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21 blockchain startups to compete at the European Blockchain Convention

European Blockchain Convention is the leading Blockchain Conference for business in Europe with more than 600+ tech leaders, investors, and developers from the Blockchain industry. Their mission is to provide world-class content and an exclusive networking environment where all participants meet to form business relationships and seek potential partners for cooperation.



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The European Blockchain Convention already has 21 finalist startups that will participate in RACE by EBC, an industry competition. RACE by EBC, will gather January 21 in Barcelona with the 21 most disruptive blockchain startups in Europe and Spain.

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Victoria Gago and Daniel Salmerón, financial analysts and directors of congress, were responsible for selecting the finalists from among more than 100 projects presented, from 12 countries. For the selection, the team, the size of the market, the solution proposed by the startup, the scalability and the innovation of the project have been taken into account.

Fintech companies, certifications, gaming – entertainment, energy, supply chain or real estate. Main industries of the finalist startups

Certification solutions and digital brands, a decentralized financial platform, a platform for document and information management, decentralized digital identity technology, are just some of the ideas developed by the 21 startups selected to participate in the competition.

The finalist startups will have 4 minutes to present their projects and impress an audience and jury formed by the main agents of the blockchain ecosystem, investors and large corporations. Participating in RACE by EBC is also a great opportunity to gain visibility, access new business possibilities and publicize their projects.

European Blockchain Convention is one of the most relevant blockchain technology conferences in Europe. The 3rd edition of the congress is scheduled for January 20th and 21st, 2020. It will bring together more than 600 attendees in Barcelona and will feature presentations by more than 50 experts, including names such as the European Commission, European Central Bank, American Express, EU Blockchain Observatory, R3, Banco Santander, VeChain, Central Bank of England, Microsoft, Alastria, RSM, IBM, Endesa, Grupo Damm, Polymath, Validated ID and DXC.

Meet the finalist startups:

2gether – Madrid

2guether is a collaborative financial platform that operates in all 19 countries of the Eurozone. The platform serves as an intermediary between users who have cryptocurrencies and the traditional market. 

Arex – Madrid

Arex has established a platform that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to digitize, manage, and close complex real estate transactions. Through its technology, users can access a database that will allow participants to store and validate documentation, as well as design, plan and monitor the agreement’s workflow.

Blocktac – Barcelona

BlockTac uses the Blockchain technology to provide inviolability, immutability and easy verification for all your certificates and digital seals. It is supported by professionals with experience in Internet technologies and business management.

ChainGo – Madrid

ChainGO is a software in which logistics companies share and manage all the documentation and information needed to transport goods in a more agile, fast and secure way. Ensuring complete traceability between different agents in a Blockchain environment, thus generating a more efficient supply chain.

Domi – Berlin

Domi is a digital passport platform for owners and tenants that helps to create a fairer rental market.

ethoshi – Madrid

Etoshi is a cryptocurrency platform and fintech company that aims to facilitate digital investments and payments to its exclusive users, since in order to make use of it it is necessary to sign up for an access list.

Everprove – Budapest

Everproove is a mobile application that allows you to create legally binding contracts, digitally signed and certified by blockchain within minutes from your smartphone.

Fidoo – Barcelona

This startup uses blockchain technology to ensure the security of crowdfunding campaigns.

Finboot – Barcelona & London

Finboot is the dynamic SaaS company behind MARCO, the suite of blockchain applications and enterprise-level middleware solutions for value and supply chains.

Freeverse – Barcelona

Freeverse develops blockchain technology and products that drive new global markets for evolving digital assets. They are developing a multiplayer soccer game for Android and iOS, in which users’ assets (teams and players) evolve as they play and can be traded in a fluid global marketplace.

Gataca – Madrid

Gataca offers identity verification and single sign-on tools to increase conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition costs and take into account data privacy and KYC regulations.

HolaTech – Madrid

HolaTech is a startup that focuses on protecting consumers from buying and consuming fake products by developing solutions that prevent them from being scammed but often also cause serious damage to a person’s health.

iCommunity – Madrid

iCommunity is a product (vertical) SaaS platform with solutions and tools based on Blockchain technology, which allows companies to improve and optimize their processes while offering the possibility of creating new services for their customers.

Pungo – Barcelona

Pungo is a fintech that is composed of several companies in different jurisdictions, which is focused on providing the best product experience to the community and dedicated to building fair economies.

Seven Row – Barcelona

Seven Row allows ticketing companies and promoters to create named, digitized, secure and transferable tickets through blockchain technology.

Solarmente – Barcelona

Solarmente is an electric startup focused on solar energy. The company can scan your roof with satellite images analyzing the hours of light and the inclination to find out what type of panel would suit your case. The startup also performs the installation of the panel.

Staxe – Zug (Switzerland) & Valencia

Staxe is the first platform aimed at offering its community and users the option of investing in live events through Blockchain technology.

Trazable – Valencia

Traceable is an app that serves to know, not only the color system that classifies how healthy a food is (Nutriscore) but also the reliable traceability of a product.

Triple O Games – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Triple O Games is a blockchain-enabled game startup that focuses on building unique game experiences that enhance the “Free-2-Play” model by empowering players to earn money together with game developers through blockchain.

Valid Network –  Tel Aviv

Valid Network is a platform that combines traditional cybersecurity methodologies with blockchain transactions to achieve internal and federated trust between organizations and stakeholders.

Watafan – Valencia

Watafan is the app that allows you to receive, store and negotiate the digital stickers of your favorite idols. The technology behind Bitcoin ensures the authenticity and originality of all the stickers in Watafan.


(Featured image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash)

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