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7 marketing hacks to grow your business during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic changed the business world as we used to know it. Many companies were forced to fire employees or make salaries cuts to stay afloat. In this article, you will find a few important tips on how to keep sales coming. Staying on top of digital trends is one of the most important of them. Explore rising trends like AI integration and voice interaction.



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There’s a global recession happening right now. Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, companies all throughout the world are experiencing a significant decline in revenue forcing them to lay off employees and limit salaries. 

The crisis is universal. It goes across different businesses, regardless of their industry and scale. The real challenge, though, is how to survive as a small business. After all, if even Forbes-listed companies are feeling the pressure, then it’s no surprise how smaller enterprises are struggling right now. 

Curiously, we’ve been seeing companies firing entire sales teams. The logic is sound: there are no sales coming in, and there’s no way to send them out right now to perform fieldwork without risking their well-being. However, doing so also impacts the possibility of income coming in (no matter how small). 

But there is a way. The key lies in marketing. Here are a few ways on how you can boost brand awareness, profit, and probably even save your sales team, with minimal spending:

Improve your online presence

Speaking of brand awareness, you’d want to put your company’s name out there as much as possible. Word of mouth won’t cut it anymore. The real battle is happening online. You’ll be wasting precious time waiting for your customers to come to you as well. Instead, what you want to do is to go where your target demographic is: the social media sites that they spend time in, the online forums where they talk and converge, and more. 

Your business must also be equipped with the right online tools in order to maximize this exposure. Having a funnel to walk your potential clients through the entire sales process and a reliable lead distribution platform that can automate the transfer of quality leads to your sales dashboard is recommended. 

Determine your focus

We understand how overwhelming digital marketing can be, though. It’s easy to see why business owners can’t resist juggling multiple social media accounts until they stretch themselves too thin. You want to extend out your reach as much as you can.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve found that focusing on a target demographic and on a specific social media platform yields better results. Your posts are going to be more focused this way, and as such, will be of better quality. 

Apparently, less is still more, even on the internet where you can enjoy a lot of privileges for free.

There’s a right timing for everything

Aside from determining your target audience and chosen online platforms and tools in order to reach them, you also need to learn the art of timing. 

There are both macro and microscopic aspects to this tip. Beginning with the macroscopic one, you need to be aware of the most thought-provoking news and updates happening and spark a conversation about them, especially if the news is related to the industry that your brand belongs to. 

Zooming in, keep in mind that your demographic has its own rhythm when it comes to going online as well. Students, for instance, have different active hours online compared to their parents. Each demographic has a sweet spot and uses these critical moments to post and connect with your customers in order to make the most out of your social media engagement. 

Partner up with social media icons

But even perfect timing doesn’t guarantee that your posts will gain the attention that you need. If that’s the case, then why don’t you seek the help of established social media influencers? You’ll be surprised how many social media icons are willing to help smaller brands through product reviews and promotions, especially those that align with the causes that they believe in. 

Find your center

Another factor that you must consider before launching your digital marketing campaign is your center or your motive. What do you seek to achieve? How do you want your brand to be seen during this crisis? What essential role can you fulfill? 

For instance, schools are now promoting their distance and remote learning options. Gyms are angling towards providing personalized online coaching sessions. What’s yours?

Highlight your online options

Since we’re already on the topic of offering remote or online options, here’s another crucial factor that you need to incorporate into your business, and soon. The main culprit that is dragging businesses down right now is their failure to adapt their operations online.

After all, quarantine and social distancing protocols restrict physical interaction between businesses and customers right now.

Hence, establishing a completely digital operation from start to payment for your business is an absolute must. Even more importantly, this process must be at the heart of your marketing campaign. If you must highlight one aspect of your business during this pandemic, it must be this one.

Stay on top of digital trends

Digital trends rise and fall like the waves of the sea. Some of them return every season while others slowly fade away. This is the reason why subscribing to digital marketing experts and getting to know their forecasts in advance can impact your campaign. 

Be quick to adapt and switch between digital trends so as not to waste precious resources on a method that doesn’t work anymore. For instance, there was a time when long-form marketing was king, and while it still works, it’s probably wiser to devote your valuable resources towards social media marketing instead. Don’t be afraid to explore rising trends like AI integration and voice interaction as well.

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