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Ready for the mid-market exchange rate of USD (US Dollar) / KRW (South Korean Won) for today’s?

The current rates for USD (US Dollar) / KRW (South Korean Won) are available in this article. As a top finance news site the Born2Invest team has analysed the latest forex market data to bring you live information that enables you to make the right forex trading call every day.

Today's 1 USD (US Dollar) is 1182.940041 of KRW (South Korean Won) .

Remember to always trade using a reputable broker. It’s also possible to apply many forex concepts to cryptocurrency trading.

USD/KRW forex trading tips

USD/KRW is a volatile pair that is often difficult for forex investors to understand. The KRW is heavily dependent upon Korean exports and trade. If the trading environment becomes more difficult then the exchange rate of USD/KRW will move in favor of USD. Historically the Korean government has encouraged a weak KRW in order to encourage exports.

If you want to trade USD/KRW there are some important forex trading tips to keep in mind:

  • Watch the export data: KRW is heavily dependent on Korean exports. If trade wars threaten to slow down global trade KRW will suffer heavily compared to USD. This makes U.S.& Chinese relations of particular importance.
  • Keep an eye on Asian geo-politics: Tensions with North Korea can have a major impact on KRW. Keep an eye on the nuclear threat and make sure you understand the geo-political situation in the region before trading.
  • Follow CNY: USD/KRW is often linked to CNY, if China is doing well then expect KRW to be on the rise.

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