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With Crowdbridge, Opstart’s Lending Crowdfunding Now Supports 110% Bonus

In 2021, Opstart launched Crowdlender with the goal of providing liquidity to companies that need to raise cash in advance of a certain, future financial event, such as, for example, the advance of capital won through a tender. Now, the company has launched a new service, called Crowdbridge, through which construction companies can raise the capital they need.



According to Enea data on the 110% Superbonus, as of June 30th, 2022, 199,124 interventions were underway, amounting to about 35.2 billion investments. The region with the most work started is Lombardy, followed by Veneto and Lazio.

Often, however, construction companies find it difficult to obtain financing from traditional channels and, therefore, decide not to enter the 110% bonus market, leaving the opportunity to the few realities that can afford it.

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Crowdbridge, the solution proposed by Opstart

In this context, Opstart, one of the three main players in the Italian crowdinvesting market, thanks to the Crowdlender portal, has launched a service called Crowdbridge® that, through lending crowdfunding, supports construction companies in raising the capital needed to carry out renovation work with the 110% bonus.

The platform has already closed its first such campaign, raising €1.3 million, finalized in six tranches. This was the campaign of Stema Costruzioni Generali, which, thanks to an agreement signed by Eni Gas and Light, Opstart, and Harley&Dikkinson, provided for lending crowdfunding on Crowdlender to start energy efficiency interventions in buildings as part of Eni gas and light’s “CappottoMio” initiative, with the possibility, in particular, of assigning the tax credits resulting from the interventions to Eni Gas and Light itself.

“With the transactions on Crowdlender we are providing, for all intents and purposes, a bridge in anticipation of a certain financial event, namely the assignment of the tax credits, by the construction company, to an institutional partner. Whether it is a bank or another institutional entity, with this agreement we ensure that the company then has the capital to repay the interest, in addition to the capital raised in crowdfunding,” Giovanpaolo Arioldi, CEO of Opstart, said

Anna Raschi, general manager of the company, adds, “The goal is to have more construction companies in the market so that many more people can take advantage of the 110 percent bonus. Not to mention that the companies, which do crowdfunding through our portal, are all subjected to a creditworthiness analysis process, so we can assess their economic strength, both current and future.”

How Crowdbridge works

The company carrying out the renovation work raises, through crowdfunding, the capital needed to carry out the work.

In a second step, the construction company takes over the tax credits of the condominium under renovation and then sells them to a third-party institutional partner, with whom there is an irrevocable credit assignment agreement from the beginning of the operation. With this step done, the company can then repay the capital raised in crowdfunding, plus interest.

Who is Opstart

Opstart, a company founded in 2015, has carried out about 180 crowdfunding campaigns over the years, with over €70 million in capital raised (€10 million in the first 8 months of 2022). The company currently has 16 resources, including collaborators and employees.

In 2021, Opstart launched Crowdlender with the goal of providing liquidity to companies that need to raise cash in advance of a certain, future financial event, such as, for example, the advance of capital won through a tender.


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