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Business Weekly Affiliate Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [22Bet Nigeria Affiliates]

If tailwinds are good, then double tailwinds are better. And guess what, we just found a double tailwind for you. But to take advantage of it, you’re gonna need two things. First, you’re gonna need to join 22Bet Nigeria affiliates. And second, you’re gonna need to read on and all will be revealed. And since you’re here, stick around to the end for some unlikely inspiration from Greta Thunberg.


on Weekly Digest

Hey there affiliate marketer.

Do you have aibohphobia?

Too bad. You’re about to miss out on a great chance to make some serious affiliate bucks.

Oh, what’s that? Now you’re getting FOMO?

Well then, you’d better read on. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week — 22Bet Nigeria Affiliates

Alright Aibohphobes, time to take a deep breath and prepare to face your fears. Our affiliate program of the week contains a numerical palindrome: the famous number 22.

Why’s it famous?

That’d be because of 22Bet — one of the greatest sportsbooks on the internet right now.

But hey, didn’t we just review 22Bet affiliates not long ago?

You’re right. We did.

But this week, we wanna do a special focus on 22Bet Nigeria. There’s a big opportunity here, and you don’t want to miss out.

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program

22Bet Nigeria — A Local Brand Backed by a Global Sportsbook

Now, we’ll get to the huge opportunity with 22Bet Nigeria in the news section.

But for now, I wanna focus on the 22Bet Nigeria brand.

You see, later on, we’re going to tip you off to a Nigeria-specific opportunity. And yes, to make the most of that opportunity, you’re gonna need a great sportsbook affiliate program.

And, since it’s a country-specific opportunity, it makes a lot of sense to go with a country-specific brand like 22Bet Nigeria (

First, you get the backing of a global brand that’s known the world over. This is great for conversions. And it’s also great if you ever want to promote elsewhere.

Second, you also get a local brand. This is also great for conversions. Unlike some generic “one site fits all” approach, 22Bet Nigeria is a localized, tailored version specifically made for Nigeria.

And finally, 22Bet Nigeria (well, all of 22Bet to be honest) pays great commissions. And that’s kinda important. I mean, why bother promoting a brand if they’re not gonna pay you well?

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program

22Bet Nigeria Commissions.

So, what are the commissions you’ll get for promoting 22Bet Nigeria?

Well, if you’re a new affiliate, you’re gonna have to start out on the default 20% rev share plan. And, let’s be honest, for a brand that converts as well as 22Bet Nigeria, this is already decent.

But it goes up from here. In fact, if you’re any good at this affiliate marketing caper and manage to get convert more than a handful of gamers to 22Bet Nigeria, rev share rates go all the way up to 50%.

And, as for the more adventurous who have the numbers to back it, you can also opt for some nice CPA/Hybrid plans for your 22Bet Nigeria promotions. But you’ll have to speak to your affiliate manager for that.

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program

22Bet Nigeria — Next Steps

Alright, as we already hinted, there’s a big opportunity coming up.

And to take advantage of it, you’re probably gonna want to sign up with 22Bet partners so you can promote 22Bet Nigeria.

So to do that, head here to signup and start promoting 22Bet Nigeria today.

Or, if you’re still on the fence, why not head over to and check out our full 22Bet partners review?

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program

Affiliate News Takeaways

Amex to Expand Into Nigeria: Why This Is Huge

This week, Amex announced that it’s about to launch in Nigeria.

Their reason for doing so is Nigeria’s “upward trajectory”. (Basically, it’s economy is growing.)

Now, why’s this good news for us?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons. But for now, let’s just stick to the simplest one: Amex reckons it can make a bunch of money in Nigeria.

And naturally, that means you probably can too.

Actually, scratch that.

If Amex can make a bunch of money in Nigeria, then you can make 264.2 gallons of it.

How much is that?

Here’s a meme to explain.

Anyway, where were we?


Double tailwinds for you.

Basically, you get an extra tailwind that turns Amex’s “upward trajectory” into a “to the moon trajectory” for you.

And that extra tailwind is the continued expansion of internet services in Nigeria.

Here, check this out, courtesy of our friends at Statista:

Basically, right now, Nigeria’s still approaching the point of having half of its population online.

And, if you follow the line from year to year, there’s an “upward trajectory” with plenty of headroom.

So put 2 + 2 together and you basically get a market that’s ripe for picking some affiliate bucks.

So, what are you gonna do now I’ve tipped you off to this?

Here’s one idea: sports betting.

It’s already a solid market in Nigeria.

Now, exactly how solid is anyone’s guess. I’ve seen some sources that say an average of $15 per person, per day. And I’ve seen others that say gross revenues of $2bn.

I’ve also seen a bunch of other figures. And while none seem to agree precisely, they all agree on the “gist” — Nigeria’s huge.

And it’s getting even more hugerer.

In fact, according to some, Nigeria’s set to overtake South Africa and become the #1 gambling market on the African continent.

Not bad.

So, what sports are Nigerian’s actually interested in?

Here’s a list I stole from here.

  • Soccer: 3 Million
  • Athletics: 1 Million
  • Basketball: 500,000
  • Boxing: 800,000
  • Wrestling: 300,000
  • Table Tennis: 400,000
  • Volleyball: 450,000
  • Tennis: 350,000
  • Badminton: 250,000
  • Weightlifting: 100,000

Now, like many things “data” and Nigeria, the source I got these from has a couple of problems. The biggest is that sometimes they quote “player” numbers, and sometimes they quote “fan” numbers.

That makes it difficult to properly compare the sports. After all, fan and player numbers aren’t always correlated. I mean, just look at the average UFC fan.

Clearly, “player” numbers are in no way representative of actual “fan” numbers.

But, still, the numbers should at least give some idea that these are popular sports.


The big takeaway here is that now’s probably a great time to test the affiliate waters in Nigeria. The economy is growing. And internet users are growing.

Now, you could test out a bunch of products here.

But why make things hard for yourself?

I’ve just handed you a massive market on a platter.

And, if you remember our top affiliate program from just before, then you would also remember I just handed you a great sportsbook to monetize with, too — 22Bet Nigeria affiliates.

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program

Apple iPad Launch — A Sign of the Times

This week, Apple launched its slightly newer, slightly better iPad.

Now, usually, an Apple launch is news in itself. But what really seems to have taken the internet by storm this time around is the 60-second ad it launched with.

Now, as someone who grew up right as tech started eating the world, I kinda get the message here. I remember back to my “media studies” days in high school when Final Cut Pro was just getting as good as a full “Avid suite” (basically, an editing room, where half the room was full of machines).

People were hyped that a room-sized video editing suite was now getting “crushed” down into a “tiny” computer.

Tech was good. We all loved tech.

We were imagining the possibilities.

But fast-forward to today, and when Tim Cook beckons us to “imagine all the things it’ll be used to create”, the world is reacting very differently.

Even the usually tech-positive TechCrunch slated it, declaring it to be “disgusting”.

And they’re not the only ones.

Basically, the entire media landscape, from news media to social media, has lit up with the same basic sentiment.

Now, I’m not going to agonize too long over why the reaction has been so negative.

But what I do want to agonize over is how times change.

But how they also don’t.

You see, the whole reason for my divergence into the past back there was to highlight something.

Fundamentally, things are still the same. Tech has always been “crushing” things.

The only thing that has changed is our sentiment towards it.

And that’s an important observation to make.

You see, sentiment is often what defines “reality” for us.

And, quite often, our “reality” is what we use to make decisions about where we invest our time and energy.

And that means, we could be wasting our time chasing the wrong things.

What do I mean by this?

Well, take this for example.

ChatGPT was the fastest-growing consumer app ever. And, according to Sam Altman, OpenAI products are already being used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies.

That would also make OpenAI products the fastest-growing enterprise products ever.

And the end result of that is that OpenAI’s on track to hit $2bn revenue this year.

Now, there’s little point in reciting the sentiment this has created. Every man and his dog knows AI’s huge.


Well, let’s be honest for a moment. If you’re already serving 92% of Fortune 500 companies, being “on track” to hit $2bn is nothing.

Like, literally nothing.

Don’t believe me?

Alright, let’s pick something random.

How about men’s underwear?

You know, that thing that none of us ever seem to buy but always seem to have just enough of, even if the elastic’s gone and there are holes in the crotch?

That’s a $37 billion market right there.

Yep, you read that right. Your skid-stained, worn-out man panties are a $37 billion market.

That’s bigger than Nvidia.

And let’s face it, Nvidia basically is the entire AI market right now, and it only managed to post $26.97 billion in revenue.

Now, I know what you’re saying right about here. “But Dylan, AI’s gonna be huge. It’s still early days.”

And you know what? Maybe you’re right.

But you’re also kinda proving my point.

For now, that’s just a sentiment. And sentiments ain’t gonna make you money today.

But fine, point taken. Let’s try our sentiment vs reality luck with another topic.

How about the kids these days?

Apparently, they’re all cooked/doomed/[insert favorite sensationalized adjective here].

Now, here, people like to point the finger at lots of “facts” that represent “reality”.

So let’s pick one at random.

How about their (lack) of interest in sports?

Oh, hey look at what’s #1 on Google for “Gen Z sports”. I didn’t even have to coax Google into giving me results that confirm “Gen Z is doomed”.

But we didn’t need to rely on Google for that, did we?

Everyone already knows that.

But what if we get under the headline sentiments and look at the numbers?

Now, I get it. There’s been a pretty big drop there.

But does 53% of a generation declaring themselves to be a sports fan look like a generation that doesn’t care about sports?

As a reminder, 53% is a majority.

A slim one, yes, but still a majority.

And if we go a bit “deeper”, we can also see that Gen Z interest has only dropped 14% below that of boomers — the antithesis of all that is Gen Z.

Honestly, for something that’s 61% “boomer”, the fact that it’s also 53% “Zoomer” is a pretty big win.


So what’s the big takeaway here?

That’s simple.

Next time you’re figuring out your next move, forget about what the “sentiment” is.

News, social media. It’s all filled with hyped-up reactions.

The reality, however, is usually far more ordinary.

The new iPad is not about to “crush” everything.

Just as Gen Z is still, by majority, interested in sports.

And that probably makes them a pretty good generation to target with a little sportsbook promotion.

A little birdy told me 22Bet is pretty decent. (And remember, 22Bet has plenty more global brands besides 22Bet Nigeria.)

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program

Closing Thought

This week, I was short on inspiration for a closing thought. So I thought, why not scroll up and use the last meme as inspiration?

That last meme features Greta Thunberg. Not the first person I’d usually turn to for life advice.

But hey, in the spirit of why not, here it goes.

Hey, not bad.

Especially this bit: “Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.”

In fact, it kinda tells the story of how I found this little closing thought.

I was out of inspiration.

So I just acted.

It wasn’t a good action. But it was an action.

And then I took another action.

And like that, I solved my problem.

Moral of the story?

If you don’t act, there is no hope.

So act. Go sign up for 22Bet partners and start proting 22Bet Nigeria today.

22Bet Nigeria Affiliates Program


(Featured image by SevenStorm via Pexels)

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