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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [Week 40]

What does Chuck Norris do when he retires? To find out, read this week’s affiliate marketing digest. We’ll also go over all the juicy details of our partner program of the week (and yes, they really are juicy… unless you don’t like the sounds of a five-figure commission from a single referral), and then take a sneak peek under the hood of the TikTok feed algorithm.


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If you believe the folklore, nothing can touch Chuck Norris. From dividing by zero to slamming revolving doors, the man is a force that can theoretically live a no “chucks” given life of pure abandon.

But here’s the thing. That’s all just folklore.

For all the tough guy heroics, the man’s just like you and me. He’s still gotta eat, sleep, and poop. He’s still obliged to pay his taxes. And eventually, death will work up the courage to come knocking on his door.

But until that day comes, he’s still got a retirement to fund and inflation to fight. And do you wanna know how he’s doing it?

Then you’d better read on for Chuck’s answer. Partner Program of the Week

If it’s good enough for Chuck, you can be damn sure it’s good enough for you. That’s why this week’s #1 addition to the affiliate marketing directory is none other than Chuck Norris’s retirement plan.

Chuck Norris - Goldco

As for what this plan actually is, It’s simple. Chuck simply asked himself, “What’s the only thing that’ll outlast me?”

The answer, of course, was the value of gold and silver — inflation-busting precious metals that have proven their worth through the ages.

Enter Goldco: the Sean Hannity Gold & Silver Company

Chuck’s long-held belief in gold and silver eventually led him to partner with Sean Hannity’s gold and silver company, Goldco.

Here’s why Chuck Norris Chose Goldco
  • Gold and silver, obviously.
  • An industry veteran with over ten years of experience.
  • An unblemished reputation with an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, a Business Consumer Alliance AAA rating, and ridiculously high consumer review scores. (Check out the TrustPilot reviews below.)
  • Specialized Precious Metals IRA accounts to help clients reduce taxation.
TrustPilot reviews - Goldco

In a statement at the time, Chuck said, “The Goldco team sets the gold standard for assisting anyone interested in investing in gold and silver and is my choice for protecting my hard-earned retirement savings for myself and my family’s financial future.”

Chuck Norris approved

Here’s Why Affiliates Should Be Excited

Of course, Chuck’s endorsement went someway to getting our attention. But if Goldco’s affiliate program didn’t stack up, we wouldn’t have bothered bringing it to you.

Fortunately, it does. Big time.

Massive Per-Lead Commission Payouts (For Life)

The first thing to understand about Goldco is that this isn’t some retail/casino/etc. program. In other words, the average Goldco client is dropping six-figure sums into their accounts.

Basically, even at a seemingly small 6% commission rate, a single lead still earns you a solid four- to five-figure commission. Or, in real terms, at 6%, you’re getting $6k in commissions for every $100k a referred client invests.

And did we mention you earn commissions for life?

Now throw on the additional ~$200/qualified lead payout, and you’re looking at some serious dollars. Sweet.

What’s Good for Clients Is Good for Affiliates

Reputation is king when it comes to converting today’s customers. As such, one of our top criteria for ranking affiliate programs is just that. After all, even if a program paid out 100% commissions, you’d still be looking at nothing if a poor reputation spooked clients into a 0% conversion rate.

The good news is, Goldco has an insanely good reputation. And if the TrustPilot reviews from above weren’t enough, just check out what’s right on the front page of Google.

Google reviews - Goldco
Top-Notch Affiliate Support

Last but not least, we also place a huge emphasis on affiliate support. Any program worth its salt will have a pretty good idea of what works best when marketing its brand. So if they can’t at least provide some decent creative assets, we’ll usually rule them out.

Goldco passes this test with flying colors, even going so far as to provide insights into demographics and keywords for affiliates going after a PPC social campaign. Now throw on the advanced SEO training, email marketing kits, and Facebook support groups and you have a well-rounded affiliate support program.

Quick Recap

  • Easy five-figure per-client commissions.
  • Chuck Norris approved.
  • Top-notch affiliate support.
  • Chuck Norris approved.
  • Trusted industry veteran.
  • Chuck Norris approved.

Head here to sign up as a Goldco affiliate.

Chuck Norris - Goldco

News Takeaways

Cracking the TikTok Algorithm

Affiliate Industry Review recently posted a killer guide to the TikTok algorithm. We don’t have the space to summarize the lot here (check out the article for full details), but we can give you a quick rundown.

TikTok logo
(Source: Alexander Shatov via Unsplash)
TikTok Algo — The TL;DR Version

The TikTok algorithm is fundamentally like any other social algo. That is, the more that people engage with your content, the more people will see it. Rinse and repeat this see-engage cycle, and you have what we now call “going viral”.

Easy enough.

The biggest curveball to this otherwise simple formula (aside from finding what clicks with an audience) is the platform-specific details. For example, it’s well known that YouTube heavily wights for total watch time, thus the proliferation of longer-form content in recent years.

TikTok, on the other hand, loves short, punchy content. In fact, it seems that the best-performing content clocks in at 20 seconds or less. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. TikTok’s algo puts more emphasis on reactions — likes, shares, comments — than things like watch time.
  2. TikTok uses watch percentage rather than watch time as a ranking factor. That is, if a user swipes onto the next video before it’s over (say, 30 seconds into a 60-second video), TikTok sees this as a negative signal.
Here’s What to Do With That Information

The formula is simple — deliver short, sub-twenty-second content that either gets a reaction or gets shared. Preferably both, but either will do.

In other words, be provocative (reactions), offer value, or share some big secret (guaranteed shares).

Need an example? Here ya go:

Start with something about Joe Biden ruining the economy with out-of-control inflation.


Blame it on his Green Energy and Healthcare subsidies — neither produces anything extra (i.e., supply remains the same), but both pump more money into the economy (i.e., demand increases).

Now give it a name — Bindenflation will do.

Still under 20 seconds?

Perfect, now you’ve got the start of a viral Goldco campaign. 😉

Affiliate Expo, Milan [28-29 October]

For Italian speakers, one of the biggest affiliate marketing events on the European calendar is coming up this month — the Affiliate Expo in Milan.

For those who want tickets, be sure to use Affiliate Valley’s promo code (AFFILIATEVALLEY10) for 10% off.

While it nets us nothing, it does save you something. And besides, we were in a good mood, so why not help a brother out with a quick plug?

Ticket sales close this weekend.

Closing Thought

Sure, Chuck Norris is the butt of a thousand jokes. But he’s also a pretty inspirational guy who’s achieved a whole chuck ton of stuff in his career.

Wanna know how he did it?

"There is no finish line. When you reach one goal, find a new one." -- Chuck Norris
“There is no finish line. When you reach one goal, find a new one.” — Chuck Norris (Source: AZ Quotes)

The secret’s simple — every time you achieve something, set a new goal.

Do this long enough, and eventually, the internet will be flooded with memes about you, too.


(Featured image by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels)

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