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Visa Innovation Program: 5 Italian Fintech Companies Selected for the Future of Payments

Five fintech companies selected for the Visa Innovation Program will tackle modern challenges such as CO2 emission reduction and frontier innovations like genetics. The program provides connections with Visa’s network for collaborations and product testing. Participants receive training, mentoring, and access to investors. Since its launch, the program has seen significant milestones.



Visa Innovation Program

Focused on cutting-edge challenges , including supporting companies in reducing the impact of their CO2 emissions or protecting against risks arising from new technologies and frontier innovations such as genetics and biohacking, the five selected fintech companies will now start their growth path.

In particular, the Visa Innovation Program collaboration platform will offer each of the fintech companies the opportunity for connections with Visa customers and partners interested in exploring their capabilities, with the aim of promoting collaborations as well as testing and validating products and services that they will help shape the future of payments and grow the Italian market and the fintech ecosystem on an international scale.

This will be complemented by a targeted training program, mentoring and investor presentations for those interested in raising investments to support their growth. Upon completion of the program, Visa will provide additional support through access to its global network of customers, partners and investors.

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Since its launch in 2018, Visa Innovation Program Europe has achieved several milestones

Stefano Stoppani, Country Manager of Visa Italia commented: “We are very happy with this second edition which made us discover dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial realities. Italy has a healthy fintech ecosystem , with solid unicorns and great growth potential thanks to players who are developing completely new business models, especially in the B2B space. At Visa, the “open” approach to our network and our ecosystem will allow selected fintechs to take advantage of global scale, technologies and security performance of Visa to accelerate their growth journey internationally and together shape the next wave of innovation.”

Clelia Tosi, Head of Fintech District , declared: “Visa has been our Corporate partner since 2022, our collaboration began during the third edition of the Milan Fintech Summit, our flagship event. Since then we have worked passionately closely contact. We are very proud to be Visa’s choice for the Italian edition of the Visa Innovation Program in 2024 together with Hackquarters. We are sure that programs like this will be crucial for the Italian ecosystem to make it stronger and more attractive for actors and international talents and make open innovation thrive in the Italian fintech market”.

Since its launch in 2018, Visa Innovation Program Europe has achieved several milestones, including the completion of five rounds, with a total of nearly 100 selected fintech companies. Over the course of the 5 editions of the program, 93 pilot projects and commercial agreements were made. Visa’s mentorship efforts totaled 1,349 hours , providing participants with valuable insights and strengthening their skills. Additionally, program participants have collectively committed to over 100 investment rounds, securing total funding of over €387 million.

The companies selected to participate in the second edition of Visa Innovation Program Europe in Italy are:

Osense (Italy) : specialized in intelligent data collection to promote sustainability in complex ecosystems. Born from the experience of professionals and researchers to try to solve one of the biggest problems of our century: companies’ greenhouse gas emissions, its AI-Impact platform allows companies to collect reliable data and reduce, using artificial intelligence , the CO2 produced along the entire value chain.

Leasy (Italy) : a complete solution to simplify and optimize every financial and accounting aspect of real estate management. Its platform allows you to automate rent collection, track all incoming and outgoing payments, monitor the progress of your personal wallet and earn cashback on security deposits.

Unipiazza (Italy) : a loyalty platform that helps local companies increase their customers’ visits through automated Gamification&Marketing dynamics. The platform grants mom-and-pop shops access to digital tools typically used by large retailers or retail chains, democratizing advanced marketing technologies for businesses of all sizes.

Viceversa (Italy) : a Revenue Based Financing platform that supports the growth of European SMEs with activities related to e-commerce. Thanks to a data-driven approach, it offers more flexible and faster access to capital also through embedded-finance solutions.

Wallife (Italy) : innovative start-up in the Insurtech sector, studies and develops insurance solutions that integrate a technological prevention component, with the aim of protecting individuals from the risks deriving from new technologies and innovations. It operates in 3 particular areas: Biometrics, Genetics, Biohacking.


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