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Trusters: Group Synergies Drive the Collection of the Real Estate Lending Crowdfunding Platform

The real estate lending crowdfunding platform Trusters, part of the CrowdFundMe group, achieved a monthly record with over €2 million in collections in February. The success is attributed to a new project selection process, combining qualitative scoring and financial rating for transparency. Trusters also reported over €2.6 million returned to investors in January and February 2024.




Trusters, the real estate lending crowdfunding platform of the CrowdFundMe group, registered a record of over €2 million in monthly collections in February.

In a newsletter sent to its users, Crowdfundme stated that, among the reasons for the increase in trust, there is the new process for selecting real estate projects.

Since Trusters entered the CrowdFundMe family, due diligence, which leverages internal skills in the Real Estate sector, has been accompanied by an evaluation system based on collaboration with Modefinance, an independent rating company, already operational in risk analysis of CrowdFundMe minibonds.

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The new evaluation system for real estate projects on Trusters

The new evaluation system of Trusters is based on two pillars: qualitative scoring and financial rating.

The qualitative scoring is established through checks on the company, such as history, structure, regulatory compliance, and on the proposed project by examining its feasibility, documentary analysis, urban planning compliance, value creation strategy.

The financial rating is defined through the control of the balance sheets and the risk centre, where the sustainability of the credit position is assessed thanks to Modefinance.

In order to promote maximum transparency, all documents and information relating to the proposing company, the real estate development plan, the quality scoring and the financial rating are available on each online project.

Refunds of 2.4 million in January and February 2024 for Trusters

The synergy with CrowdFundMe also continues to progress in the area of ​​investor returns. Between January and February 2024, over €2.6 million in capital plus interest was returned to investors, with an average annual return of 11.46%.

Opportunities to diversify your portfolio with Trusters

The CrowdFundMe group always offers new opportunities to diversify your portfolio. Real estate investments, due to their characteristics (fixed return and short timescales), are suitable to be combined with equity investments.

And a further level of diversification is also possible through investment in different projects within the same sector. At this moment, online opportunities refer to very different sectors:

Digital Grocery: Ale Fresh Market, a company that operates in the sector of marketing fresh and local foods via online channels, with an expansion plan that also includes the opening of physical stores;

Venture Tech : NewIt, holding company with three business lines: investments (equity and debt), development of financial technologies and consultancy for investee startups;

SaaS Software : Up Your Shoot, a company that has developed an innovative all-in-one platform for photographers with over 200,000 users;

Italian boating : Blu Martin Yachts, prestigious yacht brand with sales also to the likes of Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Cavalli.


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