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The New Version of DeRev Was Launched

DeRev has therefore been enriched with tools that increase the chances of success of a fundraiser, thanks to a system of technologies and know-how available to anyone wishing to launch a campaign. In particular, the range of action of the platform has been expanded, with the integration of an international payment circuit to allow donations from any country in the world.



DeRev, the digital strategy, communication, and marketing company founded by Roberto Esposito, has launched the new version of its reward and donation crowdfunding platform. DeRev interpreted the pandemic as a fundamental moment of transition and, while offering the platform free of charge to all fundraisers linked to the health emergency, such as that of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, chose to invest in a substantial renewal of the service.

The changes made to the crowdfunding platform are the result of 8 years of observation and analysis of the behaviors and preferences of over 40 thousand users, including funders and beneficiaries. Since 2013, in fact, DeRev has helped thousands of designers who have found in crowdfunding an effective tool to finance their ideas, not only individuals, associations, and committees, but also companies, organizations, and public administrations that have used crowdfunding for policies of active citizenship and corporate social responsibility.

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DeRev launched an improved version

The platform has therefore been enriched with tools that increase the chances of success of a fundraiser, thanks to a system of technologies and know-how available to anyone wishing to launch a campaign. In particular, the range of action of the platform has been expanded, with the integration of an international payment circuit to allow donations from any country in the world. Payment methods have also been updated and it is now possible to make a donation with any credit card, debit card, or prepaid card, as well as by bank transfer, both national and international. Contributing to a fundraiser on DeRev does not involve any cost for the donors, while for the creator of the campaign provides the lowest commission on the market, with no fixed costs and no charges for invoices and tax receipts: the platform allows you to generate them automatically and send them by email to donors.

In addition to having further expanded the DeRev Academy, the largest collection of guides, tutorials, and tips for the success of a crowdfunding campaign, have been implemented the tools of the advanced dashboard that each creator has available for the management of every aspect of its collection. Whoever launches a campaign can, in fact, monitor the fundraising in real-time, thanks to statistics and information on the progress of the collection, the transactions occurred with details of the status and the payment method used, the rewards chosen, and the requests of users. The data is saved in real-time, is protected and exportable according to the needs of the designer in compliance with the GDPR and the rules on the processing of personal data.

DeRev pushes on the accelerator also for marketing and promotion of campaigns: in addition to indexing and SEO optimization, it offers a geolocation system that maps fundraisers by city (and by neighborhood) so that those who belong to the community can discover the campaign. The dialogue with donors and the stimulus to spread the fundraising on social networks are encouraged thanks to a dedicated blog and a section for questions, info, and curiosities, while the list of donors allows the creator of the campaign to contact them to make them participate in the development of the project. Finally, a system of interactive widgets makes it possible to integrate a campaign on any website, thus being able to insert the fundraiser in any other portal.

For Public Administrations and companies, DeRev reserves the possibility to have a reserved and branded section within the website or an entire platform dedicated and independent through the white label. In the first case, you can customize the area with the institutional logo and all the information and details related to all campaigns, with the advantage of a technical infrastructure that manages the entire process; in the second case, you get your own site to independently manage your own crowdfunding campaigns or those of partners and customers, fully customized in content, graphics and functionality.

Roberto Esposito, CEO of DeRev, commented: “Crowdfunding has had an upward parabola: it has established itself in public opinion, in corporate dynamics, and at an institutional level as a tool of social innovation. It is able to involve territorial communities and/or communities of interest in a process of valorization of ideas and satisfaction of emerging needs, but it is also suitable for the vision and strategy of modern Corporate Social Responsibility projects. The participatory dimension of crowdfunding, which actively involves the public in the financing and implementation of projects, also creates the opportunity for possible partnerships and relationships with stakeholders, with whom to connect on the issues and within the chosen territories.”


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