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Vytrus Biotech Plans to Triple Sales and Reach 12 Million in 2027

Vytrus Biotech projects that by 2027, 60% of its revenue will be derived from its current plant stem cell business, with the remaining 40% coming from new technologies and acquisitions. The company will focus on innovation, allocating at least one million euros annually to R&D&I. Europe remains a key market, with anticipated growth in the United States and Asia-Pacific.



Vytrus Biotech

Vytrus Biotech is aiming for very significant growth. The company specialized in active ingredients derived from plant stem cells for the cosmetic industry plans to triple its sales and reach twelve million euros in turnover in 2027 , according to a statement from the biotechnology company.

Vytrus has recently published its Strategic Plan for the period 2024-2027. As a result of the strategy that will set the course of the company in the next four years, the biotechnology company plans to multiply its sales by three, “reaching twelve million euros,” and its EBITDA by four to “five million euros” at closing. of fiscal year 2027 .

The strategic plan for the coming years is based on two main pillars. On the one hand, Vytrus “will transform into a multi-technology company in the cosmetic active ingredients sector.” In order to accelerate growth and reach more customers, the company “ will incorporate new complementary technologies to plant stem cells with application in the dermocosmetic sector ,” the letter states.

The Vytrus Biotech team has been developing some of these technologies internally for years while simultaneously holding conversations with third parties to reach licensing and investment agreements that will allow the company to incorporate products based on innovative technologies already present in the cosmetic market into its portfolio.

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Vytrus Biotech estimates that 60% of its revenue will come from the current business in 2027

The company anticipates a mix of organic and inorganic growth. In 2027, Vytrus estimates that 60% of its revenue will come from the current plant stem cell business and the remaining 40% will come from new technologies incorporated and acquisitions made.

In this sense, Vytrus Biotech will maintain its commitment to innovation and estimates to allocate at least one million euros annually to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I), with the biotechnology company’s scientific team taking on the challenge of becoming a hub. of innovation where all the group’s technologies will converge.

In the commercial field, Vytrus Biotech foresees that Europe will continue to be its main bastion, although it expects higher growth rates in the United States and Asia-Pacific markets , especially in India and South Korea, where the company has achieved a “good positioning” in recent years.

The biotechnology company based in Terrassa (Barcelona) has thirteen years of experience in the cosmetic industry sector, where it maintains fourteen ingredients on the market . It has 70% of its production distributed around the world and a team of around forty people in its Egarense facilities.


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