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Why Spectrum Therapeutics Is Withdrawing the Lemon Skunk Strain from Its Offer

The discontinuation of Lemon Skunk and the introduction of Jack Haze by Spectrum Therapeutics are significant events in the medical cannabis market that shed light on the dynamic nature of this industry. This change not only affects the availability of specific varieties for patients, but also the market strategies of major players and the expectations of regulators.



Spectrum Therapeutics

Spectrum Therapeutics, part of the global Canopy Growth concern, has decided to withdraw one of the most valued varieties – Lemon Skunk, known in Poland as Red No 2. This withdrawal means the disappearance of this variety from markets around the world, which was met with clear dissatisfaction of medical cannabis users.

Spectrum Therapeutics is a renowned supplier that has been providing the highest quality medical cannabis products for years, appreciated by both patients and medical specialists. However, the withdrawal of Lemon Skunk has opened the door to a new product – the Jack Haze strain, which will now be available under the name Red No 2. This new offering not only replaces Lemon Skunk, but also offers patients a promising solution tailored to their current health needs.

Why is Lemon Skunk disappearing?

Lemon Skunk, known in Poland under the registry Red No 2 , is a variety of medical cannabis that has gained great popularity among patients due to its specific therapeutic properties. It was characterized by an intense lemon aroma and energizing effects, which made it an ideal choice for people suffering from ailments such as depression or chronic fatigue. This variety was valued both for its performance and for the high standard of production guaranteed by Spectrum Therapeutics, a leading supplier in the industry.

However, the decision to withdraw Lemon Skunk was not the result of a decline in its popularity, but a complicated process in which regulatory and market aspects played a key role. In an industry where regulations regarding the production and distribution of cannabis are extremely strict and variable, any change in legislation may lead to the need to adapt the product offer. Spectrum Therapeutics, analyzing global market trends and regulations, concluded that continuing to offer this variety is unprofitable or inconsistent with the new guidelines.

Lemon Skunk withdrawal has significantly impacted patients who were dependent on its specific therapeutic effects. Similar situations have occurred with other varieties and manufacturers, such as Aurora’s discontinuation of La Confidential. In both cases, patients had to look for alternatives, which is not always an easy task, especially when they care about the specific medicinal properties of a given strain.

Spectrum Therapeutics
Spectrum Therapeutics, part of the global Canopy Growth concern, has decided to withdraw one of the most valued varieties – Lemon Skunk. Source

Spectrum Therapeutics announces Jack Haze as successor of Lemon Skunk strain

The disappearance of Lemon Skunk from the Spectrum Therapeutics portfolio opens the stage for a new star – Jack Haze. This strain is the result of crossing two legendary strains: Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, which makes it an extremely promising candidate to win the hearts of patients looking for an alternative to Lemon Skunk. Jack Haze, like its predecessor, is an energizing sativa whose THC concentration can reach up to 22%.

The therapeutic effects of Jack Haze are also noteworthy. Patients can expect energizing and mood-improving properties, making this strain ideal for daytime use, especially for those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. Additionally, its strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects can provide relief from headaches and migraines.

The process of registering a new variety under the number Red No. 2 is not simple and requires meeting a number of stringent regulatory criteria. Spectrum Therapeutics decided to use the existing registry to accelerate the process of bringing Jack Haze to market. Thanks to this, patients do not have to wait for re-registration, which is beneficial for both the company and the end recipients.

The planned introduction of Jack Haze to the Polish market is announced for the second half of May

Spectrum Therapeutics ensures that deliveries of the new variety will be regular and tailored to market needs, which is to ensure smooth availability of this product in pharmacies. This strategic move is aimed not only at filling the gap left by Lemon Skunk, but also at strengthening the company’s position on the Polish medical cannabis market, offering patients a high-quality product that can have a real impact on their quality of life.

Continuous supply and availability of a variety of strains are critical for patients who rely on medical cannabis to treat their ailments. The future of this industry will depend on companies’ ability to innovate, respond to changing regulations and maintain the high quality of their products. The development of new strains such as Jack Haze and their introduction to the market requires an understanding of both the scientific and market context, which lays the foundation for the further development and acceptance of medical marijuana as an important element of modern pharmacotherapy.


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