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Trusters Reaches €30 Million Repayments on 196 Projects

Trusters has returned more than €30 million to investors since 2019. As of 2022, following the acquisition of Trusters, the CrowdFundMe group was created, which also offers lending crowdfunding real estate investment opportunities. CrowdFundMe, as of May 2020, has been authorized by Consob to place minibonds, thus being able to offer fixed-income instruments as well.




Real estate lending crowdfunding platform Trusters, the first to be launched in Italy, has returned more than €30 million to investors since 2019, corresponding to 196 successfully repaid projects, with an average return of 9 percent.

Since its launch, Trusters has financed 307 real estate projects raising more than €50 million, for an average collection, therefore, of 164 thousand euros per project.

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Trusters will start a tour in the northeast of Italy

Starting next month, Trusters will start with a roadshow that will reach the cities of Bergamo and Brescia (Nov. 7), Verona and Padua (Nov. 8), and Trento and Bolzano (Nov. 9), which, in a series of open meetings, will allow real estate companies and developers, investors and professionals, to learn about the potential and benefits of crowdinvesting.

An initiative that will provide an in-depth look at topics such as raising capital through an alternative and complementary retail channel to the traditional banking channel to develop real estate transactions, portfolio diversification, the potential of alternative assets in real estate, and the risk/return ratio within the current economic scenario.

A focus will then be devoted to the presentation of Trusters, which, in particular, offers short-term investments (generally between 8-15 months) with fixed returns and, also, with a positive impact from an urban redevelopment perspective.

During the stages, participants will be able to engage directly with Andrea Maffi, CEO of Trusters, Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti, CEO of CrowdFundMe, and other speakers, mainly real estate experts.

The benefits of a diversified platform

Andrea Maffi said, “thanks to the roadshow, we will introduce the company and meet investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in person. Participating in the meetings is also a significant opportunity to reflect on close economic issues and the opportunities offered by real estate crowdfunding, a sector that has enormous potential but is still little known in Italy.”

Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti recalls how after the acquisition of Trusters in the last months of 2022, it is important to make known all the frontiers opened by the synergy between the two companies.

He specified that “during the course of the year, additional strategies for selecting real estate transactions have been implemented in order to offer even better-performing investments, with a risk/return ratio that is increasingly to the advantage of investors. We are talking about solutions that can be placed side by side with equity investments in startups and SMEs, offered on CrowdFundMe, thus facilitating the creation of a balanced and diversified portfolio.”

The CrowdFundMe Trusters Group

CrowdFundMe is one of the leading Italian Crowdinvesting platforms (Equity Crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding, and Corporate Debt) and is the first portal to have listed in the history of Piazza Affari (March 2019). The company, now an Innovative SME based in Milan, was founded in 2013. The year of full market operation, however, is 2016.

The portal offers the opportunity to invest in unlisted companies, carefully selected from those with the greatest growth potential. Investors, both retail and institutional, thus have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing in unlisted assets.

As of 2022, following the acquisition of Trusters, the CrowdFundMe group was created, which also offers lending crowdfunding real estate investment opportunities.

CrowdFundMe, as of May 2020, has been authorized by Consob to place minibonds, thus being able to offer fixed-income instruments as well.

In addition, the company has entered the register of listing sponsors of ExtraMOT Pro3, the bond segment of Borsa Italiana dedicated to unlisted companies for issues of up to €50 million each. CrowdFundMe can therefore not only issue bonds (primary market) but also list them and follow the issuer throughout the life of the instrument (secondary market).

Finally, CrowdFundMe can publish Equity Crowdfunding campaigns preparatory to subsequent IPOs of the relevant issuers.


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