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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [Week 39]

In this week’s affiliate marketing digest, we check out the latest from Google and highlight two coming updates that provide new opportunities for affiliate marketers. We’ll also review Buffalo Partners — the latest and greatest addition to our affiliate marketing directory. Finally, we finish with a reflection on that one time when David Goggins soiled his pants (true story).


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Wilma Mankiller (what a name, right?) once observed, “Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it – and gets through it quicker.”

Her point was that when confronted with a challenge, charge at it head-on. It’ll be over sooner.

"Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it - and gets through it quicker." -- Wilma Mankiller

Simple advice, right? Well, not so fast.

Ellsworth Huntington also observed that “the buffalo is a surprisingly stupid animal.”

"The buffalo is a surprisingly stupid animal." -- Ellsworth Huntington

Hmm… so is the buffalo a role model or a bad influence?

Who knows.

What we do know, however, is that our opinion on this week’s buffalo is a little more clear-cut.


Well, you’d better read on then.

TopRanked Affiliate Program of the Week: Buffalo Partners

This week’s top-ranked addition to our affiliate marketing directory is none other than Buffalo Partners — a 20-year iGaming veteran hosting a bunch of casino brands you probably already know and love.

Buffalo Partners - Brands

Here are just a few that’re on tap at Buffalo Partners:

  • Euro Palace
  • All Slots
  • Jackpotcity
  • GamingClub
  • Royal Vegas

And, of course, there’s plenty more.

But we’re not here to talk about what brands they represent. We’re here to talk about making you some money. So let’s get to it.

The Juicy Part — Commissions at Buffalo Partners

Buffalo Partners offers commissions either on a CPA or rev-share basis. If you want our advice, take the rev-share option. The rates are fantastic and they payout for life.

And when we say fantastic, we mean it—it’s not every day you come across a no-negotiation-needed 50% commission on casino.

Now, of course, this percentage is only paid out in the first month. But after that, the lifetime rates remain incredibly competitive, topping out at 40% for affiliates referring 101+ players.

Buffalo Partners - Commissions

And as for that 25% tier — that only applies if you can’t crack the ten referred player mark. But you can do better, right?

The Nice-to-haves

Like any good affiliate program manager, Buffalo Partners does everything it can to support its affiliates. So right off the bat, you get:

  • A massive media library full of high-converting creative assets
  • In-depth reporting on everything from clicks to earnings.
  • Super helpful support, including visual guides about all the legal bits and bobs you need when promoting casinos.

What More Can We Say?

We could say plenty more, but why bother? At Buffalo Partners, you’re getting:

  • Great brands
  • Great commissions
  • Top-notch support

What more could you ask for? Sign up here.

Buffalo Partners -- Sign Up

(PS: If you’re the type that could ask more, you can contact Buffalo Partners via their website. In our experience, they’re usually a pretty helpful crew.)

(PPS: If you’re still wanting to ask even more, then be sure to read our full Buffalo Partners affiliates review over on

News Takes

Google Search On has been and gone. And unsurprisingly, the event was full of hyperbole about how Google’s making “search more natural and intuitive.”

But there were a few nuggets that anyone with a promotional agenda should consider.

For those who want to watch a recap, here’s the official Google video replete with unnaturally stiff-looking humans and awkward applause.

Otherwise, here are two points we gleaned.

Forums and Discussions Are Now a Search Feature

Google’s listened to the people — forums are super useful for finding information. So now it’s rolling out a “Discussions and Forums” feature. This one’s a good-to-know for those using strategies that depend on places like Quora for traffic.

For now, however, it’s a little hard to say how this will impact affiliates and what opportunities it creates.

Google Forums & Discussions

First, Google doesn’t precise whether they’re removing forum results from regular search results. The cynics amongst us say they will, if only to make more room for ads. But the only hint the Big G gives here is that this is a new feature with its own label that “in addition to other web results, [will] now [show] links to forum posts that include relevant advice from people.”

Second, we don’t know how much people will actually use this feature.

In any case, expect the feature to impact forum traffic, for better or worse. Also, expect some shift in search intent for the traffic that gets driven to forums — no doubt there will be some underlying algo update to forum results to make this feature “useful and intuitive.”

Google Wants to Help With Complex Purchases

Another feature Google’s rolling out is what we can only describe as search-based buyers guide. By the looks of it, when people are buying, let’s say, a mountain bike (like in the fancy picture above), Google will collate a bunch of search results into an organized guide.

Google Buyers' Guides

To us, this looks like a great opportunity for creating value-adding promotional content that answers very specific details covered by these guides.

But also expect high competition here — there won’t be much room for, let’s say, building out content around a crap ton of longtail keywords. However, the rewards here could be worth the pain. Anyone browsing one of these guides probably has super-high buy intent.

Closing Thought

Most of us are probably pretty familiar with David Goggins by now.

If you’re not, he’s the former donut-munching “big” guy turned Navy SEAL turned ultra-endurance athlete. Basically, the ultimate mind-over-matter tough guy.

What’s easy to forget, though, is that none of this comes easy for him. He’s not insanely gifted. He doesn’t pull off his crazy feats with ease. He’s just like us.

If you need proof, check out the story of his first 100-mile run — blood-red urine down his leg and a bowel movement up his back. And that was all before he even got close to the end.

But he finished it.

So let this be a reminder — while the achievements of others might look “easy for them” when viewed from afar, they probably weren’t. The only difference is, they stuck with it and finished the job.


(Featured image by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels)

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