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Get the latest mid-market rate for AUD (Australian Dollar) / USD (US Dollar) for today’s right here.

The latest rates for AUD (Australian Dollar) / USD (US Dollar) are available below. As a leading finance news site the team at Born2Invest collates and analyses the latest Forex Market data to bring you live information to help you make the right forex trading decisions.

Today's 1 AUD (Australian Dollar) is 0.712784 of USD (US Dollar) .

Remember to always trade with a reputable broker. It’s also possible to apply forex concepts to cryptocurrency trading.

AUD/USD forex trading tips

The AUD/USD pairing is a commodity pair. This means that it is heavily influenced by the price of commodities. The pair is particularly affected by the price of coal and iron ore, which Australia produces a lot of. AUD/USD is also heavily influenced by the same events that influence the Australian and U.S. economies.

When trading AUD/USD there are some important forex trading tips to keep in mind:

Keep an eye on China: Political events in Asia often impact the Australian economy, if economic turmoil reigns in the region then expect AUD to drop.
Watch Iron & Coal: Australia is a big producer of both iron ore and coal. This means that the AUD is heavily dependent upon the price of those commodities.
Be aware of the Fed: Decisions taken by the Fed can have a big impact on the price of the dollar, make sure you’re aware of the latest news in the U.S.

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