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Business Weekly Affiliate Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [Affiliate2Day Affiliate Program Review]

Identifying a niche is half the problem. Figuring out how to reach them is the other. This week, we’ll do both, showing you where and how to start raking in the big bucks today. Of course, the only way you’re gonna make any money from this opportunity is with the right affiliate program. And for that, we’ve got a quick little Affiliate2Day review to help hook you up with everything you need.


on Weekly Digest

In this week’s edition, we’re gonna talk about some mental health stuff.

That means we should probably check in first and ask, “How are you feeling today?”

And how are we feeling today?

Thanks for asking.

We’re doing great.

In fact, we’re doing so great we’re feeling Affiliate2Day. (This will make sense in a moment). Affiliate Program of the Week — Affiliate2Day

If you’re a regular browser of our affiliate program reviews, then it’s no secret that we’re big fans of a little program called Affiliate2Day.

But in case you aren’t, here’s why we think you should join. (PS: Don’t forget to read on after the review — there’s a little something in the news section to help you make money with this program.)

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

Affiliate2Day — Here’s What You’ll Be Selling

In last week’s edition (Travel Payouts affiliate program), we had a program with such an obvious name we could cut straight to the chase. But Affiliate2Day is a bit more vague.

No, it’s not a generic affiliate program aggregation platform. But yes, Affiliate2Day does have a bunch of offers you can pick from to promote.

The only catch is, they’re all dating offers.

Now, of course, this isn’t really much of a catch. After all, what would you prefer — a jack of all trades, master of none? Or a niche specialist who knows how to tune and optimize their offers for their exact market?

This is exactly what Affiliate2Day is — a dating specialist with a bunch of high converting offers that’ll help you get the most out of your affiliate campaigns.

As a nice side benefit, a lot of the offers on Affiliate2Day also tend to be a little more niche compared to the bigger brands (e.g.,

And as for why this is a nice benefit, read through to the news section (niche dating apps seem to be outperforming everything else).

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

Affiliate2Day — Here’s What You’ll Be Earning

When it comes to commissions, Affiliate2Day is pretty flexible. They also pay pretty well. Here’s a quick outline of the different plans and what you can expect to earn.

  • Pay Per First Order (PPFO): $25-$300, depending on the geo you’re referring customers from. Target the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand for top dollar.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): Earn between $2.5-$10 per lead. Again, this depends on geography. You’ll also need to maintain a 2% conversion rate (from lead to paid) to remain eligible.
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS): Earn a straight 25% cut of each sale you drive for Affiliate2Day.

Basically, no matter what plan you pick, you’ll be earning handsomely with Affiliate2Day.

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

Affiliate2Day — Here’s What You’ll Need to Do Next

Alright. Before we get to the next section (we’ve got an opportunity to help you earn with Affiliate2Day), you’re probably gonna want to become an Affiliate2Day affiliate partner first. (If you like making money, that is.)

So to get started, hit this link to sign up with Affiliate2Day.

Or, if you’re the sort who likes more information, check out for our full Affiliate2Day review.

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

Affiliate News Takeaways

As the Lonely Get Lonelier, They’re Getting Easier to Spot — Here’s How to Use This to Sell Your Dating Offers

It’s no secret that a so-called “loneliness epidemic” became America’s biggest post-Covid public health crisis.

It’s been going on for a while.

And it’s still going on right now.

This is great news if you’re in the dating market selling Affiliate2Day offers (cheeky plug, I know… go here and sign up if you didn’t before).

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

I mean, hey, lonely people are more likely to sign up for a dating app, no?

That’s what I thought.

But here’s the problem. While the theory makes sense, finding these lonely people is easier said than done.

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now. They’re “out there” on the internet in plain sight.

And here, you’re not wrong — this Reddit post took me exactly 30 seconds to find:

(P.S., just in case OP gets overwhelmed by embarrassment and deletes their post, the opening starts like this: “Yes, I want a girlfriend. I feel a lack of love from others and it’s driving me insane. I’m feeling lonely every day, it’s hard to wake up every morning knowing no one makes your days better.”)

Now, this is great, right? Have ChatGPT spin up a quick “me too” story with a happy ending. Make the happy ending revolve around some Affiliate2Day offer. And bingo — drop a link. Rinse. Repeat.

But here’s the problem.

99% of people react pretty negatively when you start spamming them with your latest dating offers from Affiliate2Day if you do it while they’re spilling their guts.

And even more especially so if you do it on Reddit.

And this means, you’re probably not going to have much luck with this strategy. So what can you do instead?

Well, inspiration often comes from the weirdest of places.

Here are a couple of memes that might sum up the latest source of inspiration here at HQ. (Don’t forget to read on for the details/strategy.)

What’s the Dali Bridge Collision Got to Do With Loneliness and Dating?

For those who don’t understand the memes yet, let me catch you up on the last couple of days.

First, in the middle of Tuesday night, this happened.

That’s a big ship crashing into a bridge in Baltimore.

Predictably, the internet erupted soon after as thousands of armchair shipping experts took to X/Facebook/whatever online receptacle they could insert an opinion into. And, with the internet being the internet, this naturally devolved into a thousand-and-one conspiracy theories.

The two most popular involve DEI and Hamas.

And now you understand the memes.

As for what any of this has to do with selling online dating offers from Affiliate2Day, that’s going to need a bit of observation about what’s happening on the internet right now. In particular, the whole rise in prominence of conspiracy theories in the last few years. I mean, right as we speak, we’re watching another wonderful multi-layer conspiracy theories on top of conspiracy theories layer cake build up around that whole Kate Middleton cancer thing.

Now, the more observant of you might have noticed I avoided the word “popular” back there. Instead, I said conspiracy theories had become more “prominent”.

That was intentional. Quite simply, I couldn’t find any research confirming an increase in the number of people believing conspiracy theories.

What I did find, however, was that there’s a pretty big consensus among the public that conspiracy theories are out of control (73% of Americans think conspiracy theories are “out of control” according to this recent study).

And that means there the odds are pretty good that we’re probably not just imagining an increase in the number of conspiracy theories floating around (unless there’s mass hysteria… but I don’t think we’re quite there yet).

Now, as for what this has to do with selling affiliate dating offers, bear with me. There are two more pieces to the puzzle here. I’ll get them out of the way quickly.

  • Social isolation increases anxiety: This seems to be a fairly well-accepted thesis with plenty of research papers sketching out the exact mechanisms at play here, like this one.
  • Loneliness and anxiety are associated with increased conspiracy endorsement: Again, this is another well-accepted thesis with a bit of literature around on the subject. Here’s another random paper just for fun.

Are you starting to see what’s going on here?

Loneliness leads to anxiety. Loneliness + anxiety is a potent catalysts for conspiracy theory endorsement. 

A vicious cycle commences.

Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory is pursued.

And thus they take to the internet — the only place in the world they’ve got left to turn to.

And those are probably the same people most desperately in need of the sort of connection you’ll be selling with an Affiliate2Day offer.

And those same lonely people are either getting much easier to find (more prominent), or much bigger in number (more popular… and thus, more prominent).

Either way, you’ve now got ready access to an insanely easy-to-find demographic of people with a high likelihood of being lonely.

And 73% of Americans would seem to agree.

How to Sell Off the Back of Conspiracy Theories?

At first, it might seem a bit strange to suggest selling to people off the back of conspiracy theories.

But plenty of people do it already.

Take Lara Loga, for example. A former journalist who was too hot for Fox to handle.

She’s been milking the Baltimore bridge story these last couple of days.

And you wanna know what she’s linking out to in her bio and LinkTree?

No, not some personal website/substack/whatever.

She’s selling gold — another great offer for the conspiracy-minded folks of the world. (PS: If you wanna test out a solid gold affiliate program, check out our Golco Affiliate Program Review edition for all the details… and Chuck Norris memes.)

And if you poke around the internet a little, you’ll find plenty of people peddling something with a commission attached alongside their conspiracy theories.

But so far, not many are doing it with dating products, so this could be an opportunity to worm your way into something super powerful.


Look, I’m going to be honest here. What I’ve just laid out above isn’t much better than a lot of conspiracy theories. It’s totally untested and 100% cooked up in my head. (Well, I did do some research… but not a whole lot.)

But, if there’s one thing keeping most conspiracy theories alive, it’s that they’re exactly like dreams.

Sometimes, they actually do come true.

But the only way you’re gonna know is if you test it out. So sign up with Affiliate2Day and see what happens.

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

Here’s Why Dating Offers Could Be Hot Right Now

One story that’s been doing the rounds a lot lately has been the increasing pressure on dating apps to make more money.

Here’s the most recent one that covers it, albeit with a strong focus on Grindr.

And in case you don’t know what Grindr is, here’s a visual guide:

And here’s a nice little stock chart from an NYT article from earlier this month showing the demise of Match Group and Bumble.

As you can see, the long story short here is that dating apps had a boom time during the pandemic years. But now, just like everything else in tech, they’re not doing so great.

To explain the effect this has on CEOs in their own language, many are now moving to realign their strategic objectives to enhance shareholder value and ensure the sustainable scalability of their continued operations. As such, they are now taking into consideration a calibrated pricing adjustment strategy as an initiative to optimize revenue streams and expand margins.

Or, in normal words, they’re looking to jack up prices and/or lock things that were once free behind paywalls.

And while this will probably result in a few outcomes, there’s one big effect that we’re interested in that price hikes always have.

The churn rate always goes up.

Especially when there’s not a lot of lock-in, which is pretty much the case with dating apps.

Now, already, we’re off to a good start. People churning is the perfect time to hook them with a sweet dating offer and bag yourself a nice commission.

But, if we fish through the reporting on this story a little more, there’s another nugget that might help you make even more.

In the NYT article, they point out that Match Group has also been experimenting with a few niche dating products in recent years. These are products like Archer (gay and queer) and Chispa (Latinos). 

Interestingly, the article points out that revenue from these niche apps was down 4%.

Now, if that sounds bad, it’s not. Compared to the rest of the dating app scene, 4% down is actually pretty good. For comparison, scroll up and look at the stock chart above.

Or just look at the king of them all — Tinder. It just found itself down 10% according to the same article.


Long story short, the big dating apps could start shedding more users than normal. And while some of these users will probably just give up on dating apps altogether, there’ll be plenty more who’ll be more than willing to churn.

What’s more, it’s also pretty clear that niche apps are holding up better than the more generic big names at the moment.

Put those two facts together, and you’re looking at the perfect climate to make some big bucks with Affiliate2Day. (If you missed the review, it has a bunch of niche dating brands under its affiliate program’s umbrella.)

Affiliate2Day affiliate program

Closing Thought

If there’s one thing to take away from our news section today on a personal level, it’s social isolation and its link with conspiracy theories.

And that got me thinking — besides the ‘clinical’ explanations that a lot of papers turn on (e.g., evolutionary needs not being met, leading to deteriorating mental health), what else could be going on here?

And that got me thinking about calibrated thinking.

You see, unlike the algorithmic filter bubble of the internet where you only find people who agree with anything and everything you already think, real life often works a little differently.

You only get to choose your friends from a smaller circle. And you don’t really get to choose who you cross paths with.

And one effect of this is you get exposed to a lot of stuff in the great “marketplace of ideas” that you might not have otherwise been exposed to.

Now, obviously, this doesn’t protect you entirely. Plenty of questionable stuff still happens in the real world without the influence of the internet.

But, compared to a filter bubble, it does give you a better shot at calibrating your thinking a little better. You at least get to test/challenge your thinking in ways the algorithm might not.

Plus, getting out also has the nice side effect of forcing you to get out and about. That exposes you to a lot of stuff you might never have thought of if you spent too long on the internet.

To give a personal example, if all I did was use the internet, I’d think all fishermen were middle-to-old-aged dudes. And I’d think all the kids do these days is sit around on TikTok.

But something funny happens when I get out into the real world — most of the people using a popular fishing spot in the area just so happen to be Gen Z kids who should be sitting in their rooms on TikTok.

Now, is there something in there in terms of a marketable niche? That I don’t know. Maybe there is. Or maybe it’s a hyper-niche local phenomenon.

In either case, I do know I’d never have thought of it if all I was exposed to was “this generation is doomed” memes on X.

Long story short — sometimes a little connection with Meatspace does a world of good. So if you’re not getting enough, try it some time.

And if you are, help someone else make a meaningful Meatspace connection — join Affiliate2Day today.

Affiliate2Day affiliate program


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