma Mar is the listed company that loses the most value, followed by Faes Farma (with a reduction of 9.97%) and Almirall (with a loss of 6.80%).

After starting the year at a high of 66 euros per share, at the end of October Pharma Mar’s shares reached annual lows. In recent weeks, the company’s stock market performance has undergone a correction thanks to better-than-expected results for the first nine months and news such as the approval in China of its drug Zepzelca, for lung cancer.


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