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Business Weekly Affiliate Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [22Bet Affiliates]

So, you wanna make money but you don’t know how? Well, start here and you’ll be off to a good start. We’ve got a bunch of stuff ahead to help you dominate AI search, dominate app store rankings, and dominate during a big upset that’s coming to advertising. Of course, we’ll also tell you how to monetize this domination, with a special focus on our affiliate program of the week: 22Bet Affiliates.


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If there’s one thing we like better than tired old jokes around here, it’s tired old memes.

Kinda like this one.

Now, clearly, the kid’s wrong.

But if the answer’s not 21, then what is? Affiliate Program of the Week — 22Bet Affiliates

Alright, so the answer to 9+10 might be 19. But, what if I asked you this:

“Can you name an affiliate program that pays killer commissions?”

Or how about this:

“Which sportsbook covers over 1000 live matches, has 200+ payment systems, provides multilingual support, and also has 30+ casino providers to boot?”

The answer to that, my friend, would be 22.

22Bet, that is.

Here’s what you need to know.

22Bet Affiliates Program

22Bet Affiliates — It Has a Really Good Sportsbook

When it comes to sportsbooks, it’s hard to top 22Bet. At least, it’s hard to top from a customer’s perspective.

For starters, if there’s something worth betting on, 22Bet probably has it covered (including weird stuff, like Pickleball). Oh, and if you’re getting bored with sports, 22Bet also has a nice casino on the side.

And, as we might have hinted in the intro, 22Bet also has more payment options than the world’s banking system has room for.

That means, in addition to the usual stuff (Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, etc.), 22Bet also offers a bunch of other payment options. Many of which you’ve probably never heard of (like M-Pesa… apparently it’s big in Kenya).

It also means that crypto is 100% supported by 22Bet.

All up, about the only thing missing is a guaranteed way to win.

But that’s okay. We’re not suggesting you join as a customer (but if you do, join with our affiliate link, please).

What we are suggesting is you join 22Bet affiliates — that’s a surefire way to win (see commissions, coming next).

22Bet Affiliates Program

22Bet Affiliates — It Pays Really Good Commissions

Okay, so admittedly 22Bet doesn’t pay the best commissions out there on the market. But, 22Bet affiliates do pay pretty decent commissions. (Which are made even more attractive by one little thing, which we’ll get to soon.)

As for the rates themselves, all 22Bet affiliates will start off on a rate of 20%. And this increases up to 50% depending on how well you perform for 22Bet.

As for what makes these rates special, that’s the no negative carry part. In other words, if your 22Bet Affiliates referrals win big one month, you get to start the next month with a clean slate. (There is a high-roller exception to this — it’s explained in the 22Bet affiliates Terms & Conditions).

And as for minimum payouts, 22Bet only imposes a $100 minimum, which should be easy to achieve for most of you.

22Bet Affiliates Program

22Bet Affiliates — It Will Pay You Now (Well, Soon…)

If any of this sounds good to you (it sounds good to me), then you’ve got two options on what to do next.

First, you can play the long game and check out our full 22Bet Affiliates Review over on

Or, you can play the smart game and just sign up with 22Bet Affiliate here. (Why delay when earning commissions sooner is better than later!?)

22Bet Affiliates Program

Affiliate News Takeaways

Death By 1000 Ads

On the first day of the internet, everything was free. Free as in zero-cost, and free as in ad-free.

And users saw that this was good.

Of course, this wasn’t always an act of godly benevolence. It was just the now-standard ploy of “hyperscale it first, then worry about monetization.” It’s the same ploy that Meta launched Threads with.

But eventually, the problem of “how do we monetize it?” had to be solved. And the most obvious solution was always “just ad ads”.

And so, as all demi-gods eventually do, Google and Facebook said “Let there be ads”, and there were ads.

And they saw that they were good.

So good, that people started to get jealous.

In some cases, this has led to an all-out war, as was the case when Apple started offering its users “enhanced privacy” several iOS updates ago.

And just in case you Apple fanboys out there still believe Apple did this for the good of its users, think again.

Of course, in many cases, the Google/Facebook jealousy has merely led to imitation, as more products/services start seeing ads shoved into them every which way possible.

Smart TVs are one of the latest.

Ditto for “premium” streaming services.

Another one that’s maybe slipped a little under the radar for some of us, but which is now gathering momentum, are so-called Retail Media Networks (RMNs). This is basically like Amazon’s ads, but on a much more pervasive scale (e.g., if Advance Auto Parts started running ads for car insurance companies).

Now, what’s this got to do with affiliate marketing, I hear you ask?

Well, in the last week, Affiverse put out a think piece on just this topic. Or, to be a little more specific, the impact the RMNs will have on affiliate marketing.

Their conclusion — there are challenges (affiliates must now compete with increasing portions of marketing budgets getting allocated to RMN buys). And there are opportunities.

Sadly, the opportunities aren’t that great.

The first “opportunity” suggested by Affiverse was to ensure your campaigns drive heaps of traffic to retailers. The reasoning is that retailers are under pressure to grow traffic, thus if affiliates drive traffic, then they’ll see that affiliates == good.

Of course, this seems like a sad little opportunity given most of us are compensated based on conversions rather than traffic. But fine, whatever — keep it in the bag as a negotiating point if you’re hammering an affiliate manager for custom rates.

As for the second opportunity, Affiverse reckons affiliates might “find it profitable to leverage RMNs to drive traffic to advertiser pages in exchange for commissions on sales.”

Now, admittedly, this isn’t terrible. It’s better than the first… and it’s 1000x better than their “affiliates must use woke vocabulary because talking about conversions and traffic is offensive to snowflakes” article.

But, you’re still gonna run into the old problem that there aren’t that many affiliate programs that allow direct linking.

You’re also gonna run the risk that, when the retailer you’re working with sees exactly what’s driving traffic, they’ll just steal your strategy, outbid you slightly, and cut you out as the middleman.

But, being the eternal optimists that we are here at (the best affiliate program directory on the internet), we think we can do one better.

So let us spell out another opportunity.

To start with, notice how we started with a (bad) history of internet ads?

There was a reason — it illustrates a pattern.

It’s a pattern that kicked off “the biggest boycott in the world” back in 2015.

That pattern is, of course, more ads == more user frustration with ads.

And sadly, as ads become more pervasive (apparently RMNs are about to boom), that boycott’s only going to get bigger.

Or, when users can’t ad-block their way out of it, the ads will continue becoming less effective (see the law of shitty clickthroughs).


There’s a real opportunity here. That opportunity is to double down on affiliate marketing as it may be one of the last few bastions of online advertising that’s immune to ad-blockers and user avoidance patterns.

And if you don’t believe me, play a little game with me.

Install Brave (ad blocking built-in). Then install every ad-blocker you can find. (I promise, this is safer than double bagging…)

Now come back here, and if you see any ads, attempt to ignore them.

How are you doing?

Are you winning?

Congratulations. That won’t last for long.

That’s because you’re about to click on this highly-contextual link for our very excellent affiliate program of the week (22Bet).

(But that’s okay, because even if you lost this game, you’ll still be winning with 22Bet.)

22Bet Affiliates Program

Alternative iPhone App Stores Are On the Way

If you’ve been following along with the whole Apple vs the EU and it’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) saga, then you probably know alternative app stores are now a thing.

Or, at least, they could be a thing.

Of course, Apple being Apple has thrown a few spanners into the works via the tried and tested malicious compliance method.

But that hasn’t deterred everyone. Epic Games, for one, is definitely planning on introducing its own store.

And then there’s AltStore, which isn’t exactly new. However, it used to require jailbreaking your iPhone. Now they’re going legit.

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Now, as for what this means for affiliate marketing, that’s pretty simple.

One great way to get your affiliate links in front of people is with a custom mobile app. The only problem is (was), the existing App Store ecosystem (both iPhone and Android) has long since been spammed to death with a million variations of every sort of app you can dream of.

That makes them ultra-competitive.

Obviously, this isn’t going to be the case for long if any of these alternatives get any serious traction. But, if you’re fast and get in there from day one, then you’ve got a pretty good shot at making sure your apps rank at number one when it does take off.

It’s also gonna be much easier/cheaper to spam your apps with “acquired” downloads/reviews to help things along. After all, if there’s one thing just about everyone skimps on when launching a platform, it’s on preventing “abuse”. I mean, just think of the early days on any of the big platforms — 100% Wild West.


Alright. Around this point, I know what some of you are thinking. “Isn’t it expensive to develop an app?”

And, if you think about it as a ground-up dev job, then sure, it is.

But what if I told you all you really need is a website + one of the thousand and one website-to-mobile-app conversion services out there?

Really, that’s it.

So if you’ve got a website, then you’ve got zero excuses.

And if you don’t have a website, how about you try spinning up a free sports predictions website? Then monetize it with 22Bet, convert it into an app, and rank it in every new app store that comes along.

22Bet Affiliates Program

AI Search Is Coming

Another week, another installment in the SEO is dead saga.

This time, word has it that Google is rolling out its “Search Generative Experience” (SGE) to a random group of users in the UK.

Now, if you missed the news, SGE is Google’s take on New Bing. Here’s an example stolen from Google’s product launch blog post.

And as for what impact this will have on search, that’s still up in the air.

Google likes to think of this as “reimagining what a search engine can do.” They think this great reimagining will ‘unlock entirely new types of questions you never thought Search could answer.”

Of course, for all the hyperbole, the reality is slightly different. Hema Budaraju, the lead on Google’s SGE project, provided “how to get marks off painted walls” as an example of searches people are actually finding useful.

And this is great news for anyone who read our Livechat Partners review edition. That’s when we predicted that this was exactly the sort of query that AI search would best serve. (Okay, fine… our example was “How do I plug an iPhone cable into an Android phone?”, but you get the point… simple how-to searches are where AI is king).

So, seeing as we got that bit right, you might want to know what else we’ve said.

Well, for that, you might wanna look at our 500 Affiliates Review edition. And while you’re at it, take a look at our LongTailPro Affiliate Program Review edition, too.

Long story short, we’re not convinced SEO is dead yet.

But we are convinced some parts of SEO are dead. I mean, you don’t a 5000-word blog post to tell you to use warm soapy water on a dirty wall, do you?

With that said, anything where context/opinions matter (e.g., Formula 1 race predictions) is still fair game for getting some search traffic. Ditto for product reviews (PS: See our Mate Affiliate Program Review edition for a sly way to rank “organic UGC” on Google via Reddit).


For now, our basic take on this whole AI search thing remains the same as it has since day one. In other words, basic queries (e.g., simple how-tos) are probably not gonna see much traffic from search engines in the near future.

But you can bet your hard-earned dollars that the average user ain’t gonna use SGEs from Google as a reliable indicator of where they should be betting their dollars.

So here’s an idea.

Build a sports predictions website, monetize it with some sweet 22Bet links and, if you manage to rank well, watch the mullah roll in. (And then turn it into an app… see the last news story).

22Bet Affiliates Program

Closing Thought

If you were alive and kicking back in the 20s, then I’ve got two things to ask you.

First, how’d you make it to 100 you old fart?

And second, is this really how you got your stock tips?

For the utterly confused, this is a reference to something Joe Kennedy (JFK’s dad) once said.

“If shoe shine boys are giving stock tips, then it’s time to get out of the market.”

The reasoning was, if something’s so popular that even the shoeshine boys are talking about it, then it’s probably already over.

The same goes for all manner of things.

And that includes marketing.

But there’s one problem — shoe shine boys aren’t really a thing today, are they?

Well, no.

But your barber’s still a thing. So’s your carwash guy, your lawn guy, and basically everyone you interact with who’s not involved in marketing.

So here’s our hot tip of the week — if you hear everyone and anyone talking about something, it’s time to move on.

Lucky for you, not many are talking about 22Bet Affiliates, so there’s something that’s still got legs.

22Bet Affiliates Program


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